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Hanoi Jane Drops Barack Bomb

4/2/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama may have just hit Barack bottom. Jane Fonda has thown her spandex behind the Senator from Illinois, and the Senator from New York couldn't be happier.


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OC Get A Life    

missydo and those with the same argument and negativity, Hagee, Robertson, Falwell, and even the great and honorable Billy Graham have made racist, bigot, and outlandish comments, where is the outrage, for Nixon, Ford, Reagon, Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain? Is there something special and different about Senator Obama? I wonder what that could be?

Now, as for you folks that have the audacity to defend Jane Fonda, and state that somehow time has erased her sins, well the buried in Arlington are still there, the crippled in the US are still here, and the men who were tortured and disfigured, maimed,and left mentally disabled are stil here - and before I forget the women that were captured gang raped, photographed and released are still here - so if you think that Ms. Fonda by never spending a day in jail or a penny in fines or even apologizing has made ammends then I am glad that you do not run the criminal or civil justice system in America.

God Bless the US Soldiers and Nurses - First in - Last out - Hoorah!

2393 days ago


What Jane Fonda did in Vietnam in 1972 was irresponsible, juvenile, naive and stupid on a collosal scale - but you folks need to let it go! This was 36 years ago people! She apologized - and guess what, that's all there is going to be! She didn't cause the Vietnam debacle and her endorsement of Barack Obama isn't going to keep him from becoming the next president of the United States. Deal with it.

2393 days ago


Why is everyons so "for" the liberal dishonest democrats? Why not get on the good wagon and vote for honesty, integrity and what's good for to bring Huckabee back into the race...the only truly honest man running!

2393 days ago


WOW... It is possible that Hanoi Jane sat smiling and laughing at the very same anti-aircraft gun that shot down Sen. John McCain. How ironic is that. By supporitng Barack this time if she shoot's McCain down at least he won't be tortured for the next 5 years!

Once a commie, still a commie; only now a very rich elite commie.

2393 days ago


Here is yet another example of a pathetic has-been who desperately wants to revisit the limelight. Why oh why do we give the time of day to these mentally unstable whack jobs?

2393 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Powerplug, et al:
Jane Fonda was a traitor to the United States. The definition of a traitor is someone who gives aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war. By visiting North Vietnam, smiling while seated in a weapon intended for the purpose of harming American troops, to wit, an anti-aircraft gun, and then returning to the United States and lying about the conditions in which American POWs were being held, she committed acts of treason. Yes, she has given a slight apology but that still does not change what she did.
As far as time wiping it out, Benedict Arnold committed treason more than 200 years ago when he plotted to turn the then fortress of West Point over to the British during the War of Independence. His name is still a byword in this country as a traitor. Are you suggesting he should be forgiven and we should wipe out the last 200 + years of our country's history. You may be too stupid or ill-educated to have learned anything about history in school but if you don't know American history maybe you should move to a country whose history you do know.

Go Sox

2393 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Good point Rick, only sad part is that she was a rich idiot back then as well, and just like Senator McCain did not want the support of Hagee and Robertson, Senator Obama does not want the support of 50 cent and Hanoi Jane Fonda, but this is modern American democracy, a blood sport, thanks to the Bush and Clinton attack machines, so issues do not matter any more it is strictly a FOX FAUX NEWS time.

2393 days ago


Lady... the one that mentioned the origila "Laura Bush ACCCIDENT 40 years ago". Get your facts straight.... read a little before you speak.

If you read yes, Laura Bush had an ACCIDENT as a teanager when she took her parent's car for a ride on a rural area. She did not killed her boyfriend. It was an ACCIDENT at an intersection with another car. The passeger on the other car died... a young man and no Laura Bush boyfriend. Laura Bush (no a BUSH back then) went through a stop sign on arural road.

When you live on a rural area that is a risk that everyone takes. If you live in Southern Californa you hear a lot about the unfurtunate part of teenagers getting into horrible accidents. Last time I check, LAURA BUSH has never accident or not killed anyone else. Unlike Jane Fonda....

I think it shows how ignorant you are when you compare Jane Fonda actions toward the United States ALL HER LIFE to Luara Bush. You sound like my seven year old child. Read a little .... it might do you some good.

Those who are still upset for a comment made 40 years ago are just stupid. We can go back and look at how Laura Bush killed her high school boyfriend with her car, or Bush's coccaine use, but those would say that is in the past. What is good for the goose is good for the gander!!!!

2393 days ago


With the Bush republicans,and Hillary Clinton tag team and with them the greedy corporations and Federal Reserve Bankers America is more looking like Nazi Cermany by the day. The Jane Fonda indorsment would give a fair and balanced government with Obama as President. For the People and the Corporate Facists will go Bust and finally pay their dues!!!

2393 days ago


As I read your comments I respect Sen. McCain more and more. If any one should bear the scars of Vietnam it would be him.
Instead of speaking of hatred or traitorous acts, he takes the high road and speaks about the issues. Though I am not a great
fan of Sen. McCaiin, I at least know he is a gentleman. A rare trait these days.

2393 days ago

Stephen Rivers    

The sophomoric nature of your prose aside, the reality is that most people like Jane Fonda, especially women (even Republican women). The only demographic group of which a majority does not like her are older Republican men, who will never vote for a Democrat anyways. She has endorsed and campaigned for candidates and causes for decades, without any big problems. Few people think of her as Hanoi Jane. The people who still call her Hanoi Jane are some (but not all) Vietnam vets, and the Republican right-wingers, who call her that because they know journalists will repeat it.

2393 days ago

Hugh G. Rection    

Jane Fonda is a disgusting pig. My favorite part of Barack Hussein Obama's last speech was when he said " Now looky heah, ah thinks da gubmint owe me some o dem dare reparamations!

2393 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Hanoi Jane...never was a nickname more appropriate. Good call, TMZ!!!

2392 days ago

jim west    

Hanoi jane is a messed up person who has no clue what price any soldier has paid. Fonda has never had a job , a worry about raising kids , or any real life issues any normal person has to deal with. She is a flower power weirdo from the sixties, and she is an evil traitor to the USA. I think she should be kicked out of the USA, and forced to live in vietnam today with all her commie friends. Except, the idiot would be in prison and beaten herself, because that's what commies do. She is too ignorant to see the freedom here in the USA, so she should get out of here, and go try living with the commies. All liberal sickos should leave the USA and go live (until the commies waste them) under communism.

2392 days ago


She should have been deported to North Vietnam and her citizenship revoked.

2392 days ago
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