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Britney's New Hairdresser: Doc Brown?

4/12/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney picked up a new set of hair yesterday, but it looks like she went back to her roots -- because the girl doesn't look half bad!

Does that salon have styling chairs or time machines?


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Keep getting better, Britney, so you can regain custody of your handsome little sons!

Nobody has a child's or young adult's greater interest at heart than decent parents! I can imagine she realizes right now that her parents and, especially, her father have saved her life and prevented financial ruin due to scavenger and dangerous coyotes who encircled her at a very vulnerable time in her life.

2385 days ago


I think she looks so so so much better with blonde hair. Keep it up, Britney!! What's new with Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn??

2385 days ago

i heart NY    

Yeah JH thats the ticket. Becasue you know alllll about Miss Spears and can tell by watching videos shot on TMZ that she is all better. She got a new weave (check), she wears aviators (check), and she did a couple of lines on a tv show (check). Yup-thats all the information you need to know to see that she is sane. No problems here! You should be a detective! My how you can see that the only reason why they are pushing for more time is for the money! Yup-it couldnt be the fact she was as mad as a hatter for months, if not years, or is struggling with an unnamed mental disorder. Because the judge is in on the take-right-otherwise he could have thrown everything out. The judge wouldnt care about the well being of her kids. Nah...thats not why. Its all about the money. Nope. She has a new weave and its blonde! We all know that when her hair turns from brown to blonde all is groovy! Give her her innocent kids ya'll! Shes gone blonde and wears aviator glasses! :)

2385 days ago


We girls at just hope she will back soon. Good luck Brit.

2385 days ago

brits 's lvr    

brit is fine!!!!!! I just wanna tell her she a sexy mama and she gets what she wanna.... haha... and im gay

2385 days ago



2385 days ago


Britney looks great! Things are looking brighter everyday! Good job Brit! Can't wait to see you on top again! I will ALWAYS support you!

2385 days ago


Britney right now is looking like she is getting her s... together.
Well, SHE is on DRUGS people
How else do you think she can change so quickly

2385 days ago


Britney's new hair looks great! I could never be a driver for a celeb though, because that last guy who put his arm out with the camera snapping pics w/ the flash right in the front windshield of the car, he would have lost an arm.

2385 days ago

frogs and gravel    

The dress looks nice, but I bet she is wearing
those tan/orange cowboy boots that she always wears.
Some women can pull off that look, but I
do not think Brit could.

2385 days ago


Britney looks AWESOME and that's because Matt Motherhead is her new hairdresser!!! I'm a long-time client of Matt's (LOVE him!) and was there when he transformed Britney to an extraordinary blond goddess again. Matt also created her look for her fab guest spot on "How I Met Your Mother." At the salon, Britney was very sweet, lovely and could not have been more gracious!

2385 days ago

captain obvious    

So she has a new wig....
You can't polish a turd!!!

2385 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I highly doubt that there will be any kind of "comeback" for Britney Spears. She has ZERO sense of any kind of style in the clothing she chooses to wear. She's still wearing those filthy, stained cowboy boots with a dress that should be worn with "light and airy" sandal type heels.

She needs someone to tell her, 24 - 7, - OK, Britney. It's time to brush your teeth; take a bath; change your clothes; brush your hair; put on your underwear; go to bed; time to get up, and so on and so on. I saw pictures of her on X17, and her hair looked horrible. They were daytime pictures, - so "MAYBE" she got new extensions later in the day.

I also believe that the conservatorship will become permanent, because Britney is extremely mentally ill and has absolutely no coping skills to make reasonable decisions about her day-to-day life. There is also no chance that she will EVER have any custody of Sean and Jayden, but she will have consistent visitation with them. It might come to pass that her father won't be part of the conservatorship, - as I'm sure it's very draining on him. I'd hate to see that non-family members are put in charge of her, but that may be the only option.

Britney should have agreed to be committed to a mental health facility, where she could have received intensive and long term care and treatment. She refused to do so, - so there is this hybrid type of treatment that she's receiving now, - which is very much in the public eye. It would have been so much better for her if she had been completely removed from public view, and then later emerged as a sane and strong person.

2385 days ago

it takes a molester    


2385 days ago

Kelly W    

Britney looks great. She will be back! Screw you Kevin Federline

2385 days ago
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