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Heidi & Spencer: All That ... for Them?!

4/14/2008 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either Heidi & Spencer hired all those photographers at LAX, or the end is nigh.

How else can you describe a pap welcoming committee of Britney proportions for two people who do absolutely nothing?


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Speidi, you are attention whores and no one likes you. Spencer BRATT, you are spoiled and pompous, and Heidi, you are weak and cannot sing to save your life. I can't wait until The Hills is over so your 15 minutes will be up!!!

2354 days ago


It is a known fact that "Heidi Nobody" reads TMZ..........wait til she reads this and finds out they were there waiting on another "nobody (Parisite)! You gotta laugh at that!

2354 days ago


Does ANYONE proof read your crap before you throw out to the wolves?

"...then end is NIGH"?!??!

What the hell is that supposed to mean?!? You can't mean "near"....the letters are no where NEAR each other on the keyboard.

Ah..."profeshanall jernalizm" at it's best.


2354 days ago

sassy 123    

They soo hired those photograpers........... no one cares about their lame asses that much! I see if it was an A lister, but Speidi isn't even on the D list

2354 days ago


Maybe the photogs were waiting for somebody more famous and those two bobble heads just "happened" to be passing by.

2354 days ago


Why keep photographing these people? They are nobody.

Rink a dink a doo doo - you're a do do - try before you trash on somebody else -
nigh adverb, adjective, nigh•er, nigh•est, preposition, verb
1. near in space, time, or relation: The time draws nigh.
2. nearly; almost; (often fol. by on or onto): nigh onto twenty years.
3. near; approaching: Evening is nigh.

2354 days ago


why are they talking to each other on their cell phones?? its painfully obvious.

and her "fashion line" looks like what I buy at Target!!!!!!

they had to have hired the photogs because no one cares about them, it's great for laughs though!

2354 days ago

reality hurts    

You two are the most foul and unclassy people. How does it feel to be a complete joke?

2354 days ago


They are just 2 people on a boring show that do nothing I dont get what the hoopla is all about

2354 days ago


Barbie and Ken on Ritalin, just sad.

2354 days ago

reality hurts    

Oh yea, nobody wants to wear an idiots clothing line. Are people going to me proud to wear your label? Get a grip dumbass.

2354 days ago

super cool    

this has to be the biggest act i have ever seen anyone pull..and it wasnt even close to being convincing..bad singing and acting..your 15 minutes is almost up guys! i never watch the hills..the only reason i know anything about these 2 is because of the small amount that i have read on here..She is no britney and the 2 of them are no where near the star super couple that brangelina or posh and becks are...gwen and gavin don't even have that many photogs around them and they are MUCH cooler and far more interesting..lame lame lame lame..they are lame lame lame lame..and they are not very attractive

2354 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that it looks like his mustache is swallowing his chin in this picture?

Heidi needs to dump his ass and move back to Colorado, accepting that she's a has-been and he's a leech.

They're both losers.

2354 days ago

nuttin but da truth    

These two super dooshbags warrant to be shot with paint pellets.

2354 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

Fade away please. These two are cheesier than Mayor McCheese.

2354 days ago
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