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Crazies Come Out to Boycott Other Crazies

3/16/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of a few hundred Xenu haters who go by the name Anonymous (hence the creepy masks) protested outside the Church of Scientology in Hollywood yesterday.

These photos from show Anonymous picketing yesterday -- strategically, a few days after L. Ron Hubbard's birthday.


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kurtdermensch - it occurs to me that if someone is "stalking" you on this website perhaps you should just GO AWAY!

geez! paranoid much?

2381 days ago


Why are the protestors crazies? They're just citizens trying to get those Xenu loving dumbasses to pay taxes on their little club! To you dumbasses who call or support it as a religion, come on!! Try reading something other than TMZ. Grow up! Read a book! Scientology is nothing more than a joke to see if a rich guy can get richer by screwing other rich people and not pay taxes on it. In one way, I think it's funny the way these rich celebrities parade around thinking they and their religion is so special and that they know everything! But, of course, you and I don't make enough money to attend their precious church. So see, they're better than us! The chosen few. Those stupid dumbasses! To name a few: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Leah Remini (the bitch from King of Queens), John Travolta and his dumbass wife, Lisa Marie Presley and her dumbass mother.........

2381 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

I don't allow others, especially cult screwballs to dictate my life activities and run me off of websites. I go where I please and I enjoy the websites that I please free from Harassment and Stalking. I have that Right.

You are welcome to mind your own business however.

2381 days ago


All religions are cults and man made. Don't like a church because you don't believe everything it preaches? No problem, create your own church. "Christians" do it all the time.

2381 days ago


Finally anti-scientology news is popping up on these gossip sites! I am all for Anonymous, keep up the good work.

2381 days ago


the difference between this church and the Christian church is that you don't have to sign your life away to a Christian church to belong (although some churches might try,, but not to this extent). If they (Scientologists) really are trying to do good, why do all these classes/sessions/audits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in all? I don't care if you belong to a church that believes the Moon is God and is controlling our every move, but I DO care when a church tries to control your every move and scam you out of a lot of money, not matter what the "religion" is.

2381 days ago

Anon E. Mudkip    


'Crazies' doesn't even begin to describe what that "Church" is all about.


Maybe we're a little crazy - do it for the lulz.

2381 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

at least with scientology the self proclaimed 'wise'/experts have attempted to identify a 'cult'. meanwhile they keep everyone else totally oblivious to the actual one they have submitted to. as far as i can tell scientology is not a threat, except to those who feel that their own methods might be revealed through them. why else be concerned with what other people do with their money?

2380 days ago


Good job Anon. :)

2380 days ago


They're "Crazies" for standing up against this farce of a religion? If anything, they're the sane ones. I guess TMZ supports Scientology

2380 days ago


"I guess scientology is working for there members who cares what they believe in"

Their families care. The disaster relief people being interfered with by "ministers" care. The people who pay tax money to go to quack programs like Narconon and Criminon and HELP care. The people who can't deduct their religious education unlike Scientologists due to a closed-door special arrangement with he IRS care. People who are concerned about their and their family's safety for even being associated with a critic of the "church" care.

I ask this: Anyone who doesn't want to lose a loved one through slick propaganda leading to mind rape to where you will be considered dangerous to them for not joining them ... do you care?

2380 days ago


We're not haters. We like Xenu, he's way more cool than Hubbard ever was. We do not care about the religion, we just protest the practices of the Church of Scientology itself. Wikipedia, Scientology controversies. More than enough reasons to protest.

2380 days ago

Ham Ham Army    

TMZ fails at reporting. Nice article genious, one sentence. How about you TMZ idiots report on some REAL news rather than harass celebrities all day.

2380 days ago


Comment #81, by Alan, is Scientology propaganda.

I've seen several anti-Anonymous comments now on several websites comparing them to the KKK for wearing masks.

2379 days ago


They are all nuts

2362 days ago
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