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Pink Lady Trapped in Red China

4/11/2008 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Olivia Newton John got physical while going over the Great Wall of China. Check out China's amazing air quality!

The breast cancer survivor was in China supporting the Great Walk to Beijing fund to fight cancer. You have to believe she is magic!

Olivia must have also fled the U.S. after hearing her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, mumble out songs on "Rock the Cradle."


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Her daughter Chloe is so freaky looking!

2349 days ago


Chloe doesn't "mumble" out songs, she screeches. HORRIBLY!!

2349 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Maybe next she can organize a great walk to end Communist oppression so Chinese breasts can be free. Free breasts are better than opressed breasts, I'll tell ya what.

2349 days ago

kimora hater    

i caught that show "rock the cradle" after "idol gives back" the other night. all i have to say is chloe sucks bad! she's sings and looks like a drag queen at a dive bar on $2. drink night! terrible. terrible.

2349 days ago


I just looked up Chloe on myspace and OMG she sounds really bad! And what is wrong with her? Anorexic? BIZZARE looking!

2349 days ago


Chloe is anorexic. She has been in clinics for years. It's a serious disease and almost killed her.

Olivia is very active in caring for her daughter and publicing breast cancer awareness.

If her daughter wanted to sing, she was supportive and let her. If Chloe is awful, she'll try something else as a career.

2349 days ago

lynda from oklahoma    

we love olivia newton john,,,,,she can scale anything she wants..........about time someone bring more attention to cancer,,,,,ny grandmother was a caner servior,she passed at age 86............but not from cancer.............she lived agood life........keep up the good work olivia.....and as for her daughter.......if shes thinks she good at what.lots of us.think we are good at things at which we is she cant sing who says you have have to listen to her,get a life.............shes fine..................

2349 days ago


everyone's missing the point. Olivia is starring in her first TV series (with Rue McClanahan, Caroline Rhea, Leslie Jordan and Beth Grant) and it debuts July 23rd on Logo. Oh, its called Sordid Lives: The Series. It's based on my favorite movie ever, duh, Sordid Lives. the trailer is on youtube and myspace and check it out. Rue even has sex in the show apparently from the promo trailer, and its hysterical. Plus, there seems to be some steam with the two young male leads (Jason Dottley and Ted Detwiler). Yes, I went to, and yes, I'm a sordid lives fanatic. I saw the movie 22 times in Palm Springs at the movie theatre. that's not too difficult considering the movie played at our theatre for over 2 years!. I'm just so excited I can't take it! And then to see Olivia, dear sweet Olivia, flying through all the pollution (from the production of the products we mass-import into this country), doing such a great thing for a great cause, about to be in a huge hit TV show, and you end it all by taking a jab at her daughter? Really? I'd say they both are better off than whomever TMZ STAFF member typed up this doozy.

2349 days ago

johnny vicious    


waiting impatiently for SORDID LIVES to premiere. I hear summer!

I gotta show to do!


2349 days ago

Linda Stricklyn    

Olivia looks like a goodess, flying through the air, like a butterfly spreading her wings and starting to soar.

I love her. I honestly love her.

she's all lezzi in this Sorted Lives show. don't know how i'm feeling about imaging sweet sandy d's lips sweetly licking another womans lips. what a bold statement she's making! and just around election year. i'd say she deserves some recognition for helping fight for gay rights.

i love her. i honestly love her.

2349 days ago


Gotta love OIivia!

2349 days ago

laughin' in Malibu    

Speaking of Rock the Cradle..can we vote for Emily Hudson (daughter
of Cindy Williams and Bill Hudson) to be on the show ??? She has the
greatest smokey blues voice EVER!!

2349 days ago

Ed the Sock    

You go girl!
Kudos to Olivia for championing breast cancer research as well as gay rights.

2348 days ago


Hey all, have you seen the SORDID LIVES SERIES TRAILER??? It's on and youtube. Just look up SORDID LIVES SERIES. Olivia has learned to act! She looks so different and a real character. I love it when people stretch themselves. And let's applaude Olivia for doing this great feat for breast cancer. She is living what she preaches. Go Olivia. Go Sordid Lives. Thanks for playing gay and always loving us. Your biggest fan, Lola

2348 days ago

mona lisa    

Surviving breast cancer and going through chemotherapy is not for wimps or flakes. Olivia is one strong classy lady for continuing the fight for others.

2348 days ago
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