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TomKat Cuts Rug for Suri's B-day Bash

3/2/2008 9:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scientolotot Suri Cruise is only turning 2-years-old, but her old man and lady are planning what seems like a Sweet Sixteen, according to Showbizspy. TomKat were apparently so impressed with the spinning skills of DJ-producer Mark Ronson at their wedding that they are flying in the British sensation to hit the table and spin some tunes at the big April birthday bash. Princess Suri must be a serious dancer. Everybody do the LRH!

It's Hillary, Live From New York

It seemed like a year ago when Hillary Clinton was the inevitable candidate to represent the Dems, but now she is in the fight of her life. It's not easy trying to compete with the Rock Star qualities of Barack Obama, who fills stadiums of screaming followers.

In her attempt to appeal to young voters, Hillary has taken a few digs at Obama and most recently made a surprise appearance last night to open "Saturday Night Live". She tried to get the shows endorsement, but they're only in the political comedy game. The wanna-be president does have the support of Hollywood Playboy, Jack Nicholson, who even taped an ad pledging his devotion to Hill.

Party Favors: Lindsay's Hard Knock Life ... French Oscar Winner: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist?

Lindsay Lohan spoke out about her troubled year to Paper magazine and said she partied and drank too much to forget about all her problems. Only problem: the Hollywood lifestyle created more problems, but now Lindz says she is better and over her wild child phase. ...The Oscar-winning French actress, Marion Cotillard, apparently thinks the U.S. didn't want to spend the money to modernize the World Trade Center so they decided to blow them up instead on September 11th (via Daily Mail). Looks like that is the first and only Oscar Marion will be taking home anytime soon.


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Yeah, right...we blew up the WTC, with thousands of people inside, by flying airplanes into it - on the same day we crashed a plane in Penn State and one into the Pentagon - just to do a little DIY Trading Spaces. STUPID FRENCH FROG C**T BITCH!! REVOKE HER FRICKIN" TOURIST VISA AND BAN HER IGNORANT ASS FROM EVER ENTERING THE U.S. AGAIN!!! God save us from the arrogant and the ignorant!!

2424 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Only thing worse than a french person with a voice and an opinion is Rosie O'donnell..

2424 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Cotillard said that in an interview a year ago. I think if that had been well known earlier, she would never have gotten that Oscar. And for the record, to the people who think that the fire couldn't have brought down the towers. The steel beams lost their temper when they got too hot and bent. The towers were built a little too close to the limits of engineering.

If you really want to have fun, ask a conspiracy theorist about the men in black and their connection to Area 51 and sit back. You'll be able to enjoy an entire 5 course meal while waiting for them to run down. It's as good as inviting a Mormon and a Jehovah's witness over at the same time. I guess the only thing better would be adding a scientologist to the mix.

Go Sox

2424 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Marion Cotillard should have her last name changed to "RETARD". What a idiotic, uninformed, uneducated thing to say. Unfortunately, it appears there's a bunch of Europeans (particularly the French) who share this extremist, idiotic conspiracy theory. And you wonder why US citizens sometimes don't get along all that well with some European people...

2424 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

well i guess a big birthday party at 2 iz 1 of the virtues of being in a rich family even if tom cruise iz involved.the original dianetics books included a recipie 4 sumkind of medication seriously it had sumthing 2 do with brominating chammomile i think nothing 2 great but i wonder y its never mentioned.i like kava kava better..

2424 days ago


I am glad that French Dingbat stated her opinion. Her Academy Award speech was by far the worst of the evening, and each time she opens her mouth I laugh at her ignorance. Too bad she isn't a comedian. Oh well At the least the Poor dumb thing looks good in an evening gown.

2424 days ago


the U.S. didn't want to spend the money to modernize the World Trade Center so they decided to blow them up instead on September 11th

ROFLOL - Conspiricy theories are one thing, putting this down too a method of demolition is utterly retarded. We all know how cost effective it is to fly jumbo jets filled with people into highrises filled with people, in order to demolish them. Retrofitting must be vastly more expensive ( Not)
No you bubbleheaded dingbat, demolishing building is not done in this manner, FYI - Al Quaeda had the same plan for demolishing the Eiffel Tower.
I just can't find it in myself to ever support an actress that is this stupid.

2424 days ago


Obama has Rock Star Qualitites? Does that mean that he bangs all of his screaming groupies, and party hard on the tourbus?
For President? No thank you. I would like him better if he actually had perforned his duties as a senator properyly. Since his track record as senator is weak, I have no basis to believe he would be any better as president. Maybe in 4 years, once he has actually performed the duties he has already been elected to and has been paid to do would I consider giving him my endorsement.

2424 days ago


ROUGH DADDY!!? you loser.

2422 days ago


It's a sad day for America when an uneducated person votes for someone based on their looks. It's a free country and you can do whatever you want with your vote but be intelligent about it. Please don't continue the cycle of non-existent mentality in America. If a man with skinny hands and purple lips with the wrinkle lines from the rag he wears on his head makes your crotch Take to the trash dump where it belongs. PLEASE keep it off our voting polls. I'm embarassed that you are in our country and it sounds like you are too. Get out! Go away! Die! You do not belong here.

2422 days ago
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