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Paris Skanks It Up in South Africa

3/23/2008 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever the diplomat, Paris Hilton and BF-of-the-moment Benji Madden partied like Africans at a hastily thrown together publicity event in South Africa on Friday.

Making good on her "promise" to do charity all over the world, Marie Antionette Paris visited a school in Pretoria on Thursday, and then decided to throw herself a soiree the next day at a club in Johannesburg.

People reports Penji (get it?) hung out in the VIP balcony section all night while her fans partied below. At one point, the heirmess announced that she "loved South Africa, the accent and everyone." Charming.

A person in the club says every time Hilton leaned over the balcony, the crowd went nuts.

Let them eat cake.


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restaurant management    


2372 days ago


what a total skank,bimbo,idiot.her stupidity just follows her wherever she is.that's our pear-ass.

2372 days ago


Has anyone noticed the tee shirt? Why would you wear a tee with skulls all over it to a third world country that has been plagued by famine and internal strife? At least she could have someone read to her about the countries she is going to "help".

2372 days ago


I don't get Penji?

I was thinkin "Benis" lolz

2372 days ago

gary mangi    

HEY TMZ WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO PARTY LIKE AFRICANS ANYWAYZ, are, they gonna wear little loin cloths and dance with a bone in there nose, that is really crude racist and greatly offensive, to not only blacks and africans but to humankind, you guys suck.

2372 days ago


OMG, I missed that - the skulls t-shirt is BAD taste.


2372 days ago


she is so trying to make benji's ex girlfriend jealous, by going to south africa, seems l ike paris herpes hilton is a little insecure

2372 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She is just the nastiest piece of human excrement!

2372 days ago


So she "threw herself" a soiree in a country where the cost of that said "soiree" probably could have fed A LOT of people for more than a day or 2!! TMZ - please stop it - make her go one seems to care but you.

2372 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Just let me beat 800 Pound Dumbass

2372 days ago


I just don't get her. what a sad fame whore who really has disgraced American youth and culture. I don'tknow if she has any conscience or soul, to tell you the truth. Why is this person always throwing herself parties and all? Does she think that she is that great?
I think it is time the pathetic soul was humbled and really started to give back in life. Her karma's gonna be very twisted..
I know that she is pretty and fascinating and pop-culture, but I am so sick of her already...
Her time will come...there is a lot of repenting to do I think..not to sound weird religious at all...just being honest. One can only be so self involved for a period of time. It will come back to her, I think.

2372 days ago

BOEING 787    

Remember Paris going to Kenya on a charity tour but she got cold feet? Well she got her
chance to visit Africa, as part of going on tour with her flavor of the month boyfriend.

On her visit to the school in Pretoria, I hope the children have taken away one thing from Paris Hilton, she is an example of what people should not aspire not to be, dumb, ignorant, stupid, and a closet bigot, 'secret tapes'. I think Paris has taken nothing from her visit to the
school, and I don't know why the hell she ever visited the school in the first place other than
a short term publicity stunt to make it look like she cares when she don't., again remember
she cancelled her Kenya charity trip.

It's sad when Paris Hilton barges into a school and pretends she cares when other people
who have benefited from education like community leaders from the area and from around
world and positive news makers should be doing the visits to inspire the youth and stay in
school go to college, and achieve to real good things.

2372 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Princess Paris,

I watch The Simple Life over and over and over again.
You are my favorite actress.
You bring joy to my furry life.
I look forward to seeing your reality show looking for a bff.

800 Pound Gorilla

2372 days ago


"Making good on her "promise" to do charity all over the world........Paris visited a school in Pretoria on Thursday,"....
What the hell does visiting a school so she can have her picture taken have to do with charity???
She will never change, will always be a narcissistic sociopath in my opinion.

2372 days ago


panji dippin out in public once again this calls for its own article.....really? .....REALLY!

2372 days ago
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