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PETA to Brit -- We Know You Need a Job

3/31/2008 5:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After seeing her amazing performance on "HIMYM," PETA is offering Mess Spears a job as their receptionist. Meat is murder on line one!
PETA's Letter to Brit -- click to read
The animal rights group, which usually attacks Brit Brit for wearing fur and buying pets from pet stores, is trying to mend their relationship by offering Spears a job. Her salary? $1000, donated to the charity of her choice.

PETA is hoping Brit will experience first hand the problems they deal with and hopefully change what they say are her anti-animal ways.

The chances of this happening are slim to none, not to mention the fact that she has enough problems of her own. But, then again, stranger things have happened. Let's not forget, she married K-Fed.

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Why would she want to work as a receptionist only to give her measly salary away to charity? The girls needs a job, one that pays actual money...

2397 days ago



2397 days ago


Lately PETA seems to be actively taking advantage of famous folks in crisis, publicizing ridiculous written offers to down and out stars. It seems a little like necrophilia to me. Just as PETA doesn't want people to benefit from or enjoy, through the wearing of fur, the suffering of animals, PETA should show the same consideration and not try to further their cause by mining, for publicity, the suffering of famous humans. Gross, PETA. Shame on you.

2397 days ago


Silly PETA....Brit is by far to spoiled and self-absorbed to do something like that.

2397 days ago


Skankney needs a good skank-whacking

2397 days ago

name withheld    


I WANNA SEE HER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

2397 days ago


p.i.t.a.: STFU. People are getting fed up with your childish foolishness, idiots. It's a wonder anyone actually donates to these
urban retards.

2397 days ago


I'm a vegetarian, but I think Peta is a shameless organization, Some of their stuff is ok, but I think they make a fool out of their organization more than they make it sound like they have a desireable message to offer. Just my opinion, but the dignity level is pretty low if you ask me.

2397 days ago


PETA is evil. Stay away from them. PETA will kill you if you cause them trouble. PETA hates animals, doesn't want anyone to have a pet, values animal life over human life, prefers that people die rather than test drugs on animals. PETA is run by crazy Gretchen. PETA doesn't realize that animals eat each other in the wild. PETA is trying to take advantage of Britney Spears now, after causing her unnecessary grief and embarrassment. PETA was wrong, but never issued an apology for their accusations towards Britney.

I hate, despise, detest PETA and all the people who are so stupid as to associate with it. Do your research before you lend your name, time, money to these organizations. If you research PETA, you will find their history, their crimes.

2397 days ago

Mjoie took the bait & gave those wackos the publicity they were looking for

2397 days ago

Jusst saying    

Yeah, she'll do it.... right after Paris does her charitable good deeds. But, I wouldn't hold my breath, PETA!

2397 days ago


I think its a great idea. Why not use a celebrity to promote something as important as cruelty to animals. Celebrities are used to promote everthing from alcohol to clothing, why not promote a real cause.

2397 days ago


TMZ sucks.

2397 days ago


Man. Now I'm craving a cheeseburger... Maybe a bacon cheeseburger. And a nice, juicy steak. Mmmmmmm.

2397 days ago

Love Life    

Britney Spears is a multi-million dollar superstar, why would she lower her self so much to work for an arrogant money hungry cult like PETA even for a minute. Screw the animals, how about helping unprivileged children. If a puppy gets mistreated then they bring the police, bodyguards and they even humiliate you in the media (like in the incident with that Ziggy dog) but when it comes to actually helping any mistreated children out there, then everyone turns a blind eye. Now, I care about animals as much as the next person but all this anti-fur crap is ridiculous, whatever some people say, animals are for eating and using for clothing, that is how it has always been and if the cavemen when all vegetarian and animal conscious then mankind would have died right there and then.

2397 days ago
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