'Mob Wives' Renee Graziano Getting Treatment for Pill Addiction 'The Hills' Jason Wahler Helps

Renee Graziano is getting the help she needs to kick a pill addiction she's been battling for years -- and doing it side by side with another reality TV vet, no less ... Mr. Jason Wahler.

The "Mob Wives" star tells TMZ ... she recently linked up with her "The Hills" compadre and his foundation, Red Songbird, to get treatment for a number of issues she's suffered from since her 20s -- namely, being hooked on prescribed sleeping meds.

We're told just last month, Dr. Drew put her in touch with Jason -- who's since been brought into the fold over at Songbird ... which Renee says has been working wonders in getting her back to a good place.

She tells us a lot of these issues stem from anxiety, depression and former abusive relationships -- which included sexual assault -- and because of her new regimen ... her life is finally getting on track in a healthy and productive way.

In addition to having one-on-one chats with Songbird staffers to talk through her issues, RG is also delving into EMDR -- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ... allowing someone to deal with old wounds, but from a safe distance. It also gives recipients a new perspective on how to deal with the hurt.

Renee also gets therapy ... joining processing groups, anger management sessions, wellness discussions and other meetups that help keep her grounded.

We're told Renee came into treatment in California on Feb. 6, and that she's about a month sober at this point -- with no plans to leave until she feels grounded.

As for the Jason connection, Wahler has had substance abuse issues of his own in the past, with more than a dozen arrests. He said back in 2019 that at age 18-23 he was a "womanizing alcoholic" and went to 12 different rehab centers. He's now dedicated his life to helping others.

BTW ... Renee was booked for DWI in January after hitting a parked vehicle and rolling over on the road ... and allegedly told cops she'd taken Adderall earlier in the day. She tells us that arrest didn't push her to get help ... she'd already been planning for it.

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'Avanzo Hubby Gets 64 Months in Prison In Federal Gun Case

"Mob Wives" star Drita D'Avanzo asked the judge to go easy on her husband in his federal gun case ... but instead, the judge dropped the hammer.

Drita and her 2 daughters were in court Friday for her husband Lee D'Avanzo's sentencing in New Jersey where judge Rachel P. Kovner sentenced Lee to 64 months in prison.

Lee's counsel argued a sentence of 37 months was more than enough because he took responsibility for the crime ... but federal prosecutors in Brooklyn wanted up to 46 months. Kovner wasn't having it, saying keeping 2 loaded guns with hollow point ammunition in a home with 2 daughters was extremely dangerous.

Kovner added she didn't have confidence Lee would learn his lesson if she gave him a lighter sentence. She also noted Lee has 6 prior convictions and had previously violated supervised release. She said she had a duty to protect the public. Once he's done serving his sentence ... Lee will be on 2 years of supervised release.

As we reported ... Lee apologized for his actions and pled guilty to gun possession charges in back March after the NYPD raided the family home and found the guns. Drita was eventually cleared of all charges.

Drita wrote a letter to the judge asking her to cut Lee a break because he's a good father to their two daughters. That plea obviously fell on deaf ears.

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'Avanzo Please Go Easy on My Hubby, Judge!!! Lee's 'An Amazing Father'

"Mob Wives" star Drita D'Avanzo wants the judge in her husband's federal gun case to cut him a little slack come sentencing, and she fired off a handwritten letter to make her case.

Drita wrote to Judge Kovner, pleading with him to show leniency on Lee D'Avanzo because he's a caring family man who needs to come home to his wife and kids.

In the handwritten letter, obtained by TMZ, Drita says Lee is an amazing father to their children who "never missed a soccer game and was very involved in our kids school work and any activities they were involved in. He is a family man and is missed!"

Drita adds ... Lee "has a family that is fully supporting him and hoping he comes home soon!"

Lee pled guilty to gun possession charges in March after the NYPD raided the family home and allegedly found 2 loaded handguns. Drita was eventually cleared of all charges.

Acting Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Seth D. DuCharme prosecuted the case against Lee, and the sentencing hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Based on the penal code and the probation department's recommendations D'Avanzo could get anywhere from about 3 to 6 years ... it's totally up to the judge. So, we'll see if Drita's letter had makes a difference.

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'Avanzo Gun, Drug Charges Dropped, But ... Hubby's Still on the Hook

"Mob Wives" star Drita D'Avanzo isn't losing sleep over her gun and drugs case anymore, but her husband -- he's still sweating it out.

According to the DA's Office in Staten Island ... prosecutors have dropped all charges against Drita, 2 months after cops raided the house where she and Lee D'Avanzo live. The announcement was made in court Thursday morning with Drita present.

The DA now says Drita was NOT the target of the search warrant. As for Lee, the feds are now taking over -- he's been indicted for possession of firearms and weed by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York.

Outside of court, Drita told reporters, "I have no time to celebrate because my husband is not home, but I am very happy with the outcome. All I'm focusing on right now is the fact that this turned out good."

As we previously reported ... NYPD raided the D'Avanzo's pad and allegedly found 2 loaded handguns, a Smith & Wesson 9mm and a 38 caliber. Cops say they also found 120 pills of hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 22 Xanax pills and a large amount of weed.

Farrah Abraham Counted Out of Celeb Boxing 'Mob Wives' Star Replaces Her

Farrah Abraham will NOT strap on boxing gloves after all, and another reality TV star will be her replacement in the upcoming celebrity boxing match ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources say the ex-'Teen Mom' star stood her ground with the promoter, saying she'd been screwed out of freebies, and refused to show up to Saturday night's bout. So, we're told the fight organizer, Samantha Goldberg, decided to pull the plug ... and immediately signed "Mob Wives" star Natalie DiDonato to replace Farrah.

So, the new main event is Natalie taking on Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander on Nov. 10 in Atlantic City. Another 'Mob' star, Drita D'Avanzo, will be the referee. Bias??

TMZ broke the story, Farrah felt she had an agreement the promoter, Damon Feldman, would hook her up with free fight tickets, hotel rooms and flights for her friends and family. But, Feldman insisted he'd hooked up Farrah and her daughter -- first-class, no less -- and she was just making outlandish demands at the last minute.

Bottom line, Farrah's ass won't be in a boxing ring. Don't fret ... we think it'll find work.

Drita D'Avanzo Farrah Wouldn't Fight Me 'Cause ... She's a Scared Little Bitch!!!

Drita D'Avanzo was dead set on rearranging Farrah Abraham's face, but Farrah backed out 'cause getting mangled in a celebrity boxing match was just too much to handle ... this according to Drita.

Drita tells TMZ ... Farrah's camp reached out to her manager about making her the opponent for a celebrity boxing match. ICYMI ... Farrah had said she would be interested in fighting Kim Kardashian or even the "Mob Wives" star.

After getting called out on social media, Drita responded saying she'd be down to fight "in a #cage where u belong u filthy #animal." Shortly after that post, Farrah rescinded the offer ... reportedly saying bullies aren't allowed in the ring with her.

But, Drita tells a different story ... saying Farrah called up the event promoter and expressed she was too scared after hearing what Drita wanted to do to her -- punch her squarely in the face for the knockout. Drita says she's pissed and annoyed at losing out on the chance.

Farrah's instead gonna fight 'Flavor of Love' star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. As far as Drita's concerned ... Farrah's lucky she went with someone besides her.

No love lost, obviously.

Farrah Abraham to Drita D'Avanzo Slap Me When You See Me? Good Luck w/ That!!

Farrah Abraham's seen the last of Drita D'Avanzo's face ... Farrah doesn't run in pathetic circles and that's why Drita's slap to the face will NEVER come to fruition.

Farrah tells TMZ ... the ex-'Teen Mom' OG star has zero plans to ever be near the likes of the former "Mob Wives" star, and the reason's simple ... Farrah doesn't ever want to associate with someone like her. As Farrah put it, "I don't see pathetic people."


As we reported ... the reality stars are beefing after Farrah called out Drita on Instagram. Farrah tells us Drita's "lack of professionalism started it" when Drita bailed after dinner for the event they were supposed to co-host in Atlantic City. Drita reportedly said she was there and no one paid attention to Farrah.

Farrah scoffs at the notion she's an unknown. She says, "I'm sure she's not invited to the ESPYs."

As for reports her lawyers are gunning for a restraining order ... Farrah tells us the only thing her lawyers have fired off is a cease and desist to get Drita to stop making threats against her.

7/3 6:27 AM PT -- Drita tells TMZ ... "She already backed down by getting a lawyer involved with the restraining order bulls**t. Tell that pig I'm going to call her people and book an appearance for her at my house! I'll pay her the 2 hrs even though her appearance will last about a minute."

Ex-'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'Avanzo Don't Come Near Me, Farrah Slap Threat Still Stands, Jail or Not!


Drita D'Avanzo threatened to slap Farrah Abraham in the face if she comes across her in person again -- and now she's doubling down on that promise ... saying it's very real.

We spoke to the former "Mob Wives" reality star about her beef this weekend with the ex-"Teen Mom" OG after Farrah called her a "has been" and unprofessional following an event they co-hosted together in Atlantic City. Farrah even cropped a clown face over Drita on IG.

Drita responded to the hate on social media, saying she'd be happy to deliver an open-palm whack to Farrah's noggin if she came within arm's length. She now tells us she's serious about that hypothetical, and it sounds like she's willing to do jail time to send a message.

Meanwhile, Farrah has already threatened legal action -- and she's reportedly gunning to file a restraining order soon through her lawyers.

It's possible she might need it against Drita -- this lady ain't playing around. That ... or just offer a simple apology. Apparently, that'd square things away in Jersey.

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'Avanzo Tourists Love The Big Ang Mural! 'Offensive' Excuse is BS


Drita D'Avanzo thinks the landlord trying to remove a mural of her late "Mob Wives" friend and co-star Angela Raiola from his building is BS -- literally -- 'cause it's a hit with tourists.

Drita tells us the excuse the landlord's offering of the Big Ang tribute being "offensive" doesn't hold water ... since she has folks from all over the globe tell her otherwise everyday.

She gets pretty emotional talking about the mural -- which is in jeopardy of being removed entirely. It's been almost 18 months since Big Ang died from cancer, but Drita still gets choked up talking about her.

Still, Drita admits saving the mural will be an uphill battle. The guy owns the place, after all.


'Mob Wives' Star Karen Gravano Car Vandalized, Spray-Painted 'Rat' ... She Blames Drita


Karen Gravano got labeled as a RAT last week -- or at least her car did -- after someone spray-painted her Mercedes Benz and slashed her tires.

The former "Mob Wives" star fell victim to the vandalism last Wednesday and the vehicle was towed away from her home Thursday morning. As you can see, someone wrote RAT in giant orange letters.

We spoke to Karen, and she tells us all signs point to Drita D'Avanzo -- whom Karen had an epic beef with in the final season of the reality show last year.

Sounds like Karen's moved on from that feud, even if Drita hasn't. A rep for Drita wouldn't comment, except to say she wishes Karen and her team a successful year.

But, as for this latest swipe ... Karen and her camp seem to have a plan of action to deal with it.


'Mob Wives' Drita D'Avanzo Cleared! No Rats in Front Door Beatdown


"Mob Wives" star Drita D'Avanzo is off the hook for kicking her neighbor's ass over a parking spot ... all because the neighbor refused to snitch.

Drita was supposed to appear in a NYC courtroom Wednesday morning in the case, but we've learned the D.A. has declined to prosecute her. We're told the the D.A.'s office dropped the matter because Drita's neighbor, Mary Bratti, refused to cooperate.

It's an interesting twist ... considering there's clear video of Drita and Bratti brawling on Bratti's doorstep.

Drita was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after the brawl, but now she's been spared, thanks to mob rules -- not ratting to cops.

Big Ang Big Funeral

Big Ang drew a big crowd for her final send-off Monday.

Friends and family -- around 200 strong -- showed up at the Basilica of Regina Pacis Church in Brooklyn.

Ang's estranged husband, Neil Murphy, along with Carla Facciolo and Renee Graziano were front and center for the funeral.

Big Ang Estranged Hubby Breaks Down at Funeral


Big Ang's estranged husband broke down in tears Sunday as her wake rolled on.

As we reported, Big Ang dumped Neil Murphy for being unsupportive during her cancer battle. Whether he's there for love or forgiveness ... Murphy got extremely emotional.

It seems there's a divide in the family, as evidenced by the video. There are 2 camps, and one doesn't support Murphy.


Big Ang Disco Wake


Big Ang was honored at a disco wake in Brooklyn, and by the look of the crowd, it got super emotional.

The wake was held at a Brooklyn funeral home. "Mob Wives" star Renee Graziano says Ang looked beautiful in the open casket. Other who attended included Janine Detore, Ang's sister and her estranged husband, Neil Murphy.

A member of the cast tells TMZ, Karen Gravano was persona non grata. One cast member told us the reason ... "No rats allowed."

'Mob Wives' Big Ang Remodeled House Already for Sale

Big Ang's Staten Island palace, frequently featured on "Mob Wives," is available for purchase for a cool million bucks.

Big Ang passed away from cancer earlier this week and her longtime friend and real estate broker, Laird Klein, is helping with the deal. He says it was listed 2 months ago right before she got her last diagnosis ... that the cancer had returned.

Ang made a lot of renovations to the home -- as seen on the show -- and Laird says it now "reflects her personality, her level of style, her persona for life.”

There is a potential buyer in the mix, but Laird says he's going to give the family a week or two to mourn before dealing with the sale.

'Mob Wives' Big Ang Cameras Off During Final Days

"Mob Wives" fans won't see Big Ang and her family during her final days ... TMZ has learned cameras weren't rolling to capture the end of her battle.

Sources close to production tell TMZ, filming for season 6 wrapped in January and the cast shot a reunion episode in early February. Ang was a part of both. However, production didn't gather a crew when her health went south a few weeks after the reunion.

We're told the main focus of season 6 will be Ang's cancer battle, and the cast supporting her.

As we reported, Big Ang died early Thursday.

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