Jenelle Evans Ex-Husband Arrested Again ... Felony Probation Violation


Jenelle Evans' ex-husband has been busted again in North Carolina ... for violating his probation in a felony case.

Courtland Keith Rogers -- who was married to the former 'Teen Mom' star from 2012 to 2014 -- got arrested Wednesday in Leland and booked at the Brunswick County Jail for a felony probation violation. His bond is set at $10k.

It's unclear what Rogers did to violate his probation, but it seems it's connected to Rogers' arrest back in April 2018 on drug charges.

He was also arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in August, 2018.

Jenelle doesn't have any kids with Rogers, and the couple was only married a couple months before they split in January 2013, only to reunite a few months later ... when both got arrested for heroin possession and domestic violence.

They officially divorced in June 2014.

As you know ... Jenelle's had her own share of legal troubles since then, and then some.

Amber Portwood's Ex Matt Baier She's a Great Mom And Machete Story Sounds Whack!!!


Amber Portwood's ex-fiance says she's a loving mom who would never put her kids in harm's way ... and he's not buying her as a machete-wielding maniac.

Matt Baier -- who was engaged to Amber before they split in 2017 -- tells TMZ ... her domestic violence case doesn't add up to him, and he wants to hear her side of the story.


Amber's ex admits they had some "legendary arguments" when they were together, but says she never got violent with him ... even when she was in her most heated moments.

He adds that she was nothing but a wonderful mother during their time together ... so it's hard for him to believe she'd do something dangerous around her 1-year-old son, James.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

We broke the story ... Amber was arrested for domestic battery on July 5 after her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, contacted police and claimed she struck him with a shoe while he was holding their boy.

We later learned she also allegedly struck a door with a machete while Andrew was on the other side of it.

Baier thinks that allegation is fishy, and speculates there's more to the altercation people don't know ... suggesting it couldn't have just been a fight over fireworks, as some outlets have reported.


As we told you, Amber was in court last week to face the 3 felony charges against her and attend a hearing about custody of her son. Andrew filed for sole custody after her arrest, and a judge slapped Portwood with a temporary restraining order.

Interestingly, another ex and baby daddy of Amber's, Gary Shirley, was at the courthouse with his wife to show her support.

Baier tells us he thinks this is another sign something's amiss in the case.

Jenelle Evans Cops Have No Issues With New Dogs


Jenelle Evans and David Eason don't have to worry about authorities coming to snatch their new pooches from their property -- at least not yet -- even though some folks are worried the pups are in bad hands. 

The Columbus County Sheriff tells TMZ ... animal control has received ZERO complaints about Jenelle and David's new dogs, and so far, the Sheriff has no reason to remove the animals from their home. 

The Sheriff's department says its investigation into David's killing of the family's old dog yielded no findings of criminal activity ... so they can't punish him and take the new pups away. 

While there's been some social media outrage after Jenelle and David posted video over the weekend of their new Anatolian shepherds ... the sheriff tells us they are NOT being flooded with calls, a stark contrast to when Jenelle revealed her dog Nugget died after David shot it.

Several breeders tell us Jenelle and David are in for a challenge training their new pets, especially if the couple had trouble training a bulldog ... we're told Anatolian shepherd dogs are known to be stubborn, hyper and strong biters ... and they're a lot to handle if you're not brushed up on the breed. 

Jenelle and David say they picked the dogs to protect their livestock ... but breeders tell us the dogs needed to be trained from a young age, otherwise they could kill the chickens themselves. 

Amber Portwood Machete Attack Spells Doom for 'Teen Mom' Gig


Amber Portwood will lose more than her freedom if she's convicted of going after her boyfriend with a machete -- she will almost certainly lose her gig on "Teen Mom OG."

Production sources tell TMZ ... Amber's already on thin ice following her domestic violence arrest resulting in 3 felony charges -- domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and domestic battery in the presence of a child.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

The dealbreaker for the show ... if a jury believes Amber wielded a machete during a heated argument with bf Andrew Glennon. As we reported ... Amber struck a door with Glennon holding their infant son on the other side.

Our sources say a conviction for the use of a deadly weapon in a domestic violence incident should end her 10-year run on the 'Teen Mom' franchise. We're told the show is letting the legal process play out ... but a conviction will almost certainly be all she wrote.

As rabid 'Teen Mom' fans know ... the show has stood by Amber's side in the past when she weathered other legal storms. You'll recall she was busted for domestic violence in 2010 for hitting her ex, Gary Shirley ... an incident caught by MTV cameras.


MTV again stood by Amber when she was busted in 2011 for possession of a controlled substance. She ultimately served time behind bars and later admitted to abusing prescription drugs.

The difference in this case ... putting her son in danger. Aside from the obvious, it's way too much of a risk for a show to keep someone on the air with this kind of propensity for violence, because if she snaps again and the child gets hurt ... the show will have hell to pay.

Amber recently opened up about being bipolar and suffering from borderline personality disorder. She's also talked about postpartum depression. Obviously, all factors will be considered before a final decision is made. 

She's due back in court later this month. 

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Get Two New Pups 2 Days After She Told Us They Had No Dogs


Jenelle Evans and David Eason appear to have snapped up a couple of new pooches ... just days after she told us on camera there were no dogs in their possession.

David posted a video Sunday introducing Buddy and Junior -- two Anatolian Shepherds they've welcomed to the family -- and went on to explain that the dogs were brought in to help protect their chickens and livestock ... which apparently get attacked pretty often.

In his description of the dogs, David wrote ... "They are one of the most unique types of dog I have ever seen and have the best temperament and disposition of any dog I have ever owned. They are a livestock guardian  breed and do not mind eating and sleeping with all our animals on The Land!" 

The dogs seem to have been on Jenelle and David's property since at least Saturday -- one of the dogs appears to have been captured on video posted to her Instagram story from that day.

No More Dogs Here

Interestingly enough, Jenelle told us  on Friday that there were currently no dogs in their possession as she struggled to explain what happened to their other family dog, Nugget, which she admitted was probably killed by David after it nipped at their 2-year-old, Ensley.

Though Jenelle did clarify to us ... she says she never told cops that David had, in fact, done the deed. The drama led to her and David temporarily losing custody of their kids. The children have since been returned after a tumultuous few months. 

The concern now is pretty obvious -- considering the family's history with dogs that mysteriously go missing, folks are worried these new doggos aren't in the best of hands. 

Jenelle Evans I Never Told Cops David Shot Our Dog ... But I Believe He Did


Jenelle Evans was adamant she NEVER told cops David Eason shot their dog ... but after a little cross examination she conceded that's exactly what she believes happened.

The ex-'Teen Mom' star joined "TMZ Live" Friday to try -- keyword, try -- to clear up confusion over the fate of Nugget. 

As we reported ... the Columbus County Sheriff's Office claimed Jenelle walked her story back that David shot and killed their dog, and made the whole thing up for publicity.

Jenelle tried selling the scenario she has no idea what happened to the family pet, but eventually had to admit the obvious ... David killed Nugget after the dog nipped at 2-year-old Ensley, which sent him into a rage.

The thing that made no sense ... that Jenelle couldn't remember what David said on the stand during the custody trial about shooting the dog. 

TMZ broke the story, authorities removed all the kids from David and Jenelle's house after the dog was killed, but a judge ruled last week they could get the kids back. Jenelle said they're doing fine. 

Farrah Abraham Calls Jenelle a Failure as a Mom ... Jenelle Calls Her a Prostitute


Farrah Abraham says all of Jenelle Evans' family and legal drama comes down to one thing -- she's a bad mother ... but Jenelle's got a harsh claim of her own about Farrah.

We got the former 'Teen Mom' leaving Madeo in Beverly Hills Thursday night, and she cut right to the chase when we asked her about the latest Jenelle news ... that she told cops the dog-killing incident was a publicity stunt.

Farrah calls BS -- she believes David Eason did kill the family dog -- and says the bottom line is Evans has chosen a "horrible man" over her children ... and until she leaves the abusive relationship, she doesn't deserve to get her kids back.

The same goes for Amber Portwood, according to Farrah ... who also takes a parting shot at MTV for employing them.

Of course, this comes on the heels of Abraham throwing shade at both women earlier Thursday ... to which Jenelle responded on Twitter by claiming Abraham prostitutes herself to companies to make money ever since she got fired from 'Teem Mom.'

Evans added ... "I know EVERY company you've sold your body for," and claimed some of those same companies do business with her without her having to take her clothes off. Jenelle quickly deleted the tweets.

As we reported ... Evans also denied several major aspects of the police investigation into David killing her dog. Cops say Jenelle walked back her original story and admitted to cops she made it up ... but Jenelle says they're lying, and claims her stepdaughter testified in court that the dog killing is true.

Farrah Abraham Throws Shade at Amber & Jenelle ... 'Making All the Wrong Choices'


Farrah Abraham held no punches in talking smack about her former "Teen Mom" costars Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans' legal troubles.

Farrah was in L.A. Thursday and said she flat out saw Amber's troubles coming from a mile away ... she certainly didn't show any empathy for Jenelle either.

As we reported ... Amber was arrested on 3 felony charges, including domestic battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. She allegedly went after her BF, Andrew Glennon, with a machete and threw a shoe at him. She also lost custody of her and Andrew's infant son.

Jenelle, on the other hand, regained custody of her kids not long ago but only after going through weeks and weeks of turmoil. And now ... cops say Jenelle admitted to them she made up the whole David-Eason-shot-our-dog incident and called it a PR stunt.

Check out what Farrah has to say about all that ... she feigns worry for them but maybe mixed with a little secret delight.

Jenelle Evans No Charges For Killing Dog ... I Never Told Cops It Was A PR Stunt!!!


6:52 PM PT -- Jenelle claims the police are lying about a number of things.

She told The Hollywood Gossip she did not make a report against David, claims she never told cops it was a publicity stunt, says she can't remember if she heard a gunshot, claims her stepdaughter testified in court the story about the dog killing was true, and says police ended their investigation months ago.

Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, won't be charged for the killing of their family dog ... and investigators say halfway through their findings, Evans switched up her story and said the whole thing was a PR stunt. 

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office says when deputies first responded to Evans' home, she stated David took the dog outside and she heard a gunshot ... though she never saw the dog get shot. Investigators say several weeks later, during a follow-up interview, Jenelle walked her story back, saying she never even heard a gunshot and didn't know what happened to the dog.  

According to investigators, Evans claimed the whole thing was simply for publicity. However, cops say Jenelle disclosed she just wanted the whole thing to go away ... so it's possible the publicity stunt excuse was just to end the investigation and protect her family.

Cops claim they did a thorough search of the property and never found a weapon nor any blood or evidence of an animal killing. Combine that with Evans saying she made the whole thing up ... and investigation wrapped. 

As we reported ... the saga began May 1 when Jenelle claimed on social media she was heartbroken and distraught over the loss of her French bulldog, Nugget. Her husband, David, said he killed the dog because it bit the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

The alleged dog killing had serious implications for Jenelle's family ... she temporarily lost custody of her three children in the fallout.

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office says it's closing the investigation and will not file charges against Jenelle for filing a false police report.

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Amber Portwood Charged with 3 Felonies ... BF Wants Custody of Son


8:30 PM PT -- Prosecutors just hit Amber with 3 felony charges ... domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and domestic battery in the presence of a child. Unclear what the deadly weapon would be since police docs only mention her hitting Andrew with a shoe.

Amber Portwood's boyfriend and baby daddy wants an emergency hearing to get sole custody of their child ... according to new legal docs.

Andrew Glennon filed docs Tuesday seeking custody of their 1-year-old son, James, following Amber's arrest last weekend for domestic battery. 

We broke the story ... Portwood was arrested Friday in Indianapolis just before 6 AM. According to police, Andrew claimed she assaulted him around 2 AM during a heated argument, but more importantly, while he was holding James. 

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Dispatch audio of the incident reveals Andrew claimed his and little James' lives were in danger. According to the police report we obtained, he texted an officer that very thing and added, "I need help."

The report says Andrew told cops Portwood hit him with her shoe on the right side of his neck, causing pain and abrasions. An officer saw the marks on his neck and took photos for evidence. Andrew said James was unharmed.

According to the report, Andrew told officers this was not the first time she had struck him, and added Amber threatened to physically harm him countless times.

Portwood allegedly admitted hitting her baby daddy, but said it was lightly on his shoulder -- and also claimed she only did it because he was recording her.

Amber and Andrew just had a pregnancy scare on "Teen Mom OG," and she also hinted they might soon get married.

Originally Published - 1:41 PM PT

Jenelle Evans' Ex Nathan Griffith She Won't Let Me See My Son ... So I'll Fight her in Court


Jenelle Evans may have won the battle but her ex, Nathan Griffith, vows to win the war ... cause he's taking her to court again to regain primary custody of their 5-year-old son, Kaiser.

Nathan hopped on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and laid out his case on why Jenelle's an unfit parent and why Kaiser belongs with him. He's not happy Jenelle regained custody of their 5-year-old son, and to add insult to injury, he says she's being vindictive.

Nathan says Jenelle is trying to ruin his relationship with Kaiser by blocking his number ... meaning he can't communicate with his son by FaceTime or phone.

He says he wants way more than a phone call ... he wants primary custody, because of his special relationship with his kid.

As we reported ... Jenelle regained custody of Kaiser and her and David Eason's 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, after weeks of testimony in their custody trial. 

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Latest mug shot Arrested for Domestic Violence

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

8:29 AM PT -- Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department tells TMZ, Amber's boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, claimed she assaulted him while he was holding their 1-year-old son. The incident occurred at around 3:00 AM Friday after the couple got in a heated argument. 


According to dispatch audio, Amber's boyfriend claimed his and his child's lives were in danger. Police say they have contacted Child Protective Services.

'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood has been arrested for domestic battery ... TMZ has learned.

She was arrested in Indianapolis Friday just before 6:00 AM. Cops are not saying who the alleged victim is ... per protocol.

Portwood was still in custody at the time of this post.

The 29-year-old and boyfriend Andrew Glennon just had a pregnancy scare on the "Teen Mom OG" show. She also hinted they might soon get married. 

She has 2 kids -- 1-year-old James, whose father is Andrew, and 10-year-old Leah, whose father is her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

Portwood went to prison for 17 months back in 2012 for violation her probation in a drug possession case. She actually had a choice of prison vs. rehab ... she chose prison. 

Originally published -- 6:44 AM PT

Jenelle Evans Makeup Biz Was Still Makin' Moves Despite Child Custody Battle


Jenelle Evans is out of the reality TV biz -- and also the raising kids biz, temporarily -- but that doesn't mean her cosmetics biz wasn't thriving amid all of her family drama.

Sources tell TMZ ... Jenelle's beauty line, JE Cosmetics, has been movin' and shakin' behind-the-scenes despite all the chaos going on in her life. Specifically, we're told she's been in talks with several different cosmetic suppliers for over a year to relaunch and rebrand the line she first started in 2017. The new line is set to take off on Sept. 7.

Jenelle's been teasing her cosmetics comeback on social media, and it looks like she's expanding her products beyond lipsticks and eyelashes. 

There's more ... aside from the deals Jenelle has already inked with various vendors and suppliers, we're told she continues to pique interest from big wigs in the beauty game.

Our sources say one major fashion company has already partnered with her to do a joint collaboration/release -- which we're told will coincide with the JE rollout. 

As for why Jenelle is still drawing so much attention -- especially after losing custody of her kids, and David Eason killing the family dog -- we're told her suitors think she's still marketable in a business capacity. 

TMZ broke the story ... Jenelle and David got their kids back Wednesday, after weeks of testimony.

Jenelle Evans I'm Getting My Kids Back!!!

TMZ / Getty Composite

Jenelle Evans is no longer an empty-nester ... TMZ has learned her children are coming home. 

Sources connected to the case tell us, the judge in her custody trial has just ruled 2-year-old Ensley and 5-year-old Kaiser will be returned to their mom. We're told Kaiser's dad, Nathan Griffith, must turn his son over to Jenelle, Thursday at 10 AM.

The judge finished hearing testimony Wednesday and hardly waited to hand down the ruling. The testimony lasted over a period of weeks.  

Jenelle's mom, Barbara, still has custody of 9-year-old Jace

As we've reported ... Jenelle and her husband David Eason had been fighting to regain custody of her kids, trekking back and forth to a courthouse in North Carolina. 

Jenelle and David lost custody of Jace, Kaiser and Ensley earlier this year after Eason shot and killed the family dog, a French bulldog named Nugget. 


Jenelle and David have been beefing with her mom ... and as we first reported, Jenelle believed her kids were at risk living with Barbara because of Jenelle's erratic uncle, Colin, who has a long history with cops.

It's pretty good timing for Jenelle ... getting the family back together just in time for the Fourth of July.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans In-Law Locked My Kid In A Bedroom!!! ... Calls 911

911 CALL

David Eason made a 911 call claiming his mother-in-law locked his 2-year-old daughter in a bedroom and couldn't get the door open ... and he asked dispatch to also get child services involved.

According to dispatch audio obtained by TMZ ... David says Jenelle Evans' mother, Barbara, locked their little girl, Ensley, in a room so she could take a shower. David claims Barbara was unable to get the door open and Ensley was freaking out.

David was not at Barbara's home when he made the call ... but says Jenelle's 9-year-old son, Jace, is the one who told him what happened when Ensley was locked in. Jace also lives with Barbara.

David also asks the dispatch operator to file a report with child protective services ... but the operator says David needed to do that independently. We don't know if he followed through and called CPS.

A source tells us Barbara was eventually able to get Ensley out on her own.

As we've reported ... David and Jenelle lost custody of her 3 kids after he shot and killed the family dog, and Barbara is looking after 2 of them. 

911 CALL

In another recent 911 call obtained by TMZ ... Jenelle asked police to conduct a welfare check at Barbara's home. Jenelle says she had called Barbara to check on her kids and heard lots of screaming and yelling in the background. She says Barbara hung up and wouldn't answer her calls.

No shortage of drama in this family.

Jenelle Evans My Kids Aren't Safe With My Mom ... As Long As My Brother's Around


Jenelle Evans believes her kids are at great risk while under the care of her mother, Barbara, and it's all because of Evans' erratic brother, Colin, who has a lengthy history with the cops.

Police records -- obtained by TMZ -- show police have had at least 8 interactions with Colin since February. Colin has called to report stalkers at his home, possible break-ins, trespassers and made claims someone was putting chemicals in his water. He has even listed David as a possible suspect in the reports ... though no evidence seemed to support David's involvement.


There's also a report of a woman who claims Colin approached her and claimed she was taking photos of him and his house ... the woman was only taking photos in the woods. Police advised Colin to leave people alone.

Police have also responded to Barbara's home several times over the last few months ... including a disturbance call where a family member had thrown items in the home and issued threats.

Our sources say David and Jenelle will stop at nothing to get their kids back, and believe the dangers of being with Barbara and possibly around Colin are much greater than anything they'd face at home.

David and Jenelle are due back in court Monday for more custody hearings ... we're told David is expected to give testimony for the first time.