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Crazies Come Out to Boycott Other Crazies

3/16/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of a few hundred Xenu haters who go by the name Anonymous (hence the creepy masks) protested outside the Church of Scientology in Hollywood yesterday.

These photos from show Anonymous picketing yesterday -- strategically, a few days after L. Ron Hubbard's birthday.


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That Hubbard was a self-serving scifi writer and wrote Dianetics and, thereafter, created Scientology is a FACT easily searched for should any care to waste their time needing to prove the obvious. His "knowledge" was created and foistered as a support to his seeking a tax-free declaration for himself. That a few publically known "actors", and a very few others, choose to believe his rantings a actual fact based solely upon his word, put it and them into the arena of Barnum and Bailey.

2375 days ago


Money and fools = rich fools,...nothing else.

2375 days ago

change the kitty litter    

I read about this girl, Lisa Mcpherson, she died at the main stay Scientology Center down in FL. Anyone who wants to look her up can read about her bizarre death! These people are nuts! I read somewhere that LRH freely used mind altering chemicals while writing his book (anyone who has read it will understand that). I luv that South Park received an emmy for their spoof (even though Xenu tried to block it). According to Tom and his merry-men, if you are having a psychotic episode and are endagering lives, all you need are some "vitamins and run on the treadmill".

2375 days ago


how does having a peaceful protest make people crazy? You want crazy, find out what scientologists believe. Its about time this cult gets called out for what it truly is- a moneymaking scheme. Good on you Anon. Go to to find out what scientology is really about.

2375 days ago


Almost 10,000 people protested wordwide. Check out March15 dot org!
Does your church make you not speak to your parents if they disagree with your religious choices?

2375 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Reminds me of that old episode of "What's Happening" when Raj reacted to new cult initiate Rerun explaination of his new "faith",


2375 days ago


katie holmes recently said she feels like a 'prisoner in my house' (which has been installed with security cameras everyhwere). finally, she's understanding that she's been brainwashed by tom crazy ass cruise (who should come out of that closet soon)

2375 days ago


They hide their faces for a reason. They're not crazy for protesting the insane cult of scientology. If you knew the truth behind the fight, you would be sending more of your photogs there instead of following Britney around. It's a bigger con than Enron, and you're missing out on a huge, breaking story by trying to demean the reason for the protest.

2375 days ago


google Operation Snow White and Operation Freak out and then tell me that Anonymous is crazy for being anonymous. Couple that with the CO$ doctrine of "Fair Game" and it is easy to understand why faces are hidden. Here are the words used to "cancel" the doctrine
"The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP."

But read it again. Is it actually cancelled or is the practice of declaring cancelled because of "bad public relations," but Fair Game itself is alive and well. Based on the new practice of Scientologists pulling off masks, photographing the individuals, finding out their names and then posting on the internet it would seem the practice is alive and well even if the name isn't used because it causes public relations issues.

Also look up the Sklar case, people battling the preferential treatment. It seems that scientology has an additional tax break that NO OTHER RELIGION is permitted.

If Anonymous is crazy then more should become anonymous.

2375 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

yeah. ya'll can go post those signs outside your local ashram/meditation center too!

2375 days ago


This CULT seriously bothers me. And the reason why-- if you do some research of ex-members, especially David Miscaviges neice... you will realize that they use FREE child labor, make the Scientology kids drop out of school at age 16, require members of the CO$ to separate and not talk to members of their family that are not in the church, they do NOT believe in any psychiatry or mental health medications (which is extremely dangerous to those suffering from severe mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia)...

The only thing more scary than the way they treat their youth (once again CHILD LABOR).. is that they harrass, bully, stalk and "set up" people who speak against their cult. (google Paulette Cooper)...which is EXACTLY why protesters wear masks. If you google, you can find out why people are afraid of Scientologists and the purpose of the masks..... protesters do not want to be stalked & harrassed.

They are trying to suppress free speech & are doing illegal activities to do so. I don't give a damn whether they worship an alien (xenu) or cow manure.... that is the least of my worries. People focus way too much on that..

2375 days ago


I have read up on this cult. They prey on the mentally unstable (like Tom Cruise) and children. The fact is no sane person would be involved in this cult and it is very scary for people to leave the cult once they have been sucked in. Scientology involves the use of an e-meter machine that sends light currents through the system. Google it. They use this as a "lie detector" test. They force their members to divulge their deepest, darkest secrets to them in "auditing" sessions.

If you try and leave the cult.. guess what they use against you? You own auditing information. So, they basically bully and blackmail people into staying within the cult. I'd imagine people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta have no other option than to stick with this crazy cult b/c of the stuff they have admitted in auditing.

But Tom Cruise has been brain washed so badly that he is beyond the point of return, I am afraid. His career is in the dumpster & most of the public hates him and makes fun of him constantly. It's quite sad to see someone who was such a star in the 80's and early-to-mid 90's turn into such a joke and caricature of his former self.

And Katie sold her soul for $ money $ and fame. She was a nobody before Tom Cruise.. just another "actress" from a b-rated teen soap opera. She knew she was going to fade out quickly, like most of her Dawsons Creek co-stars, Melrose Place "stars" and Beverly Hills 90210 stars.. they all fizzled after their soap opera left the small screen.. Katie, who is a HORRIBLE actress anyway..... was headed to has-beenVille and she knew it.

2375 days ago


Matthew and Lola, I could not agree with you more. There is nothing in Scientology that represents real religion, and if I were protesting it, I'd wear a mask too!

2375 days ago


CoS is an evil cult. They take people's money, bankrupt them, disconnect them from their families ( ... rnalid=ACA). They receive tax-exempt status despite the fact that they are a corporation ( ... vs._Netcom) and scam people. They have caused the deaths of people , and through brainwashing and encouraging their own members to go off their meds and ruin their lives, despite the fact that L Ron Hubbard died with a Psychiatry medication in his body (please see

Hyprocrites, liars and thieves, they are, just google "fair game".. then be the judge for yourself of whether or not the CoS is a cult.

2375 days ago


i'll bet you $1 that one of those protestors was Nicole Kidman...

2375 days ago
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