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Crazazy TV Contraption Predicts "Idol" Losers

4/10/2008 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TiVoIf you want to place bets on "Idol" in Vegas, we think we found a way you could score millions of bucks.

TiVo may have cracked the mystery of who gets kicked off and who doesn't. Company insiders say they can predict who's not connecting by TiVo usage.

Here's the deal. In a sample of 20,000 users, TiVo monitors traffic -- which contestants get replayed (a sign of popularity) and which one's get fast-forwarded.

You think it's bogus? Well, the TiVo system has nailed who got booted four weeks in a row.

And who does TiVo say is getting the ax tonight? Poor Syesha. Take it to the bank, people.

Tabitha from "Bewitched": 'Memba Her?!

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School Death Plot Targets ... Chuck Norris?!?

New Jersey cops have arrested two high school students after a teacher found a so-called "hit list" that targeted tough guy actor Chuck Norris. Holy Walker, Texas Ranger!

The students, both juniors at Pennsauken High School, didn't have any weapons on them. The note reportedly included the names of three students and, randomly, Norris.

The boys claim the list was a joke and the local prosecutor says "At this point we believe that this student did not pose any serious threat to any of the people on the list, especially to Chuck Norris." No sh*t.

Larry Craig Interns -- You're My Duty

Sen. Gloryhole Larry Craig is looking for interns -- and the webpage soliciting (yeah, we said it) his summer help is just pricelessly funny ... unintentionally, of course.

The site lays out his (wide) stance on intern work: "I prefer to offer a more diverse experience -- probably because I walked in their shoes back in 1969." Yes, he mentioned "shoes." It gets better: "Interns have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the inner-workings ... through hands-on experience." Our italics.

But remember: "Each participant is also assigned a variety of legislative duties." Duties: Those were his words.

Holy Moley!

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Anyone ever watch the TV Guide Channel on Cable or Sattlite? They have an American Idol show that is hosted by two former Idol runner-ups who have Idol guests etc. A week ago they had a Voice Coach from Hollywood on who mentioned that David Cooks problem was he sang from his chest and not his diaphragm. He said, "This is where he would run into problems, other then that he was a pretty good singer." Brook brings a lot to the stage being able to play the different instruments, so does Jason when he picks the right song. David A. has a great voice, and so does Carly. Carly is old enough to know how to dress and she should know to pick the right songs tho.
I like Michael & I think Simon is to hard on Syesa. He doesn't give her any credit for her good voice. Kristy Lee Cook could go even if she did sing great. You can only do so many country songs. The mentors they have planned aren't all contry people. I can't say for sure who they voted off, My guess it's between Kristy Lee & Syesa. Only because of what Simons says about Syesa and Kristy's country & more contry.

2353 days ago


My husband and I LOVE Syesha and have all along, so I am really hoping your predictions are wrong! I'm sick of Kristy and Jason -- my husband is sick of David Cook -- but keep Syesha in please! :)

2353 days ago

Pamela Flores    

David A. is so powerful and he should be given the chances he can get through Am Idol to further himself in the music field. He is the most humble young man and shoould really go far with all his talent given the opportunity.Good Luck David A.

2353 days ago


Ok, people, this is what's happening=Micheal and Kristy Lee are the weakest in the clan!!!! Micheal is going way more far than Kristy DEF, but he's just not the judge's type. Even Simon said that the only performance he saw with potential is the one "We are the Champions". Also, David Archuletta is a wimp and always sings something gloomy or "animated film" as Simon says. He is OUT!!! I haven't seen much star potential the last few weeks from Jason or Carly and neither have the judges. Sorry to say, they're gonna be off soon. The only people I think should be the only winners are David Cook, Brooke White, and Syesha Mercado. David has had some very strong nights for the past 3 or 4 weeks! Brooke and Syesha have stroing voices, but seems like america doesn't like them at all. Especially Brooke. But can ANYONE beileve they took Chikezie and Amnda off the show? Chikeze was very strong except for the last night. Amanda??? She was strong almost EVERY NIGHT!!! The only reason she got booted is because america is not into the 80's style Rock and Roll...Janis Joplin kind of thing....take that solomeeeo!!!

2353 days ago


David Cook has amazing talent in reshaping the songs like Billie Jean and Eleanor Rigby. He's doing the most with the band so acknowledging them is a sign of appreciation. His voice is unique and he has stage appeal as well. Only Michael Johns can command the stage like David.

2353 days ago


I love David Cook...he is wonderful...Carly is my favorite female...i think that either Katey or Brooke should go.. i also like Jason...he is too cute

2353 days ago


I think Kristy Lee Cook needs to go home. I agree that she has overstayed her welcome by far! Syesha has done great performances, and Carly has a good voice, but performance never LOOKS good. Love love lovee David Archuletta. Extremely glad that Ramiele went home FINALLY.

2353 days ago


If you based tonights elimination on this weeks performances alone, DAVE COOK should be the one to be eliminated. He was beyond AWFUL. If he doesnt go, JASON CASTRO should.....he was terrible.

2353 days ago


I strongly believe that Carly's time is up. She had a recording contract a few years ago and went bust on it. Her recording company dumped her after her first album didn't do very well. Besides, she is not an amateur playing in the big leagues before all of this. I hope that Kristy goes home tonight, then Carly next week then Brooke after that. Ultimately, I want and think that the most marketable contestant is David Archelleta. If he could tone down his father, then the record companies might not be too hesitatant to sign him to a contract, but with his controlling father in the picture, it might present a major problem for poor David and the record executives.

2353 days ago


ROFL @ Hit on Chuck Norris

2353 days ago


Oh I actually agree with TIVO. Even before I saw this topic I thought she was going home tonight. I'll tell you whose performance I sped up on TIVO halfway through their songs: Sayesha, Christy & Jason. If they are in the bottom three tonight then there might be something to the whole TIVO conspiracy. I think Sayesha is good but she's singing these big songs and coming across as over-confident. She's not the worst singer of the bunch, but her seeming lack of humility will be the end of her. I predict that the top three of the whole thing will be David Cook, Carly Smithson & David Archuletta with Brooke right on his tails.

2353 days ago


Michael Johns is yummy & can definately sing but the judges are right,he needs to be himself,not some copycat wannabe,if he can figure out who he is,he might have a decent shot.

2353 days ago


I agree we need to take care of our own first. We have a lot of starving and homeless and get more each year as our government keeps cutting back on assistance. We send millions to other countries, then we have siasters here and can't get enough help to our own. One example being New Orleans. I never give to things for other countries either. I know of many families here who need help.
As for who goes home it is obvious everyone has different tastes. I myself think Jason Castro should go home and should have a long time ago. Jason manages to stay in because of the teen girls, like Sanjaya did forever when he should have been long gone. My picks are:
1. Michael Johns
2. Syesha Mercado
3. David Archuletta
4. Carley Smithson
5. David Cook
6. Brooke White
7. Kristy Lee Cook
8.Ramiel Mulabay
9. Chickezie
10. Jason Castro

2353 days ago


I think david cook has a good voice, but he is so full of himself. i love syesha's voivce and she can and WILL go further than that squaking fantasia. I love david archuletta i really hope he stays on the show a while longer, but he's gotta step up his game if he wants to really be noticed. Yea Carly's good, i thinks she'll go far, just not on American Idol. Well, who even cares where American Idol goes this year, we're all just going to forget about this next year anyways.

2353 days ago


Me and my wife think the girl who sings country should go..... after all this is AMERICAN IDOL not country idol, besides shes full of her self, Its gross.

2353 days ago
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