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Michelle Williams Tried to Save Heath's Life

3/20/2008 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Michelle Williams had been desperately trying to help Heath Ledger battle his addictions before his shocking death in January.

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Looks like her technique could use some work, huh.

2371 days ago


I think she really loved him. That's so sad. Their poor girl.

2371 days ago

she smiled    

She should have told the world including media whore, Dr. Drew. I bet he would still be alive. Let this be a lesson. Don't try to keep it a secret. Tell the world. Nothing can bring him back now.

2371 days ago


Oh B.S. She already came out and denounced he had any drug issues and even said he didn't even USE drugs! So what's this, "...she tried to help him?" What is she saying, she lied before?

2371 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

I believe it.The poor woman must be devastated.How do you face your daughter everyday when she ask "where is daddy?'.My sympathies go to her.

2371 days ago

brit supporter    

She knew, Heath's family knew and many in New York and Hollyowwd knew he drank too much, smoked too much and liked drugs. He was an addict and could not live without the drugs but could not live with them anymore either. Instead of getting into AA, he isolated himself and finally said screw it and moved on into the next life. This happens to many people everyday. Let his soul and spirit rest in peace for cryin outloud!

2371 days ago


Bottom line is, it's such a shame that the world lost such a fine young actor to drugs.

2371 days ago


No one can save an addict but himself.

2371 days ago



2371 days ago


I don't recall that Michelle Williams ever said that Heath had no drug issues or didn't use drugs. My impression was that she diplomatically talked around it. Those types of problems are private. You can't make anyone do anything. You can't involuntarily commit someone to rehab. Interventions don't always work. Don't blame Michelle. She didn't stick the pills in his mouth and hold his lips shut so he had to swallow them. People who say that "someone should have done something" to keep Heath from self-destruction is woefully unaware of what it's like dealing with a person who's addicted to anything. They will lie, cheat, steal, deceive, and manipulate to hide what they shouldn't be doing. Heath was ultimately responsible for the choices he made and for helping himself. He chose to continue using drugs and destroy himself despite the fact that he had the means to get help wherever he needed to get it.

2371 days ago

brit supporter    

The dude was probably gay and in Hollywood, you aint gonna get many parts being gay. He should have found scientology like Tom Cruise did. Right Tom?

2371 days ago


#14 petunia

Do we have to bring our own tinfoil hats, or do you supply them?

2371 days ago


Poor Heath. All he wanted in life was to be a somewhat private person, and now look.. Everyone is talking about his finances and his supposed 'drug addictions'. I'm sorry but, were you there? Did you see him using drugs? Yes, he did have prescription pills in his blood when he died, but that doesn't mean he was an addict. He had a respiratory infection and he had walking pnemonia and insomnia. Let's see you work on a movie with that. Now I'm not trying to make Heath out to be a saint, but I just think that we should have some respect for the man and let things rest unless someone who actually truly knows what was going on wants to talk about it, like Michelle. But until she does say anything, just let it be.

R.I.P. Heath
**until we meet again**

2371 days ago

brit supporter    

Heath's family is now fighting over his will. They must have been horrified knowing he was spending 25 thousand on a NYC dump. Sounds like nobody in his world was capable of reaching out to him for anything but for his is money. Everyone wants to be rich and famous yet the wealth and fame go so fast that it is just as dead end as everything else in in life. No easy solutions to anything. Let the man rest in peace. So much for life in the fab lane.

2371 days ago


Junkies do the dammdest things.

2371 days ago
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