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Shoe Guru to Diablo -- You Picked 'Em Out, Girl!

2/25/2008 6:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The shoe designer whom Diablo Cody slammed for trying to whore her out with a pair of million-dollar shoes (she says) is kicking back at the Oscar winner.

Stuart Weitzman tells TMZ that Diablo actually selected the shoes herself, even choosing diamond roses to adorn them! You can't get that at American Apparel!

"I have been making a special pair of shoes to be worn at the Academy Awards for a number of years. This year - more so than in any previous year - the lady who was given the opportunity to wear it was quite involved in the design process. Diablo Cody sent me examples of the type of shoes she liked and actually did the final selection herself, choosing a three-inch retro style T-strap as well as a changeover pair of ballerinas.

She chose to adorn the shoes with medium-sized diamond roses from three different sizes offered to her. Why she seems to be so surprised as to the attention being paid to her and these shoes, I cannot answer. It should certainly come as no surprise that a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes would generate excitement at the Academy Awards.

Regardless, what should matter is the fact that this talented woman won an Oscar this weekend. I offered her the opportunity initially because I so enjoyed her film, and I'm very happy for her success. I wish her all the best."


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Deliman in the 206    

Back to Back 1st

2432 days ago


HORRIFIC!!!! Shame on you Diablo, and I'm from Minneapolis!!!

2432 days ago


Who knows or cares about the shoe sissy or that beast he put them on? anyone...bueller...

2432 days ago


I dont think the issue was about how they looked i think it was the shoemaker using her as a way to sell his shoes or those shoes in particular

2432 days ago


I still can't get over it! You should have had on your dirrrrrtttist CFM pumps on and ready to spread em for the camera!

2432 days ago


I would SO wear diamond roses on my shoes....of course, I'm probably partially motivated by the fact that Rose is my middle name, and I love roses....even if they're made of diamonds!!!

2432 days ago



You look like Friar Tuck!

ha ha ha

2432 days ago


Diablo coty needs to calm the hell down. Everyone knows that Weitzman does those million dollar shoes EVERY year and the name of the person who wears them is always released. Personally, I don't even think she is worthy of wearing them, Get a REAL celebrity, not someone who is so afraid of looking like they are "selling out." If you're afraid of that honey, get out of the movie business and get back to the poles!

2432 days ago

My two cents    

Sorry, those are some UGLY ass shoes anyways.

2432 days ago

Lindsay Jo    

Every designer does this Diablo needs to be flattered that someone would ask her to wear his shoes. I love Stuart Weitzman shoes!!

2432 days ago


Have to agree with bueller on this one.

2432 days ago


Stuart Weitzman is renowned designer. Perhaps,she is worried about being seen as a "label whore" goes back to her shady past. I think If anything Weitzman is the loser in this scenario. An unknown stripper in a cheap cheetah print and tatoos!!! Im a designer and if you want free press slap those on an A-lister. Not an unknown that will probably never be heard from again. NYC girl

2432 days ago


Well, well, well... now, where all those people who were sticking up for this ungrateful little brat, claiming that she was right for not wanting to wear "blood diamonds"? Looks like Diablo knew perfectly well what she was getting into ALL ALONG and was just looking for something to whine about! So she had to wear a million-dollar pair of shoes that she picked out herself! What a tragedy! Boo hoo!

She probably threw her little tantrum about the shoes just to draw even more attention to herself. After all, what worse way is there to brag about something than to pretend that you don't even want it? Someday, she is going to be very sorry because no one will risk offering the ingrate anything like this ever again. She doesn't seem to realize just how lucky she was and should be quite ashamed of herself for her beyond-childish behavior. Even toddlers know how to accept gifts and say "Thank you" for them!

The designer's words for her were a LOT kinder than mine would have been if she ever publicly insulted ME like that!

2432 days ago


lol deli man- i bow down to you, be careful they don't like first people around here

2432 days ago


OMG. I bet they were SO glad she DIDN'T wear them....she looked horrible at the oscars. In her awful mu-mu dress with her skany tatto showing...and do you know what shoes she DID wear? Payless BOGO gold ballet flats. She looked ridiculous.....I really really hope we never hear from her again....WHAT A HUGE LIAR she is!

And Stewie- incase you read TMZ. I am a huge huge fan. I bought a pair of nude strappy 2 1/2 heels 12 years ago and literally had to scrape the bottom of my purse to pay for them. And I wore those shoes everywear and with everything for TEN years!!!! I am still searching for a replacement!!!!!! You have the most comfortable dress shoes on the market- you are a class act.....please be careful who you ask to wear your fabulous diamond shoes....make sure they are deserving and grateful!!!!!

2432 days ago
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