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A Cyrus By Any Other Name

3/17/2008 5:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't call her Destiny Hope! TMZ has obtained official documents filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court requesting Destiny Hope Cyrus' name be officially changed to Miley Ray Cyrus.

The documents, filed by Hannah Montana's parents Leticia and Billy Ray, indicate the reason for the name change as "Destiny Hope Cyrus has been commonly known as Miley Cyrus since she was a young child. The Change of Name is requested to make her commonly used name the same as her legal name."

It had been previously reported that her name was officially changed -- not so. In addition to filing these documents, she must publish a public notice of the change. Then she can officially start signing checks as Miley Cyrus.


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I don't think her birth name is bad, but she has to be Miley.

2408 days ago


OMG first!

2408 days ago


Hannah Montana is soooooo cool, I mean look at the way she presents herself, everyone just hatin.. lol A yo TMZ! Bump my music page.

Everyone be safe, quit drinkin and start thinkin!

2408 days ago

I Would Mount Hannah Montana    

Sure, I'd mount her.

But isn't her 15 minutes almost up?

2408 days ago

Andy McKay    

I'm so confused. Who is this article about? So Miley isn't Britney... she's really Destiny... at least until she changes her name. Where the hell did Hannah come from? Ugh...

What ever happen to our childhood heroes only having ONE name?

Punky Brewster WAS Punky Brewster... right?

That was her real name... right?

2408 days ago


PLEASE! She is 15! Hannah is from her TV show.

Miley is her famous name.

Destiny is her birth name.

I hope she changes it. Destiny doesn't fit her.

2408 days ago


Hannah Montana is the name of her tv show on the Disney channel. It is about a girl who leads two lives one famous- Hannah and the other normal teenage girl Miley

2408 days ago


# 5 - Your kidding right? You must be over 20 years old (unless you watched re-runs of the show) and I truly hope you didn't go those 20 years thinking Punky Brewster was a real name. Just in case you weren't kidding, Punky Brewster's real name was Soliel Moon Frye.

2408 days ago


To quote Shakespeare: "a rose by any other name" ~ she and both her parents deserve our admiration and respect. Pitted against other pop idols, she is one girl I'm glad my granddaughters admire. Miley makes sense, and the addition of Ray in the middle is a nice tribute to her father.

2408 days ago



Very strange.

Why would they call her something other than her given name?

How do you go from Destiny Hope to Miley Ray?

I guess maybe you have to be a pre-teen girl to understand.

2408 days ago


In an interview, Billy Ray said: when Miley was a baby, she was always smiling... so he referred to her as "Smiley".
Smiley turned to Miley.
( you know how parents call their babies/tots cute little names )

2408 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    

Not offense TMZ, it must be a slow news day. Who cares unless one is 13-15 years old

2408 days ago


It just irks me how these "stage parents" take their kids out of school, let them start dying their hair before they are old enough for braces.....put them on a tour bus and say, "we her her very grounded" "she is just a normal child"

I think not....permanantly changing your kids name to their stage name is not normal or grounded. So, they are saying oooops, sorry kid...the name we gave you at birth is just not workin' for ya' on the money trail, before your old enough to vote, drive or drink...we're just going to change that for you.

Idiots. They should be ashamed-

2408 days ago


So much for Billy Ray saying he named her while in her mothers belly, Destiny Hope, due to the fact that he knew this little girl was "destined" to bring "hope" to this world... I adore, Billy Ray, but couldnt they have just changed it to be a stage name and not take away from her birth name? I respect the fact that if true, Miley took Ray because she respects her father. Theres alot to be said about a name. Destiny Hope has alot of meaning, as her dad said. But Miley Ray is just that, plain and simple. I truly am shocked. After 16 years of following this man, and thought I kinda knew him alot, inside and out, this seems so far to the left for him to agree with.

Good Luck Miley, But to me you will always be Destiny Hope Cyrus :)

2408 days ago


Punky Brewster's real name is Solie Moon Fry

Destiny Hope...really?? did they think she was going to be a stripper when she grew up?!?!

2408 days ago
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