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Hanoi Jane Drops Barack Bomb

4/2/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama may have just hit Barack bottom. Jane Fonda has thown her spandex behind the Senator from Illinois, and the Senator from New York couldn't be happier.


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I can't wait until November. Jane supporting Obama is funny to Republicans like Heidi supporting McCain is funny to Democrats. I think both sides had equal laughs today.

2398 days ago



Shame on you, that's just such a sad stupid thing to say.

2398 days ago


So the truth is sad and stupid? Just tell me again why 55,000 Americans died in Viet Nam, not to mention millions of Vietnamese? And now Viet Nam is a fair trade partner with the people who plotted that war making profits from a system they claimed to despise. Ask yourself just who is the traitor here. Sometimes the truth is unbearable, but intelligent people must face it or forever be content to send their sons and daughters off to die so the rich can get richer.

2398 days ago


Jane Fonda is a emotionally damaged, narcissistic, bitter, old bitch who holds grudges for decades....but she is an awesome actress.

2398 days ago

Frank Olivo    

This is in response to the idiot cheesewiz. In case you didn't know, those who fought in the vietnam war were drafted into that war. Your ignorance is appalling since it took decades for the USA to acknowledge that young men and women gave their lives and limbs for the USA during that time, regardless of whether you think it was an imperialistice war or whatever. Men and women came home to be spit on and ostracized by society for having been part of a war that they were, for the majority, conscripted into. You, and people like you, scare the hell out me with your uninformed remarks. Perhaps if you read a book and educated yourself beyond the term of your life, your spoken and written words would actually have some meaning. To all who served in Vietnam...and ALL the wars for the USA....THANK YOU!

2398 days ago

Frank Olivo    

And Cheeswiz...were are ytou getting your statistics from ...millions of Vietnamese died? Seriously, what site did you get your #'s from?

2398 days ago


While American Soldiers were fighting and dying in the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda, the daughter of Henry Fonda, was using her money and influence at colleges and universities to gather support to advocate communism and encourage rebellion and anarchy against the United States Government.

On November 21, 1970 she told a University of Michigan audience of some two thousand students, "If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communist." At Duke University in North Carolina she repeated what she had said in Michigan, adding "I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism. " Washington Times July 7, 2000

Jane Fonda began her participation in anti-war activities around 1967, allegedly after meeting with Communists while in France and with American citizens who were revolutionaries. Her activities included active participation in demonstrations, rallies, radio broadcasts and plays.

Jane Fonda also helped in the organization of a production group called the F.T.A. (F*** The Army). This group helped to set up coffee houses near military bases where they would perform anti-war derogatory-type sketches for the visiting soldiers. The coffee-house sketches were intended to counterpoint the U.S.O. shows, such as Bob Hope and other U.S.O. sponsored performers whose performances increased morale and gave positive support to American soldiers. Some of the F.T.A. coffee house employees would mingle with the soldiers to help them to "relax and unwind", while encouraging the soldiers to desert. Some soldiers alleged that they were promised jobs and money by the F.T.A. if they deserted.

As the American POWs returned home in 1973, they spoke out about the inhumane treatment and torture they had suffered as prisoners of war. Their stories directly contradicted Jane Fonda's earlier statements of 1972. Some of the American POWs such as Senator John McCain , a former Presidential candidate, stated that he was tortured by his guards for refusing to meet with Jane Fonda and her group. Jane Fonda, in her response to these new allegations, referred to the returning POWs as being "hypocrites and liars."

2398 days ago


If blacks should get over slavery... then get over vietnam.... lmao....... hard isn't it??? Eating them words are harder than spitting them out!

2398 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Oh Jane,
Say it isn't so!

2398 days ago


Jane Fonda is a legend in her own mind. What she did in Vietman was unconscionable. In recent years she showed some regret and then, not so much. Her biggest accomplishment was making successful workout videos. Now I see her as mostly a joke.

2398 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

It is obvious that many of you nut jobs posting your uneducated remarks here, are either too stupid/liberal or were not even a twinkle in your fathers' eye when this skanky bitch pulled her anti-american propaganda photo op in vietnam!
IT IS TRUE that many US service men were tortured and even died because of this bitch and her love-in with the enemy.
Research the newspaper and magazine articles of that time and particularly the photo of her sitting in the seat of an anti aircraft gun belonging to the ememy, SMILING as it was aimed at US air planes and troops. She WAS and still IS anti-american. She spouts communist agenda and ideals, but only as long as those ideals do not touch her whoring , money grubbing lifestyle personally. I would not support anything this bitch was involved in, be it movies, work out videos or any other enterprises attached to her no more than I would have supported someone like Adolph Hitler. Even her own father was ashamed of what she did.. F***king whore, traitor HANOI JANE will always be hated.

2398 days ago


I'm a VietNam vet, it's ancient history to some, still a sticky subject with some of us. Jane Fonda is a traitor. She was and still is Seditious. She openly was photographed in a Traitorous position at a gun aimed at US Pilots. Argue all you want about our rights to be there, but as a grunt, we didn't have many rights at the time, and certainly didn't display our rights as she did.

She has been completely unapologetic, undiminished, and untried for her actions. She has continued to make movies, make millions off of exercise vids, and made herself visible to the American public who seems to think she is ok. She is not.

I assume that most of you here are too young to remember being spit on in airports, called baby killer, and arriving home in bewilderment because you had done what your country asked. It wasn't fun, and todays military men and women thankfully do not have to endure that humiliation.

She was part and parcel involved directly with aiding and abetting the enemy of the United States, she knowingly informed on POW, she knowingly aimed a weapon at US servicemen, and knowingly wore a helmet with a communist red star on it for the world to see. SCREW JANE FONDA.

2398 days ago

OC Get A Life    

For Senato Obama and Senator McCain, unfortunately they cannot pick their supporters, it is a democracy, but that old saying truly applies in terms of Hagee, Robertson, 50 Cent, and Fonda, "...I never went to bed with any pigs but I sure as hell woke up with a few!".

2397 days ago

as i see it    

Maybe she is like Micelle-finally proud of America.Next will be Rev.Wright.

2397 days ago

Tyra Banks    


2397 days ago
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