FARRAH ABRAHAM SOPHIA'S PIERCINGS ARE NO BIG DEAL ... She's Not Doing Drugs, Drinking, or Having Sex!!!


Farrah Abraham is defending her daughter's new face piercings ... she says there are trade-offs to raising a teenager and is glad her 14-year-old isn't experimenting with drugs, alcohol or sex.

The "Teen Mom" star tells TMZ ... she wants to support her daughter as best she can, and if that means signing off on lip and ear piercings she wanted for her birthday, so be it ... because Sophia could be doing a lot worse.

Sophia got lip and ear piercings for her 14th birthday ... but mom says she made sure professional piercers were involved ... and she says Sophia actually didn't end up getting all the piercings after a professional advised against it.

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While parents are blasting Farrah on social media ... she says some need to look in the mirror, because plenty of teens her daughter's age are already boozing, experimenting with drugs, dating and having sex ... things she considers way more dangerous than a piercing.

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Sophia got a septum piercing last year for her 13th birthday, which Farrah also defended ... but this time she's advanced to the lips and ears.

Still, Farrah says it's better than something permanent ... like tattoos, or you know, a baby ... and she thinks it's better if Sophia has some avenues to express herself, and she couldn't be more proud of her.

'Teen Mom' Star Nathan Griffith Arrested For Domestic Violence ... Allegedly Choked GF, Dragged Her Up Stairs

"Teen Mom" star Nathan Griffith, who has a son with Jenelle Evans, has been arrested for domestic battery after allegedly choking his girlfriend ... TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Delray Beach, FL police responded to a domestic disturbance call Friday from Nathan's brother-in-law, William ... who claimed Nathan told him on the phone he "lost it" -- choked his girlfriend and dragged her up the stairs.

Cops say William told them Nathan then hung up, which prompted William to text the GF to ask if she was ok -- and she replied, "no."

Police say Nathan was uncooperative when they arrived, claiming they were fine ... and even told the officers William's on drugs and wasn't a reliable source.

Cops say they noticed several scratches on his neck and back, but Nathan told them they came from having sex with his girlfriend.

The docs say the girlfriend, who appeared to be recently crying, initially was uncooperative at first ... but eventually told cops Nathan had been physically aggressive with her. She added she couldn't explain the specifics, as she "blacked out," although she wouldn't clarify if that was from getting choked.

According to the report, she later shouted, "I'm 100 some pounds and he's 250 how in the hell am I supposed to get him off me."  Cops say they noticed bruising on her neck starting to appear ... and Nathan was eventually placed under arrest for domestic battery by strangulation.

"Teen Mom" fans remember Nathan and Jenelle had a tumultuous relationship -- eventually calling off their engagement amid cheating allegations. He announced he got married to May Oyola last year, but revealed things were not going well for the 2. It's unclear if they divorced.

'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Ex-Fiancé Jaylan Moves Out Of Her Home ... Days After Breakup

"Teen Mom" star Leah Messer's now ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley is movin' out of the place they once called home together ... this coming days after putting an end to their brief engagement.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Jaylan took his stuff Thursday from the West Virginia home where he lived with Leah and her kids.

We're told he moved his belongings -- including some of the furniture -- into his new apartment, about 45 minutes from Leah's place.

As for Leah, our sources say she's going to stay put in the house with her 3 kids, 9-year-old Adalynn and 12-year-old twins Aliannah & Aleeah -- after all, Leah bought the pad herself back in April for $515k.

We're told Leah's telling people around her she's saddened by the breakup, but won't budge on what caused the split -- only to say she really thought Jaylan would be her happily ever after.

As we reported, Leah and Jaylan broke up just 2 months after their engagement began ... telling us, "While the last year has been tremendously exciting for both of us, we've realized that it's best we walk separate paths. We are so grateful for the lessons, growth, and memories we've had in this relationship."

'Teen Mom' Leah Messer & Fiancé Jaylan Split 2 Months After Engagement

'Teen Mom' star Leah Messer and her fiancé Jaylan Mobley are no more ... ending their relationship two months after getting engaged.

The two tell us, "While the last year has been tremendously exciting for both of us, we’ve realized that it’s best we walk separate paths. We are so grateful for the lessons, growth, and memories we’ve had in this relationship. So many of you have watched our love story unfold, and we hope that you’ll continue to watch our stories while we move forward as friends."

They continue, "We will forever have love and respect for each other, and we ask for privacy as we refocus and transition out of this chapter together."

Leah and Jaylan announced their engagement back in August, he proposed on the beach, and in an Instagram post, wrote, "Two souls, one heart. It's official."

Leah has three daughters from previous relationships.

Jenelle Evans Not Returning To 'Teen Mom'

Jenelle Evans is leaving "Teen Mom" and not looking back ... with her management telling us she's on to bigger and better things in the reality TV world.

Jenelle's manager, August Keen, tells TMZ ... Jenelle is officially NOT returning to MTV's "Teen Mom" franchise after the two sides could not reach an agreement on a contract.

We're told MTV wanted to sign Jenelle to an exclusive deal, but her manager says it would have limited other career opportunities for Jenelle.

Despite leaving "Teen Mom" behind, it sounds like Jenelle is not done with TV ... we're told Jenelle "has a new dynamic series in development, keeping the concept under wraps for now."

Jenelle's manager says the show is going to be picked up by a major network.

We're also told Jenelle is focusing on building her brand as an entrepreneur, and an exclusive deal with MTV just did not make sense for her.

Jenelle's time on "Teen Mom" was not without controversy ... including when her husband David Eason killed the family dog, resulting in Jenelle's 2019 firing from MTV.

We reached out to MTV ... so far no word back.

Farrah Abraham No, I Wasn't At The Club With My Daughter ... Just A Fun-Filled Concert


Farrah Abraham has been put on blast for allegedly taking her 13-year-old to a club ... but she says her critics don't know what's really up.

Farrah tells TMZ ... she went with her daughter, Sophia, and her friends to an "all ages" concert at The Empire Control Room in Texas Monday, thinking it would just be safer if she were there -- referencing last year's Astroworld tragedy.

Farrah's been getting slammed ever since posting about the event, with many assuming the 13-year-old was under the venue's age limit and that it was wrong to take a 13-year-old regardless.


She says there was no age limit for this particular concert. As for taking a 13-year-old, Farrah says she wanted to educate her kid on how to have a fun yet safe time at a concert.

Farrah's been working through a 12-step program for substance abuse and believes it's helped her with everything, including parenting. BTW, she says she was knockin' back H2O during the performances.


Farrah's pressing pause on her comedy ventures as she works through some legal battles -- she was charged with battery last month and pled not guilty ... this stemming from an incident in January where she allegedly slapped a security guard at a club.

Farrah Abraham Boo'd Up With Friend of 2 Years Breaks Up Immediately


11:57 AM PT -- After going public with Mack she has decided to not pursue anything further. Farrah tells TMZ ... "Sometimes people turn into monsters with press, happy I found out now."

Farrah Abraham has jumped back into the dating pool, getting cozy with a musician who's busting out of the friend zone ... in a big way.

Farrah tells TMZ ... she's dating again -- a big step for her after leaving a treatment trauma center earlier this year -- and the lucky guy is a guitarist who goes by his stage name, Mack Lovat.

Farrah says Mack's band, Minus Gravity, is signed to Capitol Records and they've known each other ever since he slid into her Instagram DMs 2 years ago, and asked her out on a date.

We're told, they had a Covid date in a park, went to a basketball game together and then stayed in touch since then, but just as friends. As these pics of them out in Hollywood prove ... they've recently decided to upgrade to friends with benefits.

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The "Teen Mom" star tells us it's nothing official, but they spent her birthday together in Hawaii ... along with her daughter, and just continued hanging out when they got back to L.A.

Regardless of labels, Farrah says she appreciates that Mack keeps a low profile away from drama, because it doesn’t negatively impact her 7 remaining months of outpatient therapy or her sobriety.

Of course, she had lots of drama back in January when she was arrested. You'll recall, law enforcement sources said Farrah allegedly slapped a security guard, which resulted in someone making a citizen's arrest. She has not been charged for the incident.

That incident prompted her decision to seek treatment for past traumas ... and with a new guy in her life, seems like life's finally trending positively for Farrah.

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Farrah Abraham Sophia's Piercing is Just the new 13 ... Get Over it, Haters!!!


Farrah Abraham says she's putting her child's happiness first, and standing by her decision to allow Sophia to get a septum piercing for her 13th birthday.

The "Teen Mom" star tells TMZ ... she's doing her best as a parent -- despite what her critics say -- to make sure her teen is happy and healthy, and if that means Sophia getting a needle through her nose, so be it!

What's interesting is Farrah acknowledges she wasn't personally a fan of Sophia getting the piercing, but says it was more important to her that it be done by a professional ... rather than Sophia sneaking off to do it herself.

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Despite not being for it, Farrah sure sounded happy to celebrate the piercing as a new Abraham family milestone. As for Sophia, she's also blocking out the haters, and called her new nose bling a "birthday wish come true".


Seems like the reality star is in a much better place, compared to last month. You'll recall, she was arrested outside a club after allegedly slapping a security guard.

Since the incident, she's moved away from L.A. while threatening to sue the club. She's also said she's had suicidal thoughts due to the arrest.

Still, Farrah's proud of herself for posting the attack and putting the club on blast, and adds she's focusing on recovering by going to a trauma treatment center in Texas for 28 days.

Farrah Abraham I've Had Suicidal Thoughts Since Arrest


Farrah Abraham says she's been a wreck since her arrest for allegedly slapping a security guard at a club ... it's gotten so bad she's had suicidal thoughts.

We got Farrah in Hollywood Saturday where she was packing up her stuff and putting it in a U-haul. She says she's moving out of California ... that's how upset she says she is over the arrest, where she ended up face down in the dirt outside the club.


Farrah tearfully says she now has no body function on her upper right side and she's afraid to go out in public.

TMZ broke the story ... Farrah was having dinner at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood January 15th when there was some sort of confrontation inside and a security guard claims Farrah slapped her. The club made a citizen's arrest and security took the former star of 'Teen Mom' outside while police were on the way, and Farrah ended up in the dirt.

She says she's doing physical therapy and hopes surgery is not in the cards.

Farrah is now going the way of a bunch of other celebs, who are done with L.A. and have moved on to other parts of the country or world.


"Teen Mom OG" star Cheyenne Floyd and her fiancé had a rude awakening following a romantic getaway to Mexico ... her man got busted going through customs at LAX.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Zach Davis, who appears on the MTV show with Cheyenne, was taken into custody after customs agents discovered he had outstanding arrest warrants.

We're told Zach violated probation for cases involving theft and DUI ... and our sources say that's what triggered the warrants and ultimately led to his airport arrest.

Our sources say Zach was taken into custody Jan 3 ... he was booked, held briefly and then released.

Cheyenne and Zach share a newborn child together, and she obviously has a child from when she was younger ... remember, she's a "Teen Mom OG" ... and they were all down in Mexico livin' it up before the reality check at LAX.

We reached out to Cheyenne's team ... so far, no word back.

Farrah Abraham Threatens to Sue Venue for Detaining Her ... Alleged Victim Shares Injury Photo

Farrah Abraham is apparently gearing up for a lawsuit against the venue whose guards made her eat dirt — but at the same time, her alleged victim is also showing off what she says are licks she claims Farrah inflicted.

The "Teen Mom" star's attorney, Kia Feyzjou, tells TMZ that she and their team are, at the very least, exploring a civil suit surrounding the events from last weekend ... which ended with Farrah arrested for battery. The reason, we're told, is because Farrah and co. believe she was wrongfully placed under citizen's arrest in the first place by the lounge's staff.


Feyzjou says that the initial citizen's arrest was unlawful so the real cops shouldn't have taken her into custody.

Not just that, but Feyzjou says the venue's security guards who had her pinned to the ground used excessive force in restraining her ... allegedly leaving Farrah in a lot of pain and distress after the fact. That's something else Feyzjou thinks might give her client grounds for a lawsuit.

Farrah, of course, has already spoken her piece in this ... insisting she was unfairly singled out and mistreated.

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On the flip side, the security guard whom Farrah is alleged to have hit that night is also speaking out ... sticking to her story that Farrah, indeed, did strike her -- and posting photo evidence she says backs up her claim.

The woman, Megan Armstrong, has thrown up a few different posts on Instagram to air her grievances against Farrah, and the one photo she has of her mug appears to show her rocking a shiner.

No word if this gal herself is considering legal action, but we know Farrah certainly is. To be continued, we're sure.

Farrah Abraham Arrested for Allegedly Slapping Security Guard


10:07 AM PT -- Farrah tells TMZ ... "I’m tired of being maliciously battered, attacked, conspired against while having dinner at Grand Master Records, this was a private person's arrest my lawyer is handling from here. It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I can not even enjoy dinner as I’m the only person out of 3 attacked and harassed when. I look forward to court as always, warning this place is a danger to public figures."


She claims that the establishment's workers attacked her, and further alleges they filmed the whole thing to leak to the media. Farrah also insists she was singled out, pointing out that her two friends were not hassled ... only her.

Farrah Abraham was arrested Saturday night, after allegedly slapping a security guard at a club ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources say, Farrah allegedly slapped a security guard at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood, where she and a friend were partying. An eyewitness tells TMZ someone in the club allegedly assaulted them ... someone described as a Farrah "hater."

Farrah allegedly got belligerent and was asked to leave the club but refused. At some point, she allegedly slapped the guard.

We're told initially cops weren't called. Rather, someone called for paramedics and when they arrived they say someone -- presumably Farrah -- was so belligerent they called the cops for backup.

Someone made a citizen's arrest -- we're assuming it's the security guard but we haven't confirmed. Farrah was taken into custody and released shortly thereafter.

No one was injured. No word on whether Farrah will be charged.

JUNE 2018

BTW ... it's not the first time Farrah was arrested for allegedly hitting someone who asked her to leave. Back in 2018, she was busted after allegedly striking an employee at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She has been banned from there as a result.

Originally Published -- 8:05 AM PT

Farrah Abraham 'Teen Mom' Reunion Show Unfortunately Got Physical


Farrah Abraham's return to the 'Teen Mom' franchise promises to be nothing short of dramatic and, apparently, punchy too ... so says the OG herself.

We got FA in L.A. talking about the new spinoff she's part of, "Teen Mom: Family Reunion" which is set to premiere next month. Sounds like the time she spent filming with much of her old costars was a bit of a mixed bag -- based on what she's telling us here, anyway.

Check it out ... Farrah tells us getting back into the 'Teen Mom' world was a bit surreal, because she thinks a lot of the folks who are still partaking are remnants of the past -- something she was trying to propel forward with her appearance.

Doesn't sound like that push to embrace growing pains was met with open arms because she tells us things actually got physical at one point ... with multiple ladies.

It may have made for good TV in the moment, but Farrah tells us she didn't appreciate the squabble in hindsight, due to COVID ... and, y'know, generally not wanting to throw hands unnecessarily.

Still, she makes it seem like this new season's gonna be chock full of drama and (hopefully) some heart-to-heart talks with the original crop of teen moms... who are all grown up now. The new series premieres on Jan. 11 on MTV.

'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Husband David Eason Arrested ... Open Container Driving, Cops Say

'Teen Mom' star David Eason's got new trouble with the law -- although this time it has nothing to do with his wife, Jenelle Evans -- instead, cops say he broke the law twice while behind the wheel.

David got busted in Columbus County, NC, where he and Jenelle live, for driving on a revoked license. Even worse, cops say he was tooling around town with an open container of alcohol when they stopped him Friday night.

According to the NY Post, David posted a $750 bond, through a bondsman, in order to get released from jail.

Jenelle and David, who were once bitterly estranged, reconciled last year -- however, David apparently didn't make up with the state of North Carolina. According to Jenelle, he failed to pay an old seatbelt ticket ... and that's why his license has been revoked.

The court dates are stacking up for David ... he has 2 of 'em coming up in February for this new arrest, and also from summer 2020 -- for assault with a deadly weapon.

BTW, cops told us they didn't bother taking a new mug shot for his latest arrest, because David essentially looks the same.

Farrah Abraham Yale Law School, Here I Come ... Take That, Harvard!!!


Farrah Abraham has her heart set on attending law school, possibly in the Ivy League -- on the heels of her Harvard beef -- and she says Harvard's fiercest rival is interested.

We got the former "Teen Mom" star at Debbie Durkin's EcoLuxe Lounge event at the Beverly Hills Hilton, and asked about her law school prospects. The headline here is Farrah's not soured on Ivy schools after experiencing what she calls "educational abuse" in Cambridge, MA ... and she might get the ultimate revenge at Yale.

Farrah says she's a wanted woman now that she's secured her transcript from Harvard, and she told us -- with a straight face -- Yale and several other law schools are recruiting her.

Laugh if you want, but Farrah does have a Bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale which at least makes her eligible to apply at Yale.

While she seems open to giving the Ivy League another chance, it sounds like Farrah's leaning toward staying close to home in California ... because she thinks she would fit in better on a diverse campus. Plus, what Cali girl wants to brave a New England winter?!?


As we first told you ... Farrah trashed Harvard over what she says was a horrible experience with their online program, and even threatened a lawsuit.

Farrah tells us what type of law she would like to practice one day. Here's a hint: Anything goes!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for her Harvard litigation -- sounds like that's on her back burner for now.

Speaking of burning ... Farrah told us why she's holding on to the Harvard sweatshirt she partially torched.

Farrah Abraham Here's My Veritas ... Harvard Sucks and I'm Gonna Sue!!!


Farrah Abraham has moved on from her feud with Chrissy Teigen ... she's now going off on Harvard -- yes, that Harvard -- claiming she was the victim of "educational abuse" and promising legal action against the University.

We got the former "Teen Mom" star out in Hollywood Thursday, and she rattled off her laundry list of issues with the famed Ivy League school ... which stems from her allegedly being booted from a Zoom course by her teacher, with no follow-up explanation.

Farrah, who may be mad but not angry enough to put her Harvard sweatshirt in mothballs, claims her professor, Patricia Bellanca, played mind games with her by telling her to turn in an assignment without checking it over ... then later used that against her in trying to convince her to drop the course.

She also alleges Harvard's entire online program is a "joke" and a "scam," while insinuating she may have been racially discriminated against as well ... saying she was the "most person of color" in the class.

Farrah adds that she's had no choice but to go public with her Harvard beef, because allegedly neither her professor nor Dean Robert Neugeboren has returned any of her calls or emails.

Finally, she says she's going to file a lawsuit against the school for what she calls "abusive" treatment.

We reached out to the school and a spokesperson for Harvard University told us that due to federal student privacy laws, they do not comment on individual student academic matters.

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