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Clark Gable's Spawn Hanging with Ron Jeremy?!

3/26/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

21-year-old Kayley Gable is the granddaughter of Clark -- and though she could be considered Hollywood royalty, she's spending her nights with a less impressive crowd.

According to her MySpace fan page, she's also writing a book about her granddaddy ... who died four months before her father, John Clark Gable, was even born!


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ok - please tell me how she can write a book about her grandfather who died before her father was even born???? just using the last name to make a buck - how sad..and hanging with Ron Jeremy???? WOW - granddaddy must be rolling in his grave.

2364 days ago


and whoa??? was I first??? I think that's a first... :)

2364 days ago

reality is my business    

I agree with the first person to comment. Talk about a media whore!

2364 days ago


Frankly Scarlette, Who gives a damm?

2364 days ago

H B Rider    

Ron Jeremy is just a gross pig. ANY woman that has had sex with him or even consorts with him is a woman I would have nothing to do with. You hang around a pig like that and there must be some mud on you somewhere as a result.

2364 days ago


Just to let all of the people that are bashing Ron Jeremy know.....He's actually a very nice person. It's also been many, many, many years since he was a porn star. Like just about all of us, we age...whether that be gaining weight, getting wrinkles, losing hair....doesn't matter. We all age. For those of you making fun of him and calling him a fat pig, I'd rather hang around around HIM than YOU! It must be nice to be so perfect........
Remember: When you point your finger at someone, you have 3 pointing right back at you!

2364 days ago


Seriously Ron is actually a nice guy, and WELL educated.. look it up. How she "presents" herself has nothing to do with him.. just LOOK at her. Clark wouldn't be very pleased, would be my guess.

2364 days ago


More no class slimeballs ! TMZ: CLASS UP, why dontcha ? Ron jeremy is nauseating. Clark Gable is rising up in his grave.

2364 days ago


Hey, this girl is smart. She knows that any publicity is good publicity in the Hollywood game. I think you'll be seeing a lot of her in the near future.

2364 days ago


OK so, just because she happends to be friends with a guy with a less than desirable background doesn't mean she has anything to do with his "affairs". Kayley is an extremely intelligent young woman and very social. Being who she is, she has met a vast amount of people and it's not like Ron Jeremy is attached at her hip. Give her some credit.

Oh, and she's writing a book about HERSELF, HER life and what she's been through. And all the haters that have commented negitively will be the first in line to buy it! HA! SUCK IT HARD!

2364 days ago


Ron Jeremy should watch the kind of trash he associates with, it could be bad for his image. Poor guy.

2364 days ago


I lover her myspace page! 10 friends that include her manager/stepmother, HERSELF and TOM!!! Ha!Ha! it's hilarious. She must be a real piece of work to have 7 friends on myspace. Is she carrying Ron Jeremy's bastard child??? she looks pregnant??

2364 days ago


Kayley is a beautiful young woman and I think all you jerks should leave her the f**k alone!!!

2363 days ago


Kayley's face is beautiful, if it were on a horse. She looks like more used up hollywood trash to me. As she's clearly using Ron here to further her career, I think its pretty safe to consider her a prostitute as well.

2363 days ago


Ha ha ha just checked out the myspace! Get a load of her step mom / manager thing "Lex".. Looks like the real story here is that her dad had a thing for trannies... hollywood is awesome.

2363 days ago
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