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J.Lo to People: Don't Call Me Dat!!

3/7/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer LopezTMZ has learned not only has Jennifer Lopez sold her baby pics to People mag for a cool $6 mil -- she got the mag to agree to stop calling her J.Lo!

A source tells TMZ J.Lo made the deal and threw in the moniker clause as well. We're also told J.Lo instructed People, in addition to the loot and the name thing, that her hubby, Annie Leibovitz wannabe Marc Anthony, has to be the one to shoot the photos.

Reps for mom were mum.

UPDATE: A rep for People tells us, "This is absurd, but thanks for the additional publicity on the photos."


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I can't stand the bitch...each thing that comes out on her just enchances my dislike of her. I just read that Marc Anthony was promoting his wife. One obnoxious comment was " I was not surprised Jennfier had twins....I told her you do everything on such a huge scale, and it all touches to gold." YUCK!!! First off, she had invitro, a high probability that multiple births result from it...was really praying she would have a 7 or 8 kids. So having twins had nothing to do with J-HO. Also, I believe the last few years, all her movies have been bombs at the box office and her CD's aren't doing too hot. So Skeletor Man, please spare us all the hype you do on your no talent wife.

2415 days ago


It would be nice if she gave the 6MIL to a charity. Then pimping your new born would go to good use.

2413 days ago


The comments made by comment No. 8 Not star Struck is the voice of sanity
in this celebrity crazy idiot world we live in.

2413 days ago


You can take the Jlo outta the mag but you cannot take jlo outta j-low no matter how much money you throw at her!!

2413 days ago


Wow reading all these comments i can't believe there is so many Jennifer Lopez "haters". I love her so much since the beginning. She is so beautiful, successful and talented. When i met her at a cd signing in the Bronx she was so lovely. She took time to actually converse with everyone that was there. No rushing at all. She is very sweet. She is definitely not like what the "haters" say. Here is a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx that made something out of nothing. I can't knock that at all. People are so concerned with what she does with her money.... u know what? she doesn't owe me anything, its HER damn money. Us "little" people make celebrities rich, we buy them their homes by going to see their movies, concerts, buy their cd's. OK so you "hate" her, so what!!! she is still making millions. Give her credit for being a strong, latin business woman atleast. She is one hell of a dancer, performer...... actress.... wow she amazes me.... Thank you Jennifer...... i know you'll be a great mother.

2408 days ago


Jennifer is so stupid. She doesn't want to be called J. Lo anymore, yet she has marketed her fragrances 'Glow' and 'Glow After Dark' under the name 'J. Lo'. Either the idiot change the marketing name for those fragrances toot sweet or keep the moniker and just let everyone refer to her as that name. No matter what she calls herself, she will always have a reputation for bed hopping and changing boyfriends as often as people change their undies.

2404 days ago


I used 2 like J.LO...but now i can't stand her phony ass........

2401 days ago


In total agreement with "Not Star Struck" here and others who like me, can't understand why we continue to give these "stars" all this adoration and power! ENOUGH!

I'm not star-struck either and I'm sick and tired of "celebs" and so-called "stars" getting millions for their kids' pics etc. Who cares? As others said here, ALL babies are precious, but these stars kids aren't a darned bit better than mine, yours or little kids who need a home and love and don't have even that!

There are people out here starving and homeless in our OWN country and the rest of us are struggling just to survive but yet this nation seems intent on "star worshiping", following every stupid and dangerous fad these idiots come up with and idolizing these perverted, drunkent, drugged up "stars"...not saying that is her case by any means, just ranting about the whole "star" thing that has this stupid country so enthralled!

What makes hers and others kids worth MILLIONS of $$$$$?

We were working hard and STILL didn't have a LOT of necessities for our kids, much less millions! And my kids are every bit as precious as hers or anyone elses and so are yours.

THANK YOU "Not Struck" for putting my feelings into words so well! It's US, the stupid American public who continues to give these "stars" power!

In a recent study, more Americans were interested in who won "American Idol" than they were in those 4,000 military personnel killed in Iraq! AND they're sure more interested in making these people in H'wood "stars" and MORE $$$$$ than they are in helping fellow Americans who are needy, hungry, homeless and powerless!

THOSE are the little kids and parents who need MONEY, America!

I wish her well with her babies. I just don't understand this country's need for and obsession with all these "stars"!

Makes me ill!

2400 days ago


Thanks for the interesting news

2397 days ago


I cant believe that i am forst!

2423 days ago


Can't stand the woman!!!!

2423 days ago



2423 days ago

no h8n    

First? Who cares... Jlo is stupid, and Marc Anthonly looks like skelator!

2423 days ago

no way    

for 6 mil they could call me whatever they want!

2423 days ago


I don't believe for one minute she had sex with Marc to conceive those babies.

2423 days ago
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