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Oprah Pals -- Oh-Fer for Obama?

3/24/2008 8:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey might be stumping hard-core for Barack Obama, but is it translating into big donations for the Democratic candidate from her pals?

FOX News says that it hasn't just yet, at least with certain people. Dr. Phil, for instance, hasn't handed over a penny to Obama, while her Scientolopals John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Kirstie Alley have all stayed away from shelling out to the big O. FOX tries to make the case that Oprah herself, Stedman Graham, and Gayle King have been stingy with their $2,300 donations, but that's actually the federal limit for individual contributions.

Oprah's reps didn't have comment.

Fred Thompson Back to Playing Prez on TV

Failed GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson says he will be going back to his old day job, playing pols on TV. William Morris announced that they've signed big Fred to do TV and movie roles.

Before he tried to make it as an actual president (after being a real Senator from Tennessee), he spent years playing big-shot pols and most recently the District Attorney on "Law & Order." Of course, there's still buzz that could be cast in the role of Veep for John McCain.

Party Favors: Suckers Pay $150K to be Near Funny Jewish Guys ... Nick & Nicky's Vegas Venture Changes Course ... Katherine Heigl Loves Her Earrings Green

Rents for Malibu beach house rentals are hitting crazazy heights, says the L.A. Times. For houses around the corner from Adam Sandler and Jeremy Piven, people are going to have to shell out $150K – per month! ... The Company American Bistro at the Luxor – with Nick Lachey, Nicky Hilton, and Wilmer Valderrama amongst the investors -- will be taking a new culinary tack, reports Vegas Confidential, moving towards bistro fare from its current upscale comfort food approach. ... It's official: anything can be green, even ear-bling, and if you green it up, celebs will love it. Proof: Katherine Heigl absolutely adores's Eco-Glam Wine Bottle Earrings, made from recycled beer bottles by the girls at Smart Glass.


No Avatar


Would Obama benifit from Dr.Phils backing? Not according to TMZ commenters. I'm thinking the scientologist support would not help eithier. :)

2405 days ago


I hate Oprah (ORPAH)

2405 days ago

Lenn K.    

Paris will be, and always has been about Paris. The ladies in LA County lockup, forget it, Paris used you like she uses everyone for her own benefit.

2405 days ago


hey Oprah...been to "church" lately? Is Rev. Wright your buddy, too?????

2405 days ago


There is Nothing wrong with having a BLACK president, but one must understand, that NOT ALL BLACKS are living Oprah's lifestyle. Living in a BIG city with MANY blacks who have NEVER voted before, and create a large percent of crime, only think that should Obama win, he will help his "bros" and they NO LONGER have anything to worry about.. It has already been in our newspaper that Obama will replace ALL CEO's with black men, etc. The blacks in this city are ready for takeover JUST becasue Obama MAY win the election. This is a serious matter that ALL need to pay attention to, including Obama.. Should he NOT be able to GIVE his all as the blacks assume he will, I fear for his safety as well...... Wonda Sykes said it herself, if he wins, who are the blacks gonna complain about if they don't get what they think they should get?????

2405 days ago


Silly woman, Politics are for the wise, not celebs. Oprah needs to stay out of politics. FYI not all women think OPRAH knows all.

2405 days ago


Why would Dr. Phil send a donation to Obama? He is a Republican. What is the point of this story.? TMZ, do your research.

2405 days ago


Damn Pat that's the most ridiculous craziness I've heard today. Maybe Obama can replace you with a sane person.

2405 days ago

Funny Answers    

Obama has nothing to worry about, Oprahs and her zombies will vote for him. He may be a good man, he may have the beginnings of a long political life, and his color/race does not matter. This young man does not have the time served in office to get my backing. Now, at a later date, once he has worked long hard hours and about 10 more years he will be ready to President. not. yet. If I have my choice it would be Colin Powell. That is a man, he could make the country feel safe. But Obama will win Demo conventions because os Oprahs lust for him, and her followers will lead his into the position. Sad. Some don't have a mind of their own. If you watch the polls, etc. a great many demos will be voting republican because of lack of choice. Either too young, does not make them feel secure, or too strong, over powering. Sand state of affairs, and I am not referring to what Oprah would like to have with obama.

2405 days ago

just me    

I think Oprah stumping for Obama might be well advised to steer clear of this black preacher in Harlem who seems to have gone off his rocker stumping AGAINST Barack Obama:

2405 days ago

get it together TMZ    

Why would you report this story? Every idiot know that the max for individual contributions is $2,300. I am sure Oprah has contributed much more in soft monies such as the fund raising parties, etc.

Must be a slow gossip day.

2405 days ago


I really like Obama but have decided to NOT vote for him based on fat ass Oprah thinking she is so important and trying to get the black vote.. makes me sick I hate oprah and she is a biggot

2405 days ago


Look, Oprah is a ditz. Everyone with an IQ over 65 knows that. Anyone who votes for someone SHE thinks would be a good presidential candidate needs to get some serious therapy to address low self esteem issues.

2405 days ago


Oprah has swayed my vote too! It was a real turn off when i saw she was behind Obama. When she helps people the only thing that comes out of it is her face being plastered everywhere for her ego! Bill Gates never has his mug involved at anytime and he gives away billions! I think she is a centered egotisical B****H! GO AWAY OPRAH and HER SCIENTOLOGY WANNA BE's!

2405 days ago

Grace E.    

Former Senater Fred Thompson is a true class act all the way. Really admire him.

2405 days ago
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