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Lowe to Sheriffs -- Stay Away, Outsiders

4/8/2008 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OK, the story is now getting weird. We're told the Santa Barbara County Sheriff contacted Rob Lowe to offer help in the alleged extortion plot by an ex-employee, but Rob declined the offer.

Lowe sued three ex-workers, including one whom he alleges demanded $1.5 million in hush money -- or else she'd spread what he called "malicious lies." Law enforcement sources tell us detectives called Lowe yesterday to say they heard the reports and offered to launch a criminal investigation. We're told Rob passed, saying, "Your involvement isn't necessary. We're going to handle the matter civilly."

That's kinda strange, because extortion is a crime. Why not nail the person who's trying to screw you? We're just sayin'....


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Because it's not lies & he does not want it out.
Can't blame him.

2356 days ago


The old standard "We're told", eh? Who told you? Name names. Sorry, I don't believe a damn word TMZ says.

2355 days ago


Because in a criminal case you have far, far less control over how frequently you are forced to appear, respond in person, deal with cops, etc. In a civil case you hand it to the lawyers, do a deposition from your pool chair, etc. Much less ugly and messy and actually far more expensive for the blackmailers to defend themselves.

2355 days ago


I have a feeling there's more to thi story given Rob's past.

Just sayin'....


2355 days ago

mickey lou    

Did Rob make this story up to get some much needed public attention?

2355 days ago

tattooed white trash...    

Yeah, why not get the police involved in everything??? Everybody is telling on each other these days. A bunch of freakin RATS!!!!

2355 days ago

Dumb People Make Me Laugh!    

Ok, I'm from Santa Barbara, and I have heard the horror stories of people that have worked for the Lowe's first hand and for MANY YEARS now. I know people that not only had to deal with snobby bitchyness of them Lowe's but also their mizer ways. I had a friend that had to have them served with court papers before he could get paid on an invoice that was for several thousand dollars (don't remember exact amount, but it was 3 thousand something). AND there have been the down low rumors that the Lowes don't always have relations just with each other..... again, rumors, but Santa Barbara is a small town and when you hear the same thing often and for a long period of time, you have to wonder if there is some truth to it......

2355 days ago


I guess I'll have to listen to Paul Harvey for the rest of the story..

2355 days ago


Um, maby because not everyone wants to see a person get in trouble with the law and go to jail. Maby Rob and his wife still have residual feelings for this person eventhough what she is doing is very wrong. Maby it is just like Rob said and he would rather handle the situation civilly, as oppose to involving the law and having it result in a felony charge. Beleive it or not, there are people out there who don't want to see someone get it that kind of trouble even if they have been really wrong. I know that's hard to beleive with all of the vomit nastiness that get spewed all over today, especially on sites like this. Just sayin'.

2355 days ago

Democrats are evil    

This is what money and fame gets you. Especially if you live a less than Godly manner.

2355 days ago


I don't have a clue as to what's going on here but I do know that it is much easier to win a civil case with the preponderance of evidence standard than it is to win in criminal court with the burden of proof being beyond reasonable doubt.
There are suits that would be unwinable criminally but succeed quite well in civil court.

2355 days ago


Yeah - good advice to get the cops involved, so one of them can leak the gorey details to TMZ.....

2355 days ago

She looks great    

Lowe doesn't want to file criminal charges because he's full of crap. He's conducting a smear and intimidation campaign using gangsters/lawyers. He thinks burying the employee in legal fees will shut them up.

If he files criminal charges, he will be guilty of filing a false police report which is a crime. Also, it becomes harder to drop the charges.

This is getting clearer. The employee has some nasty info on Lowe. Lowe is lying, and using civil court as a weapon to silence the employee.

2355 days ago


By handling it in civil court the Lowe's only have to provide what information they want to. And by the way the law has screwed up other past cases why would you bother with them and take the chance of them screwing up another.

2355 days ago

That poor court monitor!    

Sounds like the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department made Rob Lowe a little nervous?

2355 days ago
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