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Brandon Davis is a "Scumbag"

3/15/2008 7:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surprise, surprise, Greasy Bear's got no game.

The sweaty bro of Gummi didn't make a good impression on two hotties at Villa last night -- the chicks bashing his lame-ass pick-up lines for TMZ.


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2384 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Good for her, but talk about the most obvious statement in the world!
Still true though- he's a dirtbag, just like his fat heroin

2384 days ago


This guy needs his fat ass kicked all over LA, He walks around like he is some sort of big star sweating all over everyone that is so nasty. Who in their right mind would ever go out with this smelly grease ball. he needs to get in the shower and keep his sweaty ass there.

2384 days ago

jo baby jo    

funny how these pig ugly chicks want to get on TMZ and make up stories to get some airtime. Greasy bear or whatever would not say those kinds of things to those average (at best) looking girls, he would insult them and they would like the attention enough to bang him for the minute and a half he would last..

2384 days ago


Bimmer - Great comment! But, I don't think lye soap would clean this guy up! One of these day's he will piss the wrong person off! Just another guy still on the tit.......................very sad!

2384 days ago


The Davis Boys= TURD WITH CORN. The sooner they go away the better off we will be. But Greasy bear is the frickin worst ever...and a quick question,isn't he gay???

2384 days ago

Who, me?    

I'll have the turd with corn in puke vinaigrette sprinkled with fermented panty crust, and a large side order of herpes. Oh never mind, just bring me Paris Hilton.

2384 days ago


him and his brother are strange people. they just are. his bro's show on Ego TV is good, but what does Brandon do exactly? He tries to act cool outside clubs. Grow up!

2384 days ago


If he didn't want to be filmed, he wouldn't wander around looking at his cell phone in the middle of the street. What a tool! I'll give him $11 to go get a haircut and another $5 to stop going out in public.

2383 days ago


This is actually a serious question, I'm not trying to be a smart-ass. Why is it that TMZ bothers to film this guy? Paris Hilton is famous for doing nothing, and this guy is famous because he used to be friends with her? Thats like 3 degrees of separation from an ACTUAL person with any Talent. Not to unload on the family but the Davis family hasn't done anything worthwhile in 2 generations and the blood has obviously thinned to the point of absurdity in this guy and his brother. Seriously TMZ, I mean Lindsay Lohan might be a basket case train wreck but at least she was once in films, the only thing this guy has ever done is order too many desserts.

2383 days ago


Um, I don't know if I'd call that chick a hottie. Get real.

2383 days ago


Is he wearing a headband?

2383 days ago


He walks and talks like he has BRAIN DAMAGE! Was he in some kind of accident involving severe head trauma?

2383 days ago


Yey another waste of human space---- as are most all of these so-called "celebrities'.

2383 days ago

Julie H    

I know those girls., they guest starred on "The Hills"..!!!! I think theyre in a new reality show coming up..
yea, way to good for Brandon Davis... ugh.....

2379 days ago
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