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Hillary's Got Junk in the Trunk

4/4/2008 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She wants to be President, but how's that gonna happen if Hillary Clinton's security detail won't obey a simple seatbelt law!

As she pulled up to the Wilshire Theater last night for an event, a Secret Service agent jumped out of the SUV's hatchback. Click it ... or ticket!


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Secret Service ride on side bumper of the president's cars also dumb ass. They do what it takes to protect the elected official, the spouse of an x-president AND someone running for office. Obama has twice as many secret service as he has had so many threats. I pray they continue to protect Hillary as SHE will make the best president in 2009. TMZ, your standards of reporting have dropped to an all time low.

2360 days ago


Ahem..........that should have been "news website", not "new website." Sorry.

2360 days ago

Phillis Doggett    

Just because he jumped out with out a seat belt on, doesn't mean he didn't have one on. I do that when we are pulling in to home, so that doesn't mean he didn't have one on. Find something important to report on!!!!!!!!

2360 days ago


This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a lame attempt at a joke. You are honestly trying to act like you think secret service agents are supposed to be buckled up? Honest to God, just when I think you guys can't get any lamer, you top yourselves.

2360 days ago


I don't know about in CA, but here in MI, it's legal for someone over the age of 16 to ride in the back of a pickup truck or SUV, or even the back seat of a car, w/o a seatbelt. Not smart, but not illegal either.

Then of course, as so many people have mentioned, this is the secret service. Doesn't really apply to them. If the vehicle were being shot at, there's no way a SS agent could get between the candidate and flying bullets in time if they were required to wear a seatbelt.

2360 days ago

Democrats are evil    

O'bama, O'sama, "O'Hillary, and Billery.
Please help me, protect me,
from republicans who hate me.

Republican Conspiracy
I'm so important, protect me
My head is getting bigger,
I just have to beat that N...

O'bama, O'sama................

2360 days ago


Hillary is a total corporate hack, completely unfit to be president, as she would not serve the American people. And any working person that thinks Hillary is good for them ... what are you on, wage slave? many/most states, the only people required to be buckled are front-seat passengers, so I'm not sure laws were being broken here.

2360 days ago


TMZ is losing their touch, Without Brit you guys are terrible

2360 days ago


Your right TMZ, this is purely entertainment. You have almost reached the category of The National Inquire.

2360 days ago


Funny how everyone is commenting saying how freakin ridiculous this story is...which it is.....
But just last night people got all worked up about Obama smoking (if he even did start up again) and all hell broke lose....
Y'all just a bunch of hypocrites!

2360 days ago

Greg Brown    

FYI - The main reason that Hillary has Secret Service is because she is the former first lady...not because she is a candidate for POTUS!

2360 days ago


In 1965, Congress authorized the Secret Service (Public Law 89-186) to protect a former president and his/her spouse during their lifetime, unless they decline protection. In 1997, Congress enacted legislation (Public Law 103-329) that limits Secret Service protection for former presidents to 10 years after leaving office. Under this new law, individuals who are in office before January 1, 1997, will continue to receive Secret Service protection for their lifetime. Individuals elected to office after that time will receive protection for 10 years after leaving office. Therefore, President Clinton will be the last president to receive lifetime protection.

2360 days ago

Greg Brown    


This is very true, however Hillary is receiving SS protection because she is the former first lady...and she will get this until she dies. She is not getting SS protection because she is a candidate for POTUS.

2360 days ago


Who cares about Hillary. Out with the old, in with the new.
Next Pres. Obama.

2360 days ago


wow! are you guys kidding me! Have any of your reporters been to any place where a candidate how shown up? Your lucky to get a glance at the candidate cause the SS is swarming the place. The are hired for protection even if it means riding in the back without a seatbelt! Maybe you can hire some reporters that have a couple of working brain cells and not report news that are common sense!! Your reporting in the past month has gone down s&*t creed

2360 days ago
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