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Where Have You Gone, MacGyver!?

4/7/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our image of MacGyver is forever ruined.

When Richard Dean Anderson couldn't find his car keys while talking to our cameraman, he did NOT fashion together a make-shift car key out of duct tape and pebbles -- but instead, he just ... looked for them in his pocket!

Come on Angus, MacGruber could have done better than that.


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McGyver with a cute dog in a station wagon. How sweet.

2355 days ago


TMZtards! He could'nt have been nicer to your guy but you still gotta try to be what, funny? Richard Dean Anderson is and always will be a class act. Something you guys clearly can't understand.

2355 days ago


I thought he looked, and was very nice.

2355 days ago


Glad to see he's not aging well!!! Getting hefty!!! I had such a huge crush on him when he was on General Hospital years ago and went to a soap opera convention in New York just to see him. Boy was I disappointed!!! He thought he was "all that" and you could tell he didn't want to be bothered and didn't even want to be there. That was the end of my crush on him. Couldn't stand to even look at him after that. Never watched McGyver.

2355 days ago

Jackie daniel Hayward CA    

Leave him alone..... he's getting old.... When you reach that age your allowed to misplace your keys now and then!!!
I still love you MacGyver!

2355 days ago


OMG how cool is he? O'neill is the greatest Sci-fi hero of all time. That dog was soooooo sweet and he was really polite to the pap. An absolute legend, I can't believe I saw Richard Dean Anderson on a gossip website. This is a happy day.

ps I din't exactly take him long to find his keys. TMZ you're pathetic!!

2355 days ago


PS. He's aged bloody well! I certainly wouldn't chuck him out of bed. hmmmmmmmm Richard dean anderson will be in my dreams tonight. LOL (Simpsons quote)

2355 days ago

white boy    

MacGyver was one of the most awesome shows ever!! I used to LOVE that clever show. Now all you have on TV is a nonstop barrage of obvious, poorly delivered one-liners. Richard Dean Anderson is the man.

2355 days ago

Rosalie who?    

Oh I love RDA!!!!!! Straight from the mullet to the soft military cut! I sorely miss him on Stargate!!!!!!! I'd do him no matter what!

2355 days ago


Ok TMZ, are y'all running out of nasty things to print about celebs or what?? RDA is the nicest guy. I have seen him in person and he was wonderful with the fans and so down to earth. C'mon give a guy a break. Like you've never lost your keys, and you probably didn't have the excuse of aging (well by the way!). You better watch it or he might go O'neill on your a$$!

2355 days ago


Don't mess w/ Mr. Anderson... He's a hockey player.
Just sayin'

2355 days ago


Ok dudes, can you just leave Ricky alone. He is a great guy, and don't need to be hounded by people like you. He likes his privacy. You think you could respect that?

And to the one who don't think he's not aging well. I'd like to see you at the age of 58yrs old look that good and hot.

2355 days ago


Not aging well?!! What video were you watching? He looks great. He obviously wasn't expecting to do an "interview" but I'm always amazed at how nice and classy this man is. Personally, I'm an O'Neill fan but I love him in anything. And, that pup! Too cute!
P.S. I'd welcome him to my bed any day! Of course, I'd have to kick my husband out - but he is very supportive and understands my love for O'Neill and would probably say "You, go girl!!" LOL ;0)

2354 days ago


He asked the dog if she had the keys! that was sooo cute!

2354 days ago


RDA is awesome - MacGyver was my favorite show and still watch the re-runs - and he's always been a totally class act - so while I usually think the things you print making fun of stars are funny, this one isn't. He's adorable, aging wonderfully and didn't deserve to be picked on by you guys. You must have him confused with some of the other pseudo obnoxious celebrities you usually talk about. And I'm sure he could still kick your butts!

2354 days ago
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