New "Idol" Stage: Go Big Or Go Home!

3/10/2008 3:52 PM PDT
A TMZ spy (and apparent art school dropout) was able to peep the new the stage "Idol" is setting up for the Top 12 and it is a sight to be seen. So here's the sketch and a pic.

The band is located above the stage, towards the back, with a cityscape backdrop behind them. There are two spiral staircases located on each side of the stage that are connected by a walkway that goes over top of the stage. Each staircase has a landing area at the top with an LCD screen -- probably so Ryan can chat it up with the contestants with a Coke logo over his shoulder.

The judge's area is completely separate from the stage, leaving room for people to stand in front of the stage like at a concert. Our spy says it is all "way bigger" than any set-up "Idol" has used before.