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Lowe To Cops: I Can Handle Sex Case On My Own

4/9/2008 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob LoweTMZ knows why Rob Lowe called off the hounds (as in Sheriffs) who offered to conduct a criminal investigation into an alleged blackmail plot against his family.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that several days ago, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies showed up unannounced at Lowe's doorstep, offering to launch a criminal probe into what Lowe says is a conspiracy by three ex-employees. Lowe's lawyer, Larry Stein, was on the phone with Lowe and spoke with deputies. We're told Stein said he didn't want a criminal investigation just yet because the former employees would probably clam up -- you know, the whole self-incrimination thing.

Lowe has sued the three exes, claiming various misdeeds, including bringing strangers into the house and having sex with them on his bed ... all the other stuff isn't as interesting.

Stein had no comment.


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I bet he is changing his mind. ROB LOWE IS A CHEATING DOG, and he knows it!!!! Forgot about all those women huh Rob? Well HELLO, they havent forgotten anything. Whatever happens to that guy, I have heard first hand experiences, he deserves it!

2390 days ago


come on rob, we all KNOW that it was you who brought strangers into your own damn bed.

2390 days ago


Hmmm, it seems as though Mr. Lowe protests a little too much. What he alledging may well be true but I am wondering why he is putting so much of this out into the media and we have yet to hear one word from those who he claims are after his butt. He may very ell be innocent, he may very well may not be. He does have a sordid past and ley
t's face it, the video taping of him with the underage girl is not going to give him much credibility....he secretly taped them having sex....that is pretty damn low and sick if you ask me. Time will tell.

2390 days ago


The cops came knocking on his door to offer their assistance in this thing? That's odd. Then again this whole thing is pretty bizarre. Lowe should know better than to hang himself like this.

2390 days ago


He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

2390 days ago


Kelly! Got something you want to share ;)

2390 days ago

She looks great    

If Lower were truly the victim of extortion, conspiracy and blackmail, he would've filed criminal charges.

End of story.

It's the usual "I'll bury you in legal fees" threat. He's hoping the threat of civil law suits (which he can control) and legal fees will silence the employees and end it. He has no intention of going through any lawsuit.

Also, how typical is it that non-celebrity crime victims don't get help with real crimes, but the cops knock down celebrity doors to help them? Boo-hoo, being a celebrity is so hard.

2390 days ago

All American Girl    

He probaby didn't want them to find his sex tapes with underage girls!!!

2390 days ago


Bet cha he's trying to destroy his nanny w/benefits credibility along w/her witnesses (the other 2 employees) but Rob is just destroying his own credibility!

2390 days ago


I don't understand why Rob Lowe didn't contact the FBI and set up a sting on this woman. As for the police "offering" to help, my guess is when they knocked on his door, it was more along the lines of, "why on earth didn't you contact us first?". This makes them look bad, too. Something is definitely a little off here, and I love Rob's acting, so I hope this is all straightened out quickly and no one gets hurt.

2390 days ago


This is the same actor who's dog (Chpper) attacteda co-worker on his grounds when this co-worker was delivery an item to his home & turned around & said it belonged to his assistant he feared the word would get out! & then few months later he was on the cover of the PEOPLE MAGAZINE w/ his dog Chopper! Honestly I don't believe Rob Low(down) dirty actor!

2390 days ago

John in San Diego    

I've been seeing reports on this at other news venues, and one thing I see often is them mentioning his 1986 sex "scandal" with "two young women." But anyone who has seen the video, as I have, knows that he isn't with two girls, but rather one girl and one guy (the guy being legal age). It's two guys "double-teaming" the girl, there's no guy-on-guy stuff going on.

2389 days ago


John thats hot.

2389 days ago

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