Farrah Abraham My Dogs are Good ... But My Kid's in Therapy


Farrah Abraham is NOT sweating accusations of animal abuse ... 'cause she says her pooches are happy and healthy ... which she says is not the case for her daughter.

We got Farrah leaving Craig's Wednesday night in WeHo and talked with her about the backlash she's getting over an Instagram post ... featuring her dog, Cupcake, muzzled and her Pomeranian Boo's fur dyed blue. Cupcake's fur, BTW, is dyed hot pink.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Farrah calls the backlash "hate speech" and claims it has gotten so bad she's put her daughter in therapy.

As for Cupcake being muzzled, Farrah captioned her video saying, "p.s. for those who do not know what dog training muzzles are for go to your nearest pet store and learn more and why they can be helpful in training."

Not everyone's buying that ... with some fans asking, "Why the f*** is the dog's mouth tied shut?" Another person tagged PETA and the ASPCA and commented, "Please take these poor dogs out of this home before Sophia harms another one and Farrah continues to abuse. This is so f***ing sad."

You'll recall Farrah's other Pomeranian, Blue, died in 2018. Sophia took to social media at the time and said she threw Blue, causing the fatal injury ... before Farrah clarified, saying Sophia misspoke and Blue died after months of complications from a collapsed trachea.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Buy New Dog Bed, Food w/ Kids In Tow


9:06 AM PT -- Jenelle just revealed the new pup, a Goldendoodle named Rosie. In a blog post, Jenelle says she got Rosie for her kids after she and David split to make her kids feel as comfortable as possible.

Jenelle Evans says she's not back together with David Eason, but they're still doing a lot together ... like buying new pet supplies, including a dog bed.

The former 'Teen Mom' star was spotted Tuesday shopping at a Walmart in Leland, NC -- where she was leaving the big box store with whom we're told was none other than her baby daddy, DE, and a couple of her kids tagging along. As you can see, they had their hands full.

One of the kids is holding what appears to be a doggy bed or pet bed of some kind. We're also told by eyewitnesses, their bags had dog food inside as well.

In case we have to remind you ... David killed their last family dog, which led to their kids being temporarily taken away. Since then, they've gotten the kids back ... and they've also welcomed a few new animals into their lives, including at least 2 dogs and a goat.

It's unclear if they still got the hounds running around the yard, or what these supplies might be for exactly ... but when ya buy new dog stuff, you probably have a new dog around.

As for whether they're actually a thing again in the wake of their split, we'll let you decide. If it looks like a relationship and walks like a relationship, it's probably ... ah, you get it.

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Jenelle Evans, David Eason Back in the Groove ... Grabbin' Some Drinks


Jenelle Evans and David Eason are clearly back together -- despite her whole "never ever ever getting back together" line -- and there's photographic proof.

We got Jenelle and David at Aldean's Saturday night in Nashville at the Kitchen & Rooftop Bar.

They've said they're working on co-parenting, but it's feeling like they're giving the relationship another try ... this after David shot and killed the family dog, Jenelle got a restraining order against him, the kids were taken away, she got fired from "Teen Mom" and on and on.

That's all apparently in their rearview ... Jenelle has dropped the restraining order and they've been out and about together a bunch lately. On Friday, Jenelle and David grabbed some barbecue at Famous Dave's BBQ in Hermitage, TN.

Last month the former "Teen Mom" stars were also seen walking side-by-side with their daughter, Ensley, in Nashville.

Jenelle Evans' Ex-BF Hospitalized After Blowout with Mom ... She Feared He'd Harm Himself


Jenelle Evans' ex-BF, Nathan Griffith, got into a nasty spat with his mom over a car accident ... and when he left she feared for his safety.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops were called to Nathan's home on New Year's Day and when they got there Nathan said his mother had driven her car into his. The accident happened on private property, so cops told Nathan they couldn't take a report ... and he and mom would have to hash it out on their own.

That's when things kicked up a notch. Sources close to Nathan tell us he and his mother got into an argument and exchanged harsh words. Nathan locked her out of the house until she apologized. When he finally let her in, Nathan bolted and threatened he might take his life.

Jenelle Evans Ex-Husband in Jail Again ... Busted for Drugs, Larceny


Jenelle Evans' first husband is in a very familiar place -- a North Carolina jail -- and it could be an extended stay because he's facing serious felony charges.

Courtland Keith Rogers -- who was married to the former 'Teen Mom' star from 2012 to 2014 -- got arrested over the weekend in New Hanover County He's been booked on one count of felony larceny, and one count of felony possession of a schedule I drug ... which includes "highly addictive and mind-altering substances" such as heroin, morphine and mescaline. Cops haven't revealed what Rogers allegedly had.

Rogers is also facing a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia and a schedule II drug. That's more like pain medications. According to sheriff's records, he's still in jail being held on a $15k bond.

We broke the story ... Jenelle's ex was arrested last July for a felony probation violation, in connection with his April 2018 bust on drug charges. Rogers was also arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in August 2018.

Farrah Abraham Don't Sex Shame Me Over Racy Vid in Front of Daughter

Sex Shamed

Farrah Abraham is not letting Internet trolls control her parenting -- she's blowing off the haters who say she crossed a line with a new sexy video ... shot in front of her daughter.

We got the former 'Teen Mom' and "Backdoor Teen Mom" star leaving Cecconi's in WeHo Monday, and she teed off about the backlash over her yacht excursion. In case you missed it ... Farrah slipped into tiny red lingerie and pranced aboard the vessel while a guy played violin.


Online sleuths noticed Farrah's 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, was on the same boat recording Tik Toks ... while Mom was nearby shaking her barely-covered booty.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Already Reunited ... Co-Parenting in Nashville


Jenelle Evans is back spending time with her estranged husband, David Eason -- almost immediately after dropping a restraining order -- but there's no romance ... TMZ has learned.

We got this pic of the ex-'Teen Mom' stars walking side-by-side Tuesday in Nashville ... along with their daughter, Ensley, who was holding Mom's hand -- and is the crucial part of the picture.

As we reported ... the exes had a court hearing for the restraining order, but it was dismissed at Jenelle's request.

Sources close to Jenelle tell TMZ ... the reason for her change in tune is because she wants Ensley to be able to see her dad. We're told she's also very tired of going to court.

Still, the sight of the 3 of them back together -- having some family fun in Music City -- is pretty surprising. Remember, Jenelle said, "I am scared for my life and my children's well-being," when she got the temporary restraining order in November ... days after filing for divorce.

Our sources say David and Jenelle's reunion is definitely not a sign they've reconciled their marriage -- the divorce is still happening. However, we're told Jenelle wants to co-parent with David -- like she does with her other ex, Nathan Griffith -- and hopes they can remain civil.

As you'll recall .... major issues started between them early in 2019, after David killed the family dog for nipping at Ensley. There was an investigation and Eason was never charged -- but clearly the incident impacted their family -- temporarily losing custody of their kids -- and their relationship.

Jenelle Evans' Ex David Eason Wanted in NC ... After Missing Court Date


Jenelle Evans' estranged husband, David Eason, is a wanted man in North Carolina ... and it all stems from an allegedly illegal truck-towing incident in 2018.

The embattled former reality TV star was ordered to appear in court Thursday for the case, but he no-showed, so the judge signed a warrant for his arrest ... according to the New Hanover Criminal Court Clerk.

The case centers around an incident that went down way back in the summer of 2018, in which Eason appeared to illegally tow a man's truck. David kinda shot himself in the foot on this one too -- he shared the video Jenelle took of him towing the truck that he claimed had blocked him in a space.

Amber Portwood Claims Andrew Lied About Son's Dog Bite ... Broke Xmas Custody Deal


Amber Portwood got screwed out of spending time with her son over the holidays, and the kid suffered a vicious dog bite her baby daddy tried to cover up ... or so she claims in legal docs.

Amber says she and Andrew Glennon had a custody agreement in place which allotted her parenting time with their 1-year-old son, James, during Christmas ... but she claims he bolted out of state with the boy without proper notice.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Amber says the next shock came when Andrew hit her up on Xmas Day to say James was "nipped" by a family dog and had to go to the ER.

She claims Andrew waited 3 days after that to send her a photo of the injury, and never shared info about James' initial ER visit. In the docs, she says the photo showed James had a black eye and a bandaged nose, "indicating that the injury was more than a 'nip.'"

Amber Portwood Didn't Violate Probation With Alleged Online Threats


Amber Portwood's in the clear with her probation officer over alleged threats she made against a YouTuber ... because that woman has no direct connection to her case.

TMZ broke the story ... Katie Joy -- the woman behind the Without a Crystal Ball YouTube account that's been documenting Amber's domestic violence case, including publishing video and audio of the entire blowout between Amber and Andrew Glennon -- contacted authorities after Amber allegedly directed some threats on Instagram Live toward her.

Without A Crystal Ball

Portwood's probation officer was notified of Katie's issue, but the Marion County Probation Department in Indiana tells us ... it doesn't amount to any sort of violation.

We're told Joy isn't listed on Amber's probation order, so any alleged threats in and of themselves don't constitute a probation breach. If Katie was listed, it would be a different story.

The MC Probation Dept. says the only way Portwood's probation would be affected is if Indianapolis PD arrested her or if she was convicted of making threats against Joy.

Considering Katie hasn't filed a police report in Indiana, that doesn't seem likely ... and our Indiana law enforcement sources confirm Amber's not under investigation. However, sources close to Katie say he HAS filed a report where she lives in Minnesota ... but was told by police there's not much they can do.

Without A Crystal Ball

As for why Portwood's on probation ... you'll recall she pled guilty to 2 felonies -- domestic battery and intimidation -- in her domestic violence case with Glennon. She got 906 days of probation, but if it's violated the judge can sentence her to hard time.

Amber Portwood Allegedly Threatens YouTuber ... Probation Officer Alerted!!!


Amber Portwood allegedly threatened the YouTuber who posted clips of her machete incident with her baby daddy ... and that could get her in big trouble with her probation officer.

The Marion County District Attorney tells TMZ ... Katie Joy -- the woman behind a YouTube account that's been documenting Amber's domestic violence case -- reached out to the D.A.'s Office and accused Amber of making threats.

We're told the D.A. passed it along to the probation officer overseeing the "Teen Mom OG" star's case. As we've reported, Amber pled guilty to 2 felonies -- domestic battery and intimidation. She got 906 days of probation, but if probation is violated the judge can send her to the slammer for a long time.

Without A Crystal Ball

In this clip from Amber's Instagram Live ... Katie claims Amber's speaking directly to her, when she says, "I know your address." Portwood says someone is going to get what she has coming to her, and Katie claims Amber's clearly referencing her.

Remember ... Katie's YouTube account, Without a Crystal Ball, published video and audio of the entire blowout between Amber and Andrew Glennon.

Without A Crystal Ball

Sources close to Katie tell TMZ ... she's getting threats from Amber's fans hoping she dies, and she's afraid one of Portwood's fans will attack her.

We're told Katie has not filed a police report because she's not sure what cops in Minnesota -- where she lives -- would be able to do.

We reached out to reps for Amber ... so far, radio silence.

Amber Portwood Alleged Machete Incident on Audio ... Argument on Video

Without A Crystal Ball

10:11 AM PT -- A rep for Amber tells TMZ, "These recordings, obtained without Amber's knowledge and disseminated without her consent, serve as a painful reminder of a challenging and complicated time in her life she would like to move on from. Her full focus continues to remain on reaching a move favorable custody agreement for her son, James."

Amber Portwood alleged machete incident with her baby daddy was captured on audio -- and it's pretty terrifying to listen to, as Amber can apparently be heard hacking at a door.

Video and audio of the entire blowout between the "Teen Mom OG" star and Andrew Glennon from this past 4th of July has surfaced, and it gives you a sneak peek as to what led up to the alleged shoe throwing and machete wielding from Amber.

Without A Crystal Ball

Ring video that the family has set up in their home shows Andrew and Amber getting ready to head out with their 1-year-old son, James, to catch fireworks. But, the family has to turn around after leaving in their car due to a main road being closed ... which pissed off AP.

You can then hear Amber unloading on Andrew, telling him to STFU after he chastises her for being ill-prepared every 4th of July. The argument escalates after they head out in the car yet again, after which the family comes back to the house for a 2nd time.

This is where s*** kinda hits the fan ... as you can see and hear Amber threatens to toss a bunch of Andrew's stuff out on the street, and then you hear Andrew ask if she chugged a bunch of her meds in one sitting ... the implication being she's threatening to kill herself.

At this point, Andrew gets behind a door -- supposedly while holding their son -- and you hear Amber demanding he open the door. Then comes the hacking -- 3 strikes, from what Andrew says is a machete. Amber seems to acknowledge it is, in fact, a machete.


As you know ... Amber copped a plea deal in the DV case -- pleading guilty to domestic battery and intimidation, this after initially denying any such machete attack.

She and Andrew are currently locked in a custody battle over the kid -- he wants to move to Malibu, but she's trying to prevent that by any means.

Jenelle Evans Spotted with Ex-BF Nathan ... Amid David Divorce


Jenelle Evans is trying to get back to enjoyable mom duties in wake of her nasty split with David Eason ... and part of those duties include spending time with her ex-BF, Nathan.

The former "Teen Mom 2" star visited a bowling alley/roller arena in Tennessee this week with a couple of her kids -- we're told the youngest two, 5-year-old Kaiser and 2-year-old Ensley -- for some roller skating, bowling, bumper cars and arcade games.

Jenelle's baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, was also on hand ... and a source tells us the two did a routine kid drop-off at the location. Jenelle and Nathan have Kaiser together.

We're told Jenelle appeared to be in very good spirits, and she had no issue snapping a pic with an employee.

As we reported ... Jenelle got a restraining order against David after telling the court, "I am scared for my life and my children's well-being." She cited his recent threats and history of violence as examples and a judge agreed ... granting the order prohibiting Eason from contacting Jenelle and her children.

This went down just days after she announced she was leaving him and their North Carolina home and plans to file for divorce. We're told she wants full custody of Ensley, too ... and is willing to battle in court if it comes to that.

Jenelle Evans' Ex Nathan Happy She Left David Eason ... My Son's Much Safer Now!!!


Jenelle Evans isn't the only one fearful for her children's well-being in the presence of David Eason ... her ex is too, and he's relieved she finally left him.

Sources close to Nathan Griffith -- the father of Jenelle's 5-year-old son, Kaiser -- tell TMZ ... he's happy if Jenelle's happy ... and if that takes no longer being under the same roof as David, then he's all for it.

We're told Nathan was constantly worried about Kaiser's safety due to Eason's track record of violent and disturbing behavior. That's why Nathan attempted to get primary custody from Jenelle ... although, she ultimately retained it.

Our sources say Nathan thinks Jenelle is a good mom, and now that he has some peace of mind ... he's perfectly fine with her having Kaiser. We're told he also hopes co-parenting with her will be easier with David out of the picture.

As we reported ... Jenelle got a restraining order against David after telling the court, "I am scared for my life and my children's well-being." She cited his recent threats, history of violence and stockpile of weapons as examples and a judge agreed ... granting the order prohibiting Eason from contacting Jenelle and her children.

Jenelle Evans Wins Restraining Order Against David ... 'I Am Scared for My Life'

Jenelle Evans is afraid for her life and the lives of her kids ... and that's because she says her estranged husband, David Eason, is off-the-rails violent.

Jenelle got a restraining order against David, claiming flatly, "Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children's well-being."

Jenelle says David has physically and verbally abused her. She acknowledges what David belatedly acknowledged ... that he shot and killed the family dog after the animal nipped at their 2-year-old daughter.

As for the verbal abuse, Jenelle claims David said, "You can die for all I care. You're a piece of s**t. Biggest piece of s**t I've ever seen."

She also claims David insinuated he was going to kill himself if she didn't get back with him.

Under the temporary restraining order, obtained by E!, David is prohibited from having contact with Jenelle or her children.

David Eason Claims His Dog's Been Stolen!!! Calls Cops Amid Jenelle Drama


Jenelle Evans' estranged husband is in the midst of another dog scandal -- this time he claims one was stolen from his property.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... David Eason contacted the Columbus County Sheriff's Office Tuesday to report his dog missing, and he believes it was stolen. It's unclear who David thinks is responsible, but it's a decent bet he might point the finger at Jenelle.

As we've reported ... Jenelle threw in the towel on their marriage last week, saying, "that's what is best for me, and for my kids." She says she's left David and moved away from the family's North Carolina home.

We broke the story ... Jenelle's been taking care of their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, since the split, and our sources say she's planning on going for full custody if their case goes to court.

However, we're told she wants David to have contact with their daughter because she believes he's a good dad.

As for the allegedly stolen dog ... David and Jenelle got a couple of new pups just months after he shot and killed the family dog for nipping at Ensley. Jenelle's said nothing about whether she took any pets when she bolted.

We've reached out to her and David ... no word back, so far.

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