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Carnie Wilson's Big Comeback

3/11/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had her gastric bypass surgery broadcast on the Internet in 1999 and appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2006, but former Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson's battle of the bulge wages on -- as she worked out with a trainer in L.A. on Monday.

Hold on for one more day, girl!


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Wow, she really put on a lot of weight. Poor thing.

2414 days ago


This photo shows that gastric bypass surgery is not a quick fix to weight loss. In the beginning patients lose weight and keep it off for a short period of time. After that the body adjusts to the surgery and the stomach stretches, the bypass that has
been shortened adjusts to absorb more calories and patients gain some of their weight back. It can be a real struggle
for many bypass patients to keep the weight off. Considering she started at over 500 lbs., I would give Carnie the credit she deserves for keeping most of the weight off and continuing to work on keeping it off.

2414 days ago


This is Carnie. I have read all your comments, and I want to thank you for your support. ALL the comments I read make me want to succeed more. It makes me grateful for what I have been through, who I am, the weight I desire being at and mostly for the reality of the situation. I am doing great, losing weight and feeling strong. I'm a working Mom and a great wife. I just have one comment to the people that wrote silly , cruel things: You try taking your hardest struggle in your life and have the entire world comment on it... watch you closely and make assumptions about things they know nothing about. It's part of what I do, I know that.... but it can be frustrating. Not heartbreaking , though. It makes me want to be a better, healthier person. I know who I am, what I believe in and I consider myself to be very blessed. That's the best part of all.... you can write anything you want and it won't change who I am. I love that. I wonder what you all look like. To the people who said kind, encouraging words.... I know you weren't kissing my ass. You give me true encouragement that warms my heart. Thank you. I'd do the same for you if I knew you.
Take care.

2414 days ago


For God's sake--she valiently kept the weight off for TEN YEARS--even after having a baby. So she's backsliding--evidently she's fighting it as hard as she can and even though she's heavier, she's not even close to her pre-op 300 lbs. Lay off, peole--I bet each of you could use some improvement in the looks department and not all of you had a mentally ill genius father that heavily influenced u.

2410 days ago


I am a big fan of Carnie Wilson's and I can actually say I know what she is going through. I am the same height as Carnie and have struggled all my adult life with my weight. In 2001 I lost 85 pounds which brought my weight to 138 pounds. I was so proud of myself and it was until the past two years that I found myself slipping back to old eating habits and making excuses for not exercising. I am now where I was before I lost the weight. It makes me sad to have allowed myself to get to where I am at with my current weight. I cannot beat myself up over it and I have made a conscious effort to get the weight off. Rather than say I am going to lose 85 pounds, I am putting my weight loss in ten pound increments. It is easier and faster to see a ten pound weight loss than 85 pounds. I will have to do at least 8, ten pound weight loss admissions before I reach my goal. I can understand what Carnie is going through. Unless you have never been overweight and/or had an eating disorder, then you cannot understand the pain. Sure it is easy for haters to say put a "cork" in it, or "just push away the second helping".... but for those of us who have this addiction it is not that easy. For myself I need to be accountable with my weight loss. I know Carnie will once again win the battle against being overweight. We just need to take one day at a time. If we happen to fall one day, don't beat yourself up over it, just get back on track the next morning and start off fresh again. We can do it Carnie, and I am just as anxious as you are to reach our goal. Keep up the good work my friend.

2407 days ago

julie smith    

Lovely face, teeth, hair and attitude... but I can't fathom how she can gain weight after a bypass. I read her books, in which she said splurging leads to "dumping," i.e., uncontrolled drops in blood sugar and electrolytes. This tells me she is an emotional eater, who will keep binging past the point of nausea/diarrhea. God bless you, Carnie, and best wishes for a healthy future.

2407 days ago


Hi Carnie, I sent a comment, and I'am sorry I spelled your name wrong and also spelled on the first line Isagenia is wrong
should be spelled Isagenix. Again Good Luck


2407 days ago


That's Right Carnie, Keep Your chin Up!....Both of Them..

2407 days ago


"tried so hard to keep the weight down," Are you kidding?

2407 days ago


Weight gain 2 yrs post bypass is not unheard of. The stomach will normally stretch 10-15%......I had the surgery and lost over 120lbs. I was relatively small for the surgery 5'11, muscular, but 300lbs all the same. The last 20 lbs my doc said I needed to have removed surgically....flab and skin...My initial weight gain was due to severe illness and heavy use of prednisone for 8 yrs....I did not gain an ounce during my pregnancy. It was afterwards that I gained 25lbs. Why, lack of exercise. I am surprisced her docs did not freak at her. Yes she was pregnant but gaining 70lbs is totally insane. No more than 30lbs during pregnancy....that includes baby, placenta, blood volume increase and fat store. More than that is just plain fat. Not doing yourself or baby any favours.
I can tell you....I freaked when I gained 25....and there is not way I would gain 50 or 70. I won't let it go there. Do I overeat? daily calorie intake struggles to get to 1000 Calories. Why do I gain weight?????????? Very simple LACK OF ACTIVITY!! My surgeon also suggests intake of artifical sweetners to be a culprit. After I had my csection I went from working out 5 days a week to barely sleeping and sitting for hours nursing the baby......Fatigue anemia, and lack of time(last being a poor excuse) are my downfall. Carnie seems to be a yoyo dieter again. Sadly if she does not make some drastic changes.....she will be fat again forever......

2407 days ago


I still think that most gastric bypasses are doomed for failure, because feeding the body small amounts of food only encourages a slow metabolism. Sure, you'll lose weight starving your body like that, but once you start eating more fattening foods your body is going to go on survival mode and start storing the fat again. That's why exercise is important, and weight training is essential and eating a well-balanced non-starvation diet. It will take longer, but your metabolism will adapt and you won't have to worry about dieting. Also, people with food addiction do get around the gastric bypasses.. I know someone who consumed ice cream, milk shakes all day long a year after their bypass, weight came back on incredibly fast. I know people get desperate about weight loss, but I think these bypasses should be a last ditch attempt for grossly obese individuals who can't get out of the door of their home.

2407 days ago

Miz Babs    

I certainly identify with Carnie's struggles. I also had the by-pass surgery loosing 245+ pounds. The weight loss left me malnourished and vitamin deficient because I always had been morbidly obese I wanted to remain at a "normal" weight of 134. For those of you who think that this surgery is the "answer" YOU ARE WRONG! This is simply a tool - if you are not willing to make a life long commitment to change how you deal with food in your life - you are "..Winner at a loosing game..." ( Rascal Flatts). I have been fighting A-plastic Anemia for three years now - I am working steps to remain mentally and spiritually healthy with trudging thru life. Physically - after a ruptured stomach I have learned that "Life is an adventure to live not a problem to solve". I also have gained weight and continue to deal with my issues surrounding food and my life story. Being aware of my self-destructive compulsions I am learning how to deal with life on life's terms in a healthier way. Carnies' honesty is refreshing and necessary to get back on track. Given the choice between Carnie and Starr - Carnie will always have my support - thoughts - and prayers.

2407 days ago


Her weight gain has nothing to do with food....well...obviously it does. But she's focusing on food and diet and exercise when her problem with food has to do with her filling a void or a hole in her life. I would get to the root of exactly where the pain comes from and heal from there. She might find that once that's addressed that her issues with food will no longer be there. Otherwise, she'll continue on this roller coaster for the rest of her life.'s not the FOOD! Just like any addict, it goes beyond the drug of choice. If it wasn't food, it'll be alcohol or drugs or any other overindulgence.

2407 days ago


She's been up & down most of her life...Same as Ann & Nancy Wilson from Heart. So Gastric Bypass is no guarantee, it's just a quick fix. Same with the Lap Band. Altho I thought you were forced to NOT eat as your tummy shrinks. Thankfully, even with 2 forms of Lupus, the only time I gained was when I had Chemo for the Nephrites & the 80MGS of Prednisone a day. YUK!
From 135-199 EW!!! Thru a Low Carb/High fiber lifestyle I lost 80 lbs & am on Maintenence. My Hubby lost a pant size as well!
I had Anorexia before it had a name in '77 & perhaps that had something to do with the Lupus diagnosis in '92. Anyway: MY theroy is: if I can get up & out of bed without pain, it's a good Day! I have a Saint of a Hubby so that's what matters. HOPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!!!

2407 days ago


Carnie is truly beautiful inside and out. She has a wonderful attitude. Why be so cruel with comments? A lot of the world struggles with this as with other adddictions. Have a little kindness and understanding.
And Carnie, you go girl, I know you will do it!

2407 days ago
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