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Bob Barker Bursts an Elephant-Filled Bubble

3/15/2008 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pet reproduction isn't the only thing Bob Barker wants put a stop to!

The ex-"Price is Right" host wrote a letter to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA -- opposing an educational stunt in which an Asian elephant would be enclosed inside a soapy bubble. Yes, an Asian elephant enclosed inside a soapy bubble.

Barker criticized the zany stunt for its lack of educational merit, saying, "Such a stunt does not instill respect for these very special and endangered animals ... it sends the message that elephants are mere objects of entertainment."

Bob has a point -- but who wouldn't want to see an elephant enclosed inside a soapy bubble?


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Oh come on! Fill it with helium and it will enjoy it! LOL joking.

2421 days ago


I don't.

2421 days ago


Hooray for Bob Barker!! In this world of self-absorbed celebrities looking for accolades for being do gooders, Bob Barker is the real deal on behalf of animals. He is right, elephants are treated abhorently, this is just another example of exploiting and frightening the animal for entertainment, this cruelty should stop!

2421 days ago


A supposed womanizer who cares so much for the well being of animals.
Pick your battles wisely they say!

2421 days ago


Check out to see where the lucky abused elephants end up. It's probably the coolest place I've ever been.

2421 days ago

April Fouels    

Bob Barker has invested MILLIONS into the JAIL/PRISON systems, if anyone has the unfortunate fate of being put in jail, take a moment to look at your toothbrush, or other manufactured products he endorses, made in CHINA

2421 days ago

its sad    

Its horrible how these elephants are treated. Each time I see a circus (or any entertainment) elephant go after its "trainer" all I can imagine is the abuse the poor animal has has to stop.

Ride on Bob...keep going after the bad guys in the animal world

2421 days ago

April Fouels    

Elephant Footnote: I was in Ghana in 2007, and shot 2 Elephants with a .458 Weatherby Magnun, and they were stolen by poachers, and we had a shootout.

2421 days ago

Janna Mora    

God bless you bob thanks for being a great example of humanity! Anyone else care to learn such morals, Please????????

2421 days ago

Animal Lover    

Hey sloppyjoe, seems you live quite a life, shooting elephants and spending time in jail! Oh yeah a real hero you are... YeeHaw

2421 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

I've seen elephants when not being used in show just "Parked" with leg shackles an absolutely no attention being given, going out of their minds, going back and forth in the sames step patterns over and over again behind some tents, out of the way......I was disgusted! I understand the indignation but who the hell is this Womanizing, self-serving (PETA Member?, A fanatic Religious organization that routinely violates the law and peoples rights to pursue their wacky agenda?) Egomaniac Screwball to do anything or say anything about it? I see him as just another Hollywood causeCeleb with no Credibility....

2421 days ago


I don' want to see that. The people that dreamed up that idea have no sense of decency or morality. Obviously the type that think other creatures are on this earth for their amusement and abuse.

2421 days ago

Jessica Sargent    

You go Bob, once people learn that the animals of this planet have not been put here for our entertainment, the world will be a better place.

2421 days ago

April Fouels    

Your Assumptions preclude you, Animal Lover, I formerly worked in the Prison system as a Liaison and therapist, and love Big Game hunting, If you had common sense, it would tell you that anyone incarcerated is not able to own a gun, or hunt, in most cases, Abuse of animals is unacceptable. The Elephants i killed would have been taken by poachers, as subsequently, they were.

2421 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

Oh, come on.He's old.I mean Bob Parker not the elephant.He's gaga and yes, I would love to see an elephant inside a soap bubble.It may not be educational but it surely be entertaining.

2421 days ago
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