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Kristy Lee Cook: Home Run on Prom Night?

3/13/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained pics of Kristy Lee Cook -- posing for pics with her high school softball team and then glamming it up with them on prom night way back in ... 2002.
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Kristy's home town of Selma, Oregon boasts a population of almost 2,000 people -- and, most likely, zero stylists.

Go Cougars!


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Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

"Kristy's home town of Selma, Oregon boasts a population of almost 2,000 people -- and, most likely, zero stylists"

Pretty braindead sentence, even for TMZ. You know, not all of us come from Los Angeles & have our own personal style consultants, hairdressers, makeup artists, personal trainers, success coaches & personal religious guru's like most of the retarded moronic celebrities we see on TMZ. Or, the total lack of education & experience like Harvey Levin & his gayboy staff of "writers". Chimpanzees banging away on typewriters could do a better job...

2413 days ago


I like her.
you go girl

2413 days ago


Kristy is great. I wish her all the luck. she is country, yet they won't give her a country song. How about they give everyone only country and see how they do. Way to hang in there. Its great that she is over the illness. She sold the horse to someone who gave it a great home, spends time daily with it and loves it. If she goes on the road it would not even get the opportunity to get out. Good decision. Hang in there.

2413 days ago

kat nyc    

Kristy totally sucks! She can't sing that great. If I close my eyes, her voice is so plain and insignificant, I can't picture who singing. Her voice is truely forgettable. I'm still in shock she's still here! What was up with that country Beatles song? Lennon would be rolling around in his grave! At least Hernandez could sing and you can close your eye and remember his voice. The only reason she's still on the show is bc she's model hot. Folks, this isn't a modeling competition...Go Chekezie, go Filipina girl, or that cute Irish girl...she's sounds like the chick from Evanescense. Now that's a voice...

2412 days ago


Why are there so many stories on this stupid chick? She can't even sing and she butchered Journey! WTF? please no more of her.

2406 days ago


It's in the H2O baby!!! I grew up in Selma too!!! I live in SF now but you can thank the Southern Oregon Water for creating gorgeous girls like us. All the haters can just piss off!!!! It's a sad world when a great girl, with a normal background and talent cannot be appreciated in Hollywood. I guess the measure of a person's true talent in Tinseltown has been reduced to how many DUI's and Mugshots you can rack up in a single "season"!!! I was a "cougar" ten years before this little lady and proud as hell to admit it.

2403 days ago



2413 days ago

know it all    


2413 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Harvey MARRY Me

2413 days ago



2413 days ago

know it all    

whoops i guess i didnt make first

2413 days ago


she SUCKS yall!!! she shouldve gone home with mister stripper lap dancer HERNANDEZ. both are sad cases.. its not SONG SELECTION. .its the way its being sung. errRrr.



2413 days ago

jim goosh    

David Hernandez' girly eyebrow-arching, and femmy faces and expressions finally caught up with him. Sleezy old men may think that faux cheesy "International Male" catalog model pose of his is sexy, but no one else does. I was so happy to see him go cause he didn't think it was gonna be him. And Hernandez, if you're listening, you're over-tweezing your eyebrow BTW and you look ridiculous. Kristy Lee is more marketable than him and wait til they have a country week. She will shine. He was also way off tune during that Celine Dion song (which of course his girlie ass could not wait to sing that one). He probably would have done Whitney and Mariah next week. Hang in there Miss Cook.

2413 days ago


And the point of this "Exclusive" is...........some chick played softball and..............gasp!.........went to a 2002????????????..

This is shocking, just shocking. This could turn into a huge scandal.

Thanks to TMZ again for breaking this smoking hot story.

2413 days ago



Not second.

Not third.

Don't care.

2413 days ago
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