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New Graves in Manson Case -- Can You Dig It?

3/16/2008 9:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Manson and his hypnotized hippies have been locked up for decades, but there's a pretty shocking new development -- with the help of an eccentric prospector, authorities may have found hidden gravesites with other victims.

Location: Barker Ranch, in Death Valley National Park, CA, one of the secret places the Manson Family hid out during the late 60's. The prospector, Emmett Harder, who had dinner with Manson and the girls from time to time, led the search for graves. He guided lab researchers, an anthropologist and a cadaver-seeking dog to detect chemical markers of human remains.

Why the Big Deal: While awaiting trial, Family chick Susan Atkins told her cell mate there were "three people out in the desert that they done in." There were always rumors that the killing clan did in hitchhikers and runaways, none of whom were ever found.

What They Found
: During the hunt, the dog suddenly laid down, quivered with his ears upright and began whining. One of the investigators used an instrument that can chemically detect buried human remains -- it began beeping at regular intervals, and as it approached the ground the beeping became a steady stream of sound. Authorities say they need to do more testing, but they may have found two grave sites and possibly an additional one.

Implications for Charlie and the Chicks (and Tex)
: Even if there are bodies, it's gonna be hard to pin it on the Family and particularly specific members. But you never know, especially if someone rats someone else out. With parole a possibility, it's not just at theoretical proposition.

Stay tuned.


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They did have the death penalty at the time, but opted not to use it. the women show remorse in their older age that they did not have at the time, being brain washed by manson. manson has had several parole hearings and has destroyed his posibillity of getting out every single time. manson claims that he never killed anyone letting the girls take the fall for actually commiting murder, but he will never get out because of everything else....

2414 days ago


After reading all the posts where people want to see Charlie executed, he's better off where he is. He sits in a cell all by himself in Corcoran, one of CA's worst prisons. His cell is in a section of the prison along with other famous inmates, which are all kept from general population. Personally I'd love to see Charlie in general population, would they kill him off quickly, or would the other inmates be scare of him? But where he's at, he rotting away and for the most part, he's forgotten about. Look at another famous Charlie that actually did kill a lot of people. Charles Starkweather was executed in Nebraska's electric chair (on my birthday) a decade before the Manson killings. To this day, he's still so famous that books have been written about him, movies have been inspired by him (Badlands, Natural Born Killers, etc.), Bruce Springsteen even wrote the song "Nebraska" about him. His gravesite has become Lincoln's biggest tourist attraction (people from all over the world have traveled there to see it), and the people of Lincoln, 50 years after his killing spree, continue to suffer. Executing Charles Starkweather made him more famous. At least Manson for the most part has been forgotten. The fact that people are shocked he's still alive is proof of that.

2413 days ago


"It's a true testament to the liberal fueled joke that our justice system has become, that this piece of human garbage wasn't deposited into a hole of his own long ago."

If our justice system is such a joke, what would neo nazis like you do? Forget trials, just kill em? Yeah after all, the Constitution is just a G** D*** piece of paper, right?

2413 days ago


cat, it was Leno and Rosemary Labianca that were that idiot Susan's parents. Also, on You Tube, you can actually see her trying to get Tex out of prison....she needs locked up with the rest of them.

2413 days ago

K. haawkins    

California did indeed have the death penalty when these Family members were convicted and they received the max sentance, which was death. Then, the penalty was rescinded and all death row inmates nationwide sentences were commuted to life in prison.

Since then the death penalty has been reinstated. Those htat had there sentences commuted should have been put back on death row and summarily executed.

2413 days ago


ummm,,,Watson isn't dead....might want to do a little more research.

2413 days ago


Charlie Manson and his followers should never ever be released. The man is the epitome of evil. How these stupid girls ever followed and let a creature like this brainwash them into doing these acts of evil is beyond my comprehension. They all deserve the death penalty--too bad it wasn't in affect then.

2413 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

#90, I didn't know that - it's a great reason to buy Folgers Coffee!! Even though I prefer Chock Full of Nuts.

FYI - add to the Mansons' list of murders his own defense attorney, who disappeared during the trial. His body was never found. I remember Vincent Bugliosi quoting one of the former family members in "Helter Skelter" saying there were so many bodies buried in the desert that could never all be found.

And don't blame drugs. I don't care how powerful the LSD was - it could not make any decent human being do the horrific things the Mansons did - kill innocent people in their own homes (including a 9-months pregnant woman), taste their victims' blood and write words in blood on the wall, stick a fork in someone's stomach, and carve messages into the corpses with a knife. One of their drugged-out bunch, the heroic Linda Kasabian, couldn't take part in the madness and became the star witness that put them all away.

2413 days ago



2413 days ago


91. "It's a true testament to the liberal fueled joke that our justice system has become, that this piece of human garbage wasn't deposited into a hole of his own long ago."

If our justice system is such a joke, what would neo nazis like you do? Forget trials, just kill em? Yeah after all, the Constitution is just a G** D*** piece of paper, right?

Posted at 12:55PM on Mar 17th 2008 by Duane

Who said anything about 'forgetting trials'? I'm a 'neo nazi' because I want this psychopathic piece of garbage to share the same fate as his victims? I work in the criminal justice system, and I can attest to YOU Duane, that criminals laugh at you and your liberal ilk. If wanting justice makes me a 'neo nazi', then I guess I'll have to live with that.

2413 days ago


I agree #93, Tex Watson is NOT dead. In fact, all of the killers are still alive. Watson, Krenwinkel, VanHouten,Manson,Atkins.Bobby Beausoleil(who participated in the Gary Hinman murder) he is also alive.

2413 days ago

Greg Brown    

For those of you that say it is impossible to tie this to the Manson family, we have no idea what may have been buried with them, or what people may know about what was buried with them. It is amazing what CAN be proven!

2413 days ago

Greg Brown    

Looking at the comments made, it is obvious that many in the younger generation has no grasp on reaility! I grew up not too far from where all this went down, and I was a kid in th '70s and I remember it clearly.
Put down your Wii controller and get a life!

2413 days ago


Leno and Rosemary LaBianca never had any children together, but they had children from previous marriages. Rosemary had a 15 years son who found their bodies after going on a camping trip. I was around when back then when it happened.

2413 days ago


Rosemary LaBianca was married to a man named Frank Struthers, and he is Susan's father and not Leno LaBianca. She was from Rosemary's first marriage along with her son.

2413 days ago
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