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"Dancing With The Stars" Dances With Truth

3/26/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DWTSSo you think all those performances on "Dancing with the Stars" are arranged by the professional dancers, like Cheryl Burke ... think again, people.

Our spies -- and they're unimpeachable -- tell us many of the routines are arranged by outside choreographers, especially when it comes to the "younger, less experienced" professional dancers, like Burke, Kym Johnson, Derek Hough, and his sis Julianne.

The show makes it appear as if the professional partners create all the moves for the celeb contestants -- but that's just not the case. All that rehearsal video is a little deceptive -- we're just sayin'.

One source says, "Cheryl Burke is the worst" when it comes to arranging her own material. She relies heavily on outside help.

BTdubs, we shot video of Cheryl Burke with one of the professional choreographers -- Wendy Johnson -- outside an L.A. restaurant. We're told Wendy worked on the dance that won Drew Lachey the cheesy trophy.

For the record, Cheryl's rep says any insinuation that she gets outside help is a "blatant lie," adding that Wendy Johnson is a good friend of Cheryl's -- she's known her since she was 11 or 12-years-old. Also, the rep says, Cheryl "spends Tuesday night choreographing her routines in her apartment."

An ABC source says it's not against the rules for the dancers to use outside help.

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Archuleta Gets DUI -- Daddy Under the Influence

Last night, Simon Cowell lashed out at someone after David Archuleta's performance, and we know who.
American Idol: Click to watch
A well-placed TMZ spy tells us Simon went after David's dad, Jeff, for the kid's song, "You're the Voice" by John Farnham. Simon said, "I don't think that is you at all and I'd be amazed if you chose the song yourself." Our spy says Simon was blaming the fiasco on daddy dearest, adding, "It's exactly where the gun was being aimed."

As TMZ first reported, Jeff Archuleta is the ultimate nightmare stage dad who was so bad when David was a contestant on "Star Search" he got banned from the lot.

Almost no one even heard of the song David sang. Simon said it sounded like David was singing something at a theme park -- which would make Daddy Jeff a real Dumbo.

Yes, Someone Actually Thinks This is Hot

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. These divine creations recently graced the runways at fashion shows around the world.

Coming to a mall near you ... never.

Cops Catch Paps With Concrete Evidence

The paparazzi got into it with the LAPD last night after police cuffed a photog for stepping off the sidewalk -- a death penalty offense in 34 states.
Pap busted: Click to watchPap busted: Click to watch
Photogs started screaming at the cops, yelling things like "What about DUIs?" and "We're arresting people for jaywalking now?" The pap was not booked.

BTdub -- the whole thing went down across the street from Eva Longoria's new restaurant, Beso.

From Nobody to Pussycat Skank in a Flash

Just one week after her nude pics were "leaked" on the Internet, Audrina Patridge has gone from nobody the brunette on "The Hills" to stripping Pussycat Doll. Another skank is born!
Now that everyone knows what kind of girl she really is, Audrina is getting top billing -- and around $5k -- to take her clothes off with the Pussycat Dolls in Vegas on Friday. We're told her peeps have been working overtime to pimp her out hardcore to cash in on her new found notoriety. Just a few months ago, 'Drina couldn't get into Hyde -- now she's getting paid to host a night at PURE and drink for free in a VIP booth. Dontcha wish your naked pics were hot like hers!

Looks like Audrina is taking a page straight from the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Hollywood Handbook -- and her sex tape hasn't even surfaced yet!

Her rep tells us she's not performing, just introducing the Dolls onstage. The rep adds, for the record, this gig was locked in way before the nudie pics surfaced.

HIllarina Pobama -- Those Genes Are Tight!

We now know that Barack and Hillary and the Jolie-Pitts are related (9th cousins or whatever) and through the genius of our buddy David at PrettyOnTheOutside, here's an intimate peek at their family photo album.
Hillary and Barack meet Brad and Angie
Screw fixing the economy, those are the hottest presidential nominees since, well, ever! We dig the highlights.

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No Avatar

Terri Oscarson    

I echo the "Who Cares" of all the others. Can you all imagine what this world could be like without the media's twisted input on so many issues? It's like they just want to stir up controversy for no reason. Like someone said; everytime something "Good" comes along, they have to try and tear it down. I think more focus needs to be put on the media and there role in the negative things that go on in our world.

2403 days ago


Who cares who choregraphs the moves...the professionals TEACH the stars the steps and routines. I'm a big fan of the show and will continue to watch no matter what. Find some real news to print.

2403 days ago


Dancing with the stars is fun. I don't care who the choreogapher is. Let's face it, none of these people are stars anymore, anyway.

2403 days ago


So what? So what, about Cheryl and the choreography of the routines on Dancing With The Stars?! Big is a fun show, it promotes an ambiance of family-watching...shame on you TMZ for being petty enough to try and bring this down. C'mon, find some real news. You're like the proverbial police officer who writes a parking ticket and the driver's comment is something akin to, "Don't you have real criminals to catch?" Cheap shot TMZ.

2403 days ago


DWTS and AI are pure entertainment. My husband and I love Monday thru Wednesday nights to watch just pure TV the way it used to be.

2403 days ago


Archulta's choice "You're the Voice" has also been recorded by Christian Rock Artist Rebecca St. James and hers is, in my opinion, an even better rendition than the original artist. Archuleta did all right, who cares if his Dad picked it...he's only 17. Parent's should be an influence at that stage in life.

2403 days ago



2403 days ago


who cares as long as she looks hot in her costume like she does

2403 days ago


I can't stand Kathey Griffin. How did she become famous anyway. She is the worst comic ever. If she faded into the woodwork, noone would even miss her!

2403 days ago


David Archuleta isn't that good of a singer????? Give me a break---the kid is incredible.....and I'd like to see anyone who criticizes his voice to even try to come close to what he does. As for his Dad helping him with song choice.....SO WHAT!!!! Maybe his dad actually CARES and wants to help him find an original song that he can make his own......if it is unfamiliar to us in the U.S......then maybe he has a better chance of winning the audience over with his version. I'm hearing from a lot of people that they liked the song and the performance----the song actually had a good message and was performed beautifully. And what is wrong with getting your parents advice??? Maybe more people should! I'd be pretty darn excited if my kid were on Idol and I might come across as a pushy stage mom just because I'd want to help in any way I could. There is so much speculation and judgement without foundation here, it makes me sick. I think we are just all way too miserable with our own lives that we have to try to pick apart others lives so we feel better about our own. We have no right to judge.

2403 days ago

JayCee Moore    

This peaking and sneaking around, trying to find dirt on everything and everybody has become more idiotic with every passing day. Who cares who does the choreography. With all the dances they have to come uo with, I would be very surprised if they didn't get some help. There should be a law against people looking in garbage cans ans using long distance lens to catch some one in a bad position. Is nothing sacred anymore.

2403 days ago


Get real people! Do you think Fred Astaire made up all his routines. Not hardly my father worked for Warner Bros and knows better....I agree those dancers are great and should be applauded.

2403 days ago


There is already so much pressure on the DWTS Professionals and Stars to memorize and perform the dances to the best of their ability, who cares if they have to call in someone else to actually decide what move will come next. Regardless of who choreographs, the show is very entertaining!

2403 days ago


TMZ is indeed the home of shank reporting. Stupid people who couldn't pass a night school creative writing course are now reporting for AOL

2403 days ago

Ron J.    

Post #1-Renee
You NAILED it. Regardless as to what may be accomplished by someone, especially something positive, the media or whoever will without a doubt always try to infuse it with negativity. People grow up.

2403 days ago
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