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Save the Country from Amy

2/28/2008 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse is ditching her Camden digs -- and considering a relocation to the countryside. There goes the neighborhood!

The beehived train wreck was seen packing up her belongings yesterday and loading them into a moving van. There are reports she's going to move to Buckinghamshire, which would be a good move -- the crack dealer population in the rolling hills is bound to be significantly lower, right?


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Tyra Banks    

I am sorry, I love Amy. Her music is phenomenal. She's got some problems, but Jesus, who doesn't, for God's sake???

2374 days ago


All those photographers in her face is enough to make anyone want to do a few hits of crack.. Where are her body guards? Where is good Blake? Her life must be a living hell if she has to put up with all those photogs every single day. Give the girl some peace...

2374 days ago


if this girl didnt have that crazy hair and all that nasty make- up ...i think she would look pretty good . i think shes gorgeous when she not overly done .

and i agree #16 ...this is a good move for her. she needs to get out of that place for her own sake.

2374 days ago

richard pierce    

I'll be the poor people in Bucks are going to love having her as a neighboor. Oh well, I guess if its a choice between this slut and a nuclear waste dump, at least she does not glow in the dark! (or perhaps parts of her do)

2374 days ago


So, she's doing the best thing she possibly can do for herself (get away from the bad influences), and you TMZ people have to make it out to be a bad thing? What if Britney finally did the same thing and packed up and moved somewhere to live in peace and quiet? Would you let her? Or would you follow her like it seems you're going to be doing to Amy Winehouse?

This girl needs help, and if she's finally getting it, then back your butts off of her and let her get well. Mean and snarky comments do nothing positive for anyone. If there is such a thing as karma, most of you TMZ staffers are probably going to rack up enough for 50 people before the year is over.

2374 days ago


The woman can sing. She has incredible band-mates but she can sing fabulously without the instruments. Most artists use the band to drown out their singing. Her voice is the most unique in a long time.

It is a good thing stalkaratzies weren't around during Billie Holiday's or John Steinbeck's time. Marvin Gaye? Elvis?

2374 days ago


I like Amy and I like the fact that she has her own style. So what if she's a crackhead, at least she pays her own bills.

2374 days ago


Amy Whorehouse should be in prison.

2374 days ago


There is no need to call her a "train wreck" at this point. She appears to be better.

2373 days ago


I was just watching the scene stealing old fella at the end....

2373 days ago

tippy katz    

Isn't it winter in England, and therefore COLD???
Why is she always in shorts and t-shirts?
I am seriously asking! Can anyone clue me in???

2373 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Oh Big Haired One !

wow ; what parasites those paps are ! glad i decided against becoming a mega superstar !

2373 days ago


Doesn't this woman ever wear clothing? She's always practically nude, and now in these shorty shorts with her butt crack hanging out. It's frick'n cold and sh'es not feelin' a thing. guess that's what crack does to ya!

2373 days ago


who god damn cares

2373 days ago


Unlike Britney.............Amy is one hell of a singer

2373 days ago
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