Heidi & Spencer Welcome Baby Boy!!!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have officially expanded their family -- "The Hills" star gave birth to the couple's second child.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Heidi went into labor Wednesday, so she and Spencer headed to an L.A.-area hospital. After waiting a few hours, they decided to go back home and wait it out.

Fast forward to Thursday, the couple went back to the hospital and Heidi delivered a healthy baby boy at 11:31 AM weighing 7lb and 9oz ... we don't know the baby's name yet.

We're told it was an easy birth, taking only about 45 minutes, and both Heidi and the couple's newest bundle are doing fine.

Baby boy marks the couple's second son, Heidi gave birth to Gunner back in 2017.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

In a funny video from the hospital on Wednesday, Spencer showed Heidi getting her makeup done while in labor. You gotta imagine she was planning on taking plenty of pics after giving birth and wanted to look her best.

Congrats to the family!!!

Jordan On MTV's 'The Hills' 'Memba Him?!

American reality television star Jordan Eubanks was just 21 years old when he was cast to be a part of "The Hills" -- MTV's hit reality show, first airing in 2006 and taking place in Los Angeles, California.

Jordan contributed to the series' drama along with narrator and star Lauren Conrad as the fashion student who journeyed from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles, Heidi Montag as Lauren's bubbly bestie and party girl, Spencer Pratt as Heidi's 'bad boy' boyfriend and Whitney Port as Lauren's work buddy at Teen Vogue.

Guess what he looks like today at 37 years old!

Olivia Palermo from MTV's 'The City' 'Memba Her?!

American socialite and fashion influencer Olivia Palermo was just 22 years old when she was cast as one of MTV's chosen stars for 'The City' -- 'The Hills' spinoff series, which followed a young crowd as they journeyed their way through the fashion industry in New York City.

Joining Olivia in the dramatic experience was of course fellow Hills star Whitney Port as she ventured off to the Big Apple from Los Angeles, 'Brothers and Sisters' cast member and actress Roxy Olin and actor from VH1's 'Hit The Floor,' Adam Senn.

Guess what she looks like now at 36 years old!

Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee's Kids Sell Malibu Home for $3 Million

Brandon Thomas Lee and his brother Dylan unloaded their gorgeous Malibu home this week ... scoring $3 million for the pad.

TMZ has learned ... the remodeled 5-bed, 5-bath house sold Wednesday, and they got their asking price. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's sons had the 2,634 square foot property on the market for 2 months.

The house -- within walking distance of Las Flores Beach -- is smack dab in the heart of Malibu, and was renovated from the ground up.

Inside, it's got lots of new touches and furnishings ... including Western doors and windows throughout.

With no houses on either side and a landscaped backyard, this place is perfect to get a tan and some privacy at the same time.

The Lee bros' home was featured on "The Hills: New Beginnings," as the show followed Brandon kicking off his career in modeling and acting.

Cooper Mount from The Agency held the listing ... congrats to the brothers on their big sale!

'Mob Wives' Renee Graziano Getting Treatment for Pill Addiction 'The Hills' Jason Wahler Helps

Renee Graziano is getting the help she needs to kick a pill addiction she's been battling for years -- and doing it side by side with another reality TV vet, no less ... Mr. Jason Wahler.

The "Mob Wives" star tells TMZ ... she recently linked up with her "The Hills" compadre and his foundation, Red Songbird, to get treatment for a number of issues she's suffered from since her 20s -- namely, being hooked on prescribed sleeping meds.

We're told just last month, Dr. Drew put her in touch with Jason -- who's since been brought into the fold over at Songbird ... which Renee says has been working wonders in getting her back to a good place.

She tells us a lot of these issues stem from anxiety, depression and former abusive relationships -- which included sexual assault -- and because of her new regimen ... her life is finally getting on track in a healthy and productive way.

In addition to having one-on-one chats with Songbird staffers to talk through her issues, RG is also delving into EMDR -- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ... allowing someone to deal with old wounds, but from a safe distance. It also gives recipients a new perspective on how to deal with the hurt.

Renee also gets therapy ... joining processing groups, anger management sessions, wellness discussions and other meetups that help keep her grounded.

We're told Renee came into treatment in California on Feb. 6, and that she's about a month sober at this point -- with no plans to leave until she feels grounded.

As for the Jason connection, Wahler has had substance abuse issues of his own in the past, with more than a dozen arrests. He said back in 2019 that at age 18-23 he was a "womanizing alcoholic" and went to 12 different rehab centers. He's now dedicated his life to helping others.

BTW ... Renee was booked for DWI in January after hitting a parked vehicle and rolling over on the road ... and allegedly told cops she'd taken Adderall earlier in the day. She tells us that arrest didn't push her to get help ... she'd already been planning for it.

'The Hills' Reboot Canceled After 2 Seasons ... Conflict with Network and OG Cast

Those new beginnings are already over for the cast of 'The Hills' -- the reality show's reboot is getting the ax ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected to the MTV show tell us "The Hills: New Beginnings" is officially not coming back for a third season, and late last week the cast got the bad news from production.

There are a few reasons the reboot met its demise: one source close to the show tells us producers recently explored the thought of bringing younger cast members into the fold to diversify things, but several of the original stars were not on board.

We're told some of those OGs also had major issues with the reboot ... believing it wasn't the show MTV promised them, and feeling like it was, at times, forced with fake storylines and confessionals. Our sources say some of the OGs refused to continue to play along, which ultimately led to the cancelation.

All in all ... we're told many of them said the reboot didn't have the same feel as their first go-round and it created an impasse between some stars and the network.

However, another source blames the cancelation on COVID-19 ... citing all the hurdles in booking filming locations for a big ensemble cast while following social distancing protocols. We're told producers feel like they squeezed as much juice from the lemon as possible, given the dynamics.

"The Hills: New Beginnings" was rebooted in 2019 with Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag, Spencer and Stephanie Pratt, Whitney Port, Brandon Thomas Less, Kaitlynn Carter, Frankie Delgado, Justin Brescia, Jason and Ashley Wahler and former 'O.C.' star Mischa Barton.

But the biggest star was always missing ... Lauren Conrad ... who, as we first told you, was too busy with her other business ventures to join the reboot.

The OG show aired from 2006 to 2010 ... and while the reboot wasn't as impactful, we're told producers were proud of what they were able to do in the middle of the worldwide pandemic.

A source close to production tells TMZ ... 'The Hills' is being reimagined to "unlock and maximize" audiences' love for it and while 'New Beginnings' won't be returning, the IP will live on with new iterations to come.

Audrina Patridge Final Custody Agreement ... With Estranged Husband

Audrina Patridge and her estranged husband Corey Bohan will be splitting time with their 5-year-old daughter ... this according to the judge's ruling in their final custody judgment.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Audrina and Corey share joint legal custody of their daughter. As for physical custody, Audrina will get the bulk of the time, while Corey gets 8 hours of visitation a week with Kirra.

The docs say Corey's visits with their daughter will be supervised, either by a professional or someone Audrina is down with ... and he's footing the bill for the sup.

And, get this ... the docs also say Audrina's ex can't be listed as the emergency contact for Kirra at her school or daycare ... but the exes will still have to work together on issues related to Kirra's education, health and welfare.

As we first reported ... Audrina filed for divorce back in September 2017, and there's been plenty of custody issues with Corey along the way.

Mischa Barton Not Coming Back for 'Hills' Season 2 ... Production Sources Say She's Too Boring

Mischa Barton won't be back for Season 2 of the 'Hills' reboot -- we've learned she's being replaced with someone who's got more spunk ... and a few more Hollywood stories too.

Sources familiar with the production tell TMZ ... Mischa wasn't asked to come back for the new season of 'The Hills: New Beginnings' -- in fact, we're told she's the only one who isn't returning to reprise her role ... everyone else is slated to make a comeback.

The reason ... our sources say producers found Mischa's story line a bit bland, and her personality a little boring. Bottom line, she wasn't bringing much drama to the show.

Now, who MTV brass think will add a little much-needed juice ... the one and only Caroline D'Amore -- the D'Amore's Pizza heir-turned-DJ and one-time Tinseltown socialite. Caroline used to party it up with Kim K and Paris Hilton back in the day, so she's been around the block.

As for Mr. Brody Jenner -- who was part of the OG cast -- he'll be coming back with a much heavier wallet than he started out with. We're told he held out 'til the bitter end, and walked away with a pretty sweet deal ... our sources say he scored around $50k an episode.

New beginnings ... and at least one new face. Bring on that 2000s nostalgia!!!

Kaitlynn Carter Reunites with Ex Brody Jenner ... Grabs Dinner w/ His Ma

Kaitlynn Carter and Brody Jenner are back together ... for a quick few seconds on her social media, which means they're definitely on friendly terms after their breakup.

The two 'Hills' stars shared the same space Friday on Kaitlynn's Instagram story, where Brody made a brief appearance as he playfully flipped her off and then pushed away her camera. She captioned the clip, "@brodyjenner single and chic!!" The vid has no sound.

It should be noted, Kaitlynn goes out of her way to call Brody "single" ... which backs up our earlier reporting that there was no real chance of a romantic rekindling between them.

It appears Kaitlynn ran into her ex during a little getaway in Malibu -- where she's been hiking and lounging ... and also grabbing dinner with his mom, Linda Thompson.

Kaitlynn posted a photo of her and her former sorta-mother-in-law breaking bread at Nobu, with another friend in tow. She captioned the pic, "feelin’ super lucky to be part of this modern fam." We know Kaitlynn and Linda have remained close -- they were seen embracing each other at a Halloween party last year. Clearly, KC's on good terms with 'em.

Brody Jenner Moving On from Kaitlynn Already Cozying Up With Josie Canseco

Miley Cyrus might've snatched up Brody Jenner's ex, Kaitlynn Carter, but he isn't batting an eyelash over it -- the guy's already found a new distraction ... one Josie Canseco.

Sources familiar with the new pair tell TMZ that Brody and Josie have been seeing each other as of late ... and that they seem like a good match for now.

We're told the Victoria's Secret model first met Brody during a 'Hills' press tour in New York, where they were introduced at a hotel party through Frankie Delgado and Brandon Lee -- both of whom are also on the hit reality show that was recently revived.

Our 'Hills' sources say Brody and Josie hit it off, and have been hanging out A LOT over the past few weeks, kissing each other and showing tons of PDA around friends. They seem to be taking things somewhat slow, we're told, but it's clear they're romantically involved.

Perfect timing, really ... Kaitlynn seems to be moving on with Miley ... who's apparently BEEN over hubby Liam Hemsworth for a while now.

Here's another thing -- our sources tell us even though Brody referenced Miley and Kaitlynn (and Liam too, cringey as it was) ... it's not a reflection on what's occupying his mind. We're told Brody's over Kaitlynn after their split and couldn't care less who she dates.

As for Liam -- who's been the most tight-lipped about all the drama out of everyone involved -- he piped up Monday in Australia, telling a pap he didn't wanna talk about it.

Brody Jenner Jokey Response to Kaitlynn and Miley ... Liam & I Are Next!!!

Brody Jenner appears to have some thoughts about his recent ex locking lips with a newly single Miley Cyrus -- his message is simple ... new day, new page and lots o' laughs.

The 'Hills' star posted a photo Sunday that seemed to be in direct response to photos published by TMZ, showing Kaitlynn Carter, his estranged "wife"/fiancee/girlfriend -- whatever the hell she is to him -- smooching with Miley on the shores of Lake Como.

In the photo, Brody's standing near the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean and staring back at the camera from afar. He captioned the pic, "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today." Vague enough to be about anything, right? Well, his costar, Brandon Lee, got explicit.

Brandon commented underneath, writing ... "Let's round this scandal out and post a pic of us making out," adding a kissing emoji for good measure. Brody then responded to that, saying ... "watch out! Pics of Liam and I holding hands on the beach coming soon."

Miley chimed in on the exchange, and shut it down ... writing, "@brodyjenner go take a nap in your truck and cool off #HotGirlSummer." Doesn't look like Brody carried on from there.


As you know ... Brody and Kaitlynn broke up about a week and change ago, because we're told he didn't wanna give her two things ... a baby and a legal marriage. About a year ago, they had everyone believe they'd tied the knot in Indonesia, but it wasn't legit.

Fast forward to Saturday, when Miley announced she and her husband, Liam Hemsworth, were separating ... less than a year into their marriage. Turns out, she and Kaitlynn had been getting cuddly the day before while vacationing in Italy ... locking lips, no less.

Sounds as if Brody's trying to make light of the situation (in a somewhat cringey way). No word yet from Liam ... it's his brother Chris' birthday Sunday, he might be lying low down under.

Heidi & Spencer Pratt There Will Be Peace with Brody Jenner ... Next Season??


Heidi Montag's been sticking up for her man in the ongoing feud with his former bestie, Brody Jenner ... but she's also confident she can help mend fences.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt were leaving Matsuhisa Wednesday night in Bev Hills when we asked the couple about her saying her husband's an easy scapegoat on "The Hills: New Beginnings" ... especially for Brody.

Spencer pooh-poohs it a little bit, but suggests the 2 bros will be able to work it out ... just maybe not until season 2 of the show. Always leave 'em wanting more.

Heidi also insists there's nothing but love for Jenner -- even as she jabs him a little -- and says she's prepared to extend the olive branch and bring the buds back together.

For those who don't know ... Spencer and Brody's tensions have been rising all season as they've aired grievances about the past and called each other out for perceived slights. Pratt has described their volatile relationship as "very Game of Thrones-ish" ... which doesn't sound promising.

Still, he seems more optimistic here.

By the way ... "Speidi" also have some interesting insights on the report that almost a third of food delivery drivers admit to eating your food. Watch the clip ... Spencer might be on to something.

Audrina Patridge Soaks Beachin' View After 4th of July Nightmare

Audrina Patridge was all smiles showing off her bikini bod during a trip to paradise ... a welcomed scenery change a week after experiencing hell.

Audrina threw on a black bikini and some shades Wednesday in Laguna Beach ... enjoying the crashing waves and picturesque view of the sun beginning to set behind the Pacific blue. She sported a grin ear to ear and made good use of it ... taking tons of selfies.

It's a far cry from her stress-filled 4th of July when, for a moment, she couldn't get in touch with her daughter, Kirra. TMZ broke the story ... Audrina and her ex, Corey Bohan, were supposed to exchange custody that morning at the Costa Mesa Police Department ... but Corey was a no-show.

Making matters worse ... a strong earthquake struck SoCal that morning, causing more panic. They eventually met up hours later for the custody exchange. Kirra was fine, but a hectic day for sure.

Nothing like a little beachfront me-time to erase that memory.

Kristin Cavallari Hey, Jay Cutler ... I'm a Butt Model Too!

Jay Cutler ain't the only one in his family down to show off his ass ...

Check out former NFL star's wife Kristin Cavallari -- who stripped down to some lacy black lingerie ... to promote her jewelry line?

Hey, we're not complaining!

The "Very Cavallari" reality star set up the photo shoot in Palm Springs this week while decked out in Uncommon James necklaces, earrings and rings.

No top? No problem!

Of course, her hubby Jay Cutler put his butt on display back in March 2017 during a romantic trip to Mexico.

In that pic, Jay was staring longingly at the ocean.

For Kristin's shoot -- she was gazing at the hotel pool, the desert landscape and shadows on a wall.


As far as Jay's career, he's out of football and spending his free time starring in his wife's reality show ... hunting, raising their kids and watching KC run her jewelry shop in Nashville.

Fun Fact: Cutler made more than $127 MILLION during his NFL career.

Mischa Barton Cheers to 'Hills' & New Beginnings ... Already Shooting Reboot

Mischa Barton's already sliding into the reality TV world with an assist from her new pals, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag -- the new 'Hills' amigos are kicking off their reboot season with raised glasses in hand.

The trio grabbed dinner and drinks Tuesday night for what appears to be the start of filming for "The Hills: New Beginnings." Cameras were rolling while they dined at Bottlefish in Brentwood.

Spencer was still holding a bottle of white wine as they continued chatting outside. Only time will tell what follows from this meetup ... fingers crossed for juicy drama -- or whatever the producers dream up for 'em.

Not too much drama though, for little Gunner's sake. Remember, Speidi are parents now.


As we reported ... Spencer says he's thrilled to have Mischa cross over to the reality of "The Hills" from "The O.C." scripted world -- something he's apparently been wanting for a long time.

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