K-Fed Shows His Big Tip

4/3/2008 3:17 PM PDT

K-Fed Shows His Big Tip

K-Fed lied about his income and charged up ridiculous expenses, including insane tips, according to new court documents.

Britney Spears' newest lawyer, Stacy Phillips, filed documents challenging the legal fees that Brit was ordered to pay for Fed-ex. Phillips claims K-Daddy "understated his income by at least $200,000." She also says Federline buried all sorts of personal expenses and pretended to have $800,000 worth of business expenses. PopoZão!

According to the legal papers, Federline grossed $544,074.73 from his production company, "Gooseneck Productions" in 2007, and his expenses totaled $841,128.67. Phillips says Federline's so-called business expenses included "extraordinarily high tips for food and beverage services [e.g., $1,100.76 tip on $2,782 bill; $200 tip on $371.29 bill; and $2,000 tip on $365 bill].

What's not to love??