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Forget Firecrotch: Greasy's a Racist, Homophobe

4/4/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting taunted by the paparazzi sucks -- but it's still no excuse to attack someone with some of the most offensive slurs in the English language. Paging Michael Richards!

One photog was definitely laying into Brandon Davis outside Foxtail last night, but Brandon took it to another level by calling the black photog a "nigger." The pack of photogs was shocked -- and ripped back, calling him "Greasy Crotch" and "d-bag."

Around an hour later, cameras caught the scumbag oil heir still fuming outside of Villa, where he called TMZ's photog "a faggot." Classy.


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OC Get A Life    

Tiff that is an excellent question, and if I may add to your moral outrage and logic by extension, how is it that Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, Billy Graham, Bob Jones Sr., Franklin Graham, who have all stated clearly bigoted and outrageous statements contrary to the dignity and interests of law abiding, loyal, generations of American citizens, why are they not being investigated or in any way criticized, demonized, or disected by the media? What is the difference between them Wright , a decorated marine with a long history of altruistic service to all Americans, and Senator Obama? I wonder what it could be?

I share your moral outrage Tiff, there should be an investigation, and congressional as well as, senatorial hearings, immediately!

2392 days ago


It's great that he still gets filmed. Gummi and Greasy Bear's parents cut him off financially because of his antics while being filmed. So, that works for me.

HE IS A DOUCHE BAG, RACIST and HOMOPHOBE. Remember when he seemed so appalled when he talked about Paris Hilton being a racist & homophobe.

GIVE ME A BREAK.................. He will OD sooner or later, trust that.

2392 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

papparazzi and davis crew L*O*S*E*R*S

2392 days ago


He's a discusting spoiled ass baby!

2392 days ago

Lena Madrid    

I'm just catching up after along days work overseas.....I watched the video clips... but .... WHO is this guy and why is he so nasty? Seriously who is he? Can someone fill me in? Thank you...

2392 days ago

If You Don't Like TMZ, Then Go Somewhere Else    

It's funny how all these people come on the TMZ site and complain on how much the TMZ staff are losers and douchebags. Well, then go somewhere else... Obviously they are doing something right, whether you like it or not, that has all the haters and fans coming back for more. Look at all the comments that get posted everyday. Proof is in the pudding. Again, if you don't like TMZ, stop visiting the site, viewing the videos, looking at the photos, and commenting. Go to CNN or Fox News.

Anyways, most of these so called stars and famous people like this attention. Sure, they have bad days, but all the attention makes them feel like they are wanted, regardless of the star-lvel they are at. They also get to show off how rich they are. Otherwise, they should keep their butts at home and not be out partying every night and jumping from club to club. You can be famous and still be low-key. There are many rich, famous folks that are not on TMZ everyday. All the Britney's, Paris', and Lilo's do this outlandish behavior and the audience sucks it up.

2392 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Hey TMZ why do you even give this piece of trash the time of day?

2392 days ago


His parents are filthy rich and he is NOBODY

2392 days ago


Paris looks like a total moron, laughing at this greasy guy. Goes to show--money can't buy you everything. Like, good taste, style, or intelligence. All of which these two douchebags are lacking. Shove your money up you hairy asses.

2392 days ago


how does he get women??

i mean i have seen him with mischa, paris and nicky, and now this australian model

he mus have a "big pistol"

2392 days ago

TMZ, are you lying?    

How come you type out the n word and the second f-word, but you can't type douche? Sounds like TMZ may have some racist homophobes with stinky fire-crotches in the editing office. Something's FISHY here!

2392 days ago


I couldn't agree more #16! Why do you spend your time looking at and commenting on TMZ when you hate them? That's the trade for making MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars! I would let a crazy group of photogs follow me around ALL DAY EVERYDAY, scream at me, get in my way, flash cameras at me AND my family, set up a full time spy station on my front lawn, and generally disrupt my life if......I could live in several multi-million dollar houses, drive 10 cars, have a huge staff of people to do everything for me, take $10,000 vacations all over the world, a closet full of the best designer clothes for free, diamonds galore, red carpet events, private jets, and (most importantly) have the abillity to make sure my entire family was taken care of for the rest of their lives. Doesn't sound like a bad trade to me. Stop feeling sorry for these people. They live an AWSOME life.

2392 days ago

Lena Madrid    

Thanks ME2. i've been googling alittle. This Brandon guy is just a piece of work. Does anyone know if there is anything on the web about his mom or grandma Nancy Levine?

2392 days ago


If you don't like to be called the N**word don't use it in your rap songs!

2392 days ago


It is a shame that there are still barriers among different people in this day and age. I guess that racism and discrimination is ongoing no matter your lifestyle or location. I think that he and his "friends" owe an apology and that the papparazzi should simply ignore him like he is not even there anymore.

2392 days ago
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