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Heidi and the Tots Conquer the Horde

3/5/2008 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Klum wasn't expecting so much attention yesterday when she and the little ones got swarmed by paps in Beverly Hills. Still Mama Klum snatched up the tots, and just like a true runway legend, she just stone-faced her way right through the madness.
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la reader    

Hey Texaschick - NO EVERYONE DOESN'T SAY SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABOUT ANOTHER RACE and why don't you take your own advice in #25 - YOU are no better than anyone else, so why don't you stop spreading your xenophobia and racist beliefs. For all we know you lived in Europe for years and traveled extensively in other countries - which may be why Europe hates Americans. In my travels I found that most Europeans didn't hate America but couldn't stand our superior mentality towards other countries and our populations ignorance about European politics and geography. However, once they met someone with an open mind and a basic knowledge of their history and current government they were very friendly.

2387 days ago


Racism aside, the real problem here are the paps pouncing on her when she has small children with her. You should be ashamed of scaring the little ones.

2387 days ago


EUROPEANS don't start wars, they stop them, while the US sits back on there asses and claims they helped

On that note their are alot of ignorant and racist people on here picking on her children's looks. They are kids. They will grow into there looks, kids don't all look super gorgeous at this age. They are cute, enough said

I want to say people on here must be 12 just because of how pathetic it would be if it was adults posting such crap.

2387 days ago

frogs and gravel    

TMZ, why did you erase my post? It is
OK to tell people to kill themselves, but it
is not OK to tell it the way it is?

2387 days ago


You people make me sick. Posting these comments about Seal, Heidi, and her children just show how ignorant you really are. Your remarks are truly racist and just clearly show your lack of education! Get over yourselves.

2387 days ago


40. Hey once

And White men seem more prone to murdering their wifes, a majority of serial killers are male white men and are also responsible for being the highest bracket as far as child molestation

So what's your point?

2387 days ago


I take that back, the message is for SPOOGE


And White men seem more prone to murdering their wifes, a majority of serial killers are male white men and are also responsible for being the highest bracket as far as child molestation

So what's your point?

Posted at 6:08PM on Mar 5th 2008 by dragon77lady

2387 days ago


Heidi and Seal are so in love and so many people can learn something about how to love someone unconditionally regardless of race, age and background. It is ashame that there are still people (LOSERS) in America that cannot appreciate people for the "Content of their character." All of Heid's children are beautiful. Flavio Briatore (father of Leni) is a jerk. It is his loss, and obviously, Seal is the better man for the job!

2387 days ago


You have to be in love in order to be with someone like Seal. Sorry folks but that kid looks too much like Seal and not enough like Heidi

2387 days ago

Black Teef    

Wonder if ol' Heidi likes fried chicken & watermelon?

2387 days ago


She must be babysitting for the little boy.

2387 days ago


Seal can have Heidi; she's plain and flat-assed. That poor kid looks like a Gargantua!

2387 days ago


you all suck...
seal rocks and rasits are in the daily fabric of life in THE USA.
Thast just fact period.
Thas why you all suck, go CANADA GOOO!

2387 days ago


I love it when people say "IT'S 2008!" as if that means that retarded and deviant behavior needs to be accepted.

Racist, by the way, means that you hate a certain race. Just because you are against race-mixing, then, doesn't mean you're racist. It means you're race-mixingist. I'm sure many good Christian black women would thank me when I say, this is perversion and degrading to both parties, as well as to the kids who will grow up with no racial identity or sense of self, just because their parents thought it was sexy to break a taboo.

2387 days ago


i have no problem with other races, god knows there are plenty of white idiots walkin around BUT it is my personal preference to only be with a man of my race. does that make me racist? and anytime you have interracial breeding and the kids are seen with the lighter of the 2 parents, it usually catches people off guard. I've been given tons of confused looks when i've introduced my brothers, who are half thai, it's just a natural reaction...

2387 days ago
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