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Heather Wants More -- $50 Million Not Enough!

3/26/2008 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather MillsAnd you wonder why everyone thinks she's a gold-digger?

Heather Mills, who was just awarded almost $50 million by a UK judge in her divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, is now looking for even more, says a report in the Daily Mail. She had reportedly told pals that she's getting forensic accountants to pore over Paul's finances, to prove that he's worth more than the court determined he was.

She's also been claiming that she can't support her 3-year-old daughter Beatrice on the nearly $70,000 that she was given just for her care.

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The New York Post reports that Tameka intentionally dressed Keri Hilson, a singer who plays Usher's love interest in his latest music video, "like an extra" and was "guarding like a watchdog" during the shoot. "It was ridiculous – she knows Keri and knows she's no video ho," says the source.

Usher's manager says that Keri was fine with Tameka's styling choices and that the shoot went "brilliantly."

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No Avatar

Mr. X    

Heathen (yes that was on purpose) go hop back under your rock. You are a boring and predictable old hag.

2410 days ago


Oh Heather, you poor poor thing!

Not able to support your child on that piddly amount? Try living on what me and the majority of people "live" (barely survive) on lady!

She is just what Paul's kids tried to tell him she is....a manipulative, money grubbing golddigger!

That's the ONLY reason she married him from the start and made sure she had at least one kid with him to make sure she got money for her child as well as herself!

Oh yeah, she's so "charitable". Seems to me that it's PAUL who is the "charitable" one here! Giving her $50 MIL is pretty darn charitable! And still THAT is not ENOUGH?????

Why does she feel she is worth so much?

And remember how she was once even fighting him over a chamber pot? Good lord, such class she has!

BTW, I LOVE this pic of her! Shows her for what she really is, an ugly, mean, greedy woman! Nothing pretty about this pic OR her!

Paul should have listened to his kids. They were RIGHT all the time!

I wish she'd just take her millions and go away somewhere and live off them. I'm tired of seeing her lying face and hearing about her whining that she can't "make it" on this much money! BOO-HOO Heather!

2410 days ago


Lets see $45 million at 6% interest (conservative investments) = $2.7 million a year plus $70,000/month in support. Sorry you gold digging'll get no sympathy from me with your whining how poor you are.

2410 days ago


Out of towner, it is "pore" and not "pour." "Pour" refers to the act of pouring liquid over something; "pore" means, according to my Webster's Living Dictionary means "to look at with steady continued attention." A pore is also an opening in the skin.

I'm a professional writer and looking at people's comments cracks me up but also is appalling. I guess they don't teach writing anymore, because people are too lazy to use dictionaries and/or express themselves intelligently.

2410 days ago

hell with them all    

Heather, take that leg and stuff it with the money you won and do not deserve, put it up you ass and move the hell on BITCH.

2410 days ago


Gloria..I too find people who can't spell annoying, but your are on a gossip blog. We don't need spelling police here. People who come to a site like this and chastise others for spelling and grammar really bug me.

2410 days ago


Um, can it, if you read the thread, you'll see it was a poster on the first page who started this discussion claiming the article was wrong for using the correct word. I'm used to people spelling like crap, not a problem, but to claim that someone is uneducated when they actuallly used to right word is different.

2410 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I would make a snarky comment about Heather if I could find a cup into which to pore my coffee. :)

2410 days ago


Heather needs to DIE.

2410 days ago


Really they are not going to change the settlement! What is she thinking? She's spending her "hard erned" (snicker) money on nothing! How dare she say she can't support her daughter on what alloted for just her daughter! Paul should not have to pay for everything when it comes to their daughter! It's called 50/50 stupid! I have three kids and I definetly make less than that a year, but guess what?! They are happy!!! That's what matters. Sorry Heather Paul shouldn't have to buy his daughters love because your already trying to fill her head with lies! Oh yeah, and Paul should have gotten custody!

2410 days ago


If this story about Heather Mills is true.. I have finally and completely crossed over to the other side. The settlement she was awarded was more than fair, and instead of moving on with her life, she is moving on with getting more $$$. Okay, she is a gold digger. You may now all say, "I told you so."

Advice guru Spencer Pratt's advice about peeing in a guy's bed? At my age I have bladder control issues, and the fear of peeing in a guy's bed is one reason I will never date! Peeing in my own bed is more than enough humiliation, thank you.

2410 days ago


Paul had better adjust his will. He's getting on in years and if this broad has a chance of tying up the will in court, she will.

He should leave any money he is going to give his daughter and put it in trust until she is 25 years old. That way her money-grubbing mother won't be able to get a hand on it.

2410 days ago


~~ Geez, if this story is true then Heather needs to be examined as she seems unbalanced, in more ways than one. Poor little Beatrice is going to be stuck with a whack job Mom if something happens to Sir Paul. I can only imagine how the Brits must detest this woman! ~~

2410 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Heather belongs in a Psycho Ward. What a SICK-O ! She's in America to judge the Miss USA Pageant. Hope they boo her when she's introduced. Don't know why they asked such an ugly, money mooching, tramp like her. She says she wants to move to America. Isn't there some way we can keep her out? She needs lots of money because she supports (wih Paul's moncy, of course) her whole gold digging family. We have enough gold digging idiots in America, already. She probably is Bi-Polar and is totally unfit to be around Paul's daughter. Sir Paul should have permanent custody. Heather is even more greedy than K-Fed and Denise Richards - if that's possible.

2410 days ago

L.A. Native    

The McCartney Divorce in American dollars:
Paul was ordered to give her 28 million dollars cash plus 5 million dollars so she could buy London property.
He will also pay Heather 1.2 million per year for 13 years.
Grand total to Heather, 48.6 million dollars

In addition he will pay $70,000. a year for Beatrice, plus $60,00 a year for a nanny.
He must also pay all expenses relating to her education.

...and she has the nerve to bitch!

2410 days ago
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