Brooke Hogan Realizes Her Mother is Her Mother

3/20/2008 5:00 PM PDT
Brooke Hogan let it all hang out on her blog today about her family's woes, including her parents' nasty split and her brother's car-crash legal mess -- and it's either an emotional tour de force or the worst and longest greeting card ever.

"I realized your mother is your mother. Your father is your father," she writes. So far, so brilliant. "Nothing is thicker than blood ... We are all human." Again, aces. "I'm not saying I will get over this in a week, month, year, or ten years. ... You can have money, fame, cars, clothes, but youre [sic] naked without the people that love you." Cars: slightly poor choice for the Hogan family.

"I don't know where this blog will go next," says Brooke. We couldn't agree more.