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Prince Harry On the Front Line in Afghanistan

2/28/2008 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince HarryBritain's Defense Ministry confirmed today that Prince Harry is fighting on the front line in Afghanistan. Protect the face at all costs!

Details of his Royal Hotness' three-month tour had previously been kept secret. The Prince, a second lieutenant in the Household Cavalry, is third in line to the throne, behind his father Prince Charles and his big brother Prince William.

Harry's uncle (and Fergie's -- princess not the singer -- ex) Prince Andrew also served during the Falkland War.


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Lets Face It. He ia Man' man and is a example for all to follow regardlee of family,$$., Etc. The Clintons daughter should enlist in stead of being a smiling prima donna.

2406 days ago


jkl, with all due respect, how Harry would want his country to react if he was captured is not likely how they WOULD actually react. If he was captured and being tortured, I doubt very much that the royal family would simply sit back and allow that to continue just because "Harry would want it this way." If they did, I would be very, very surprised. I wouldn't doubt that they would do whatever it took to save their prince.

You also didn't address my main point--that Harry is putting the OTHER PEOPLE around him in danger because he's a prize for the enemies. Are you suggesting that what Harry wants is more important than the safety of the other people he's serving with? They're in enough danger as it is and he's putting everyone in even more danger just by being there. I don't question that his intentions are good and that he's being very noble, but it's extremely foolish to let him stay out there. No matter how skilled or brave he is, his royal status makes him a MAJOR liability to his team and the enemies are probably laughing that Britain was actually stupid enough to send one of their PRINCES to them. What more could they possibly want?

And I DO give the men and women plenty of credit, thank you, I just don't think that Prince Harry should be out there on the front lines endangering his comrades, providing the enemy with an opportunity to seize Britain by the throat, and jeopardizing the mission. Harry is to be commended for his selflessness and bravery, but it's time for him to go home before his royal status causes a disaster.

2406 days ago


God bless and protect his little royal heinie!

2406 days ago


Charles is unfortunately Wills and Harry's father. Diana didn't meet the redheaded general until a few YEARS after Harry was born.
What people forget is there are plenty of redheads in Diana's family and Harry simply looks so much like Diana and nothing like Charles, as well as Wills when he was 16.
Besides, when a couple with one beind dark haired and the other being blonde, there is a good chance of having redheaded child.
Wills has his mother's personality and attitude as well as her smile, hair, and eyes.
Harry has his father's attitude and hot temper, other personality traits, and nose

2406 days ago


I am sorry, I meant "major" not general
and "being" instead of beind

2406 days ago


I am sorry I meant "major" not general
and "being" not beind

2406 days ago


I would like to see George Bush's daughter to go there..I bet yah,our troops will be home the next day and war is over just like that!

2406 days ago

Boycott Canadian Seafood    

Well, I see whomever in the British Defense Ministry confirmed his presence on the front lines losing his job. I wonder what this person has against Harry that he would try to get him killed....along with a lot of other soldiers? Now, that being media idiots just got a lot of soldiers killed by publishing this. Your editors never should have allowed this to go public. What the hell were you thinking? Why don't you just paint a target on him and his entire unit? It seems to me that the press gets more greedy and stupid by the hour.

2406 days ago


Harry pissed off his "grandmother" by varying from the program at his mother's memorial service on Aug 31, 2007. He was supposed to do a Bible reading but then he started talking about what a wonderful mother he had. Diana fiercely betrayed Prince Charles and Her Majesty The Queen so anyone other than William who honors Diana's memory is betraying The Queen. And they all end up paying a high price....Creepy, these Windsors be...

2406 days ago


Harry is wearing a hat with an American flag on it most days! Trying to fake the Tally-banners out!

2406 days ago


Why would they put this out there? Don't you know that makes him a bigger target. I just don't understand the media. They don't give a headline to Billy Bob on the front line, why Prince Harry? You'll put anyone's life in jeopardy for a picture and story.

2406 days ago


I'm upset that the media would post something like this. He has been out there since Dec 07. Now that you have published this information, his life and his fellow soldiers are at even more risk.

2406 days ago


Harry just looks well endowed. I'm sure the Royal sword is a big 'un.

2406 days ago


Dumbasses, the media has had this information since January. They kept it out of the public by order of the government. The British government lifted the gag order today, allowing it to be published widely, meaning he has already left the area and is no longer there or in danger. No one is in any danger, he's thousands of miles away. The video your seeing is from new Years Eve. Get the details. DUH.

2406 days ago

A Friend in Tahoe    

What are the Bush daughters up to these days? There's a HUGE differemce between serving your country and giving your country 'Lip Service'.

2406 days ago
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