Elton John Welcome, Now Let's Raise Money!!! iHeart Pulls Off Living Room Concerts

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Elton John and friends -- including Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Alicia Keys -- successfully put on a concert from the confines of their own homes ... while raising much-needed funding for the coronavirus battle.

The show featured artists performing, pre-recorded, from their homes -- and while it was short on makeup and the usual perfect TV lighting ... the raw performances were pretty awesome.

Alicia Keys kicked it off with a scaled-down version of her new track, "Underdog." The Backstreet Boys followed by beaming in from their own homes with "I Want It That Way." It was interesting seeing all five of them singing individually, but ultimately getting edited together. Pretty seamless.

Other performers included David Grohl -- doing "My Hero," naturally -- and H.E.R.

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In between the performances, iHeart weaved in segments featuring first responders -- nurses, doctors, paramedics and truck drivers -- talking about battling the pandemic, and the importance of STAYING HOME.

Other big marquee acts on the show were Mariah Carey, Sam Smith, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Tim McGraw, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

The show's intent was raising money for Feeding America as well as First Responders Children's Foundation. No word yet on how much was raised, but it was definitely the best sounding telethon in quite some time.

Great causes with great music to deliver the message.

Bob Barker Quarantine Is Easy ... I'm Used to Isolation!!!


Bob Barker's life is not in upheaval under the coronavirus quarantine -- like most of us -- because he's already skilled in the art of self-isolation.

Sources connected to Bob tell us the former 'Price is Right' host is doing okay at home as he quarantines in Los Angeles. Fact is, Bob was already steering clear of others for his own health, so the new normal for most folks is just another day for Barker.

Our sources say Bob's isolation is way more strict due to the outbreak though. His family was already barring people with colds from getting close to him -- his immune system is not what it once was -- and now, no one is allowed over to the house aside from those in quarantine with him.

We're told 96-year-old Bob's family is making sure he eats and tends to all his medical needs, but so far it's pretty much business as usual.

There is one major change ... our sources say Bob would normally watch sports at home, but now he's watching a lot of old movies, especially anything related to the military. Remember, Bob was in the Navy and is really into war flicks.

You'll recall ... Bob slipped and fell at his home last year, and was transported to the hospital twice in 2018 with back issues.

But, so far, Bob's doing just fine in quarantine.

President Trump Okay, Forget Easter ... Let's Keep This Going to Apr. 30

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4:05 PM PT -- Trump just spent 5 minutes talking about how great his ratings are for these daily briefings. He cited news reports -- several times -- that the briefings get higher ratings than "Monday Night Football" or "The Bachelor." He seems to think the ratings are a function of his popularity. Maybe it's just us, but we're thinking people are watching the briefings because they're scared for their lives and the lives of their families and friends.

President Trump is finally listening to the doctors and scientists around him -- doing a hard 180 on his Easter deadline to get back to normal and extending that to the end of the month.

DT made the announcement Sunday from the Rose Garden, telling reporters that the White House would, in fact, keep its social distancing guidelines nationwide until at least April 30, for now anyway. This, he says, will soften the blow of spreading coronavirus cases.

Even more sobering ... Trump says the peak of death rates for the country will actually hit in two weeks (right around Easter) and he doesn't want to declare victory prematurely.

A lot of critics believe Trump was never going to open the country back up on April 12, to begin with -- as he boldly suggested days ago. Some think he was simply bluffing and attempting to breathe optimism into the stock market and the economy. Both have been tanking lately.

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On a related subject, check out this video. Trump has made it clear ... he demands a loyalty oath, OR ELSE. Everyone who spoke at Sunday's news conference heaped praise on the Prez because he said out loud the other day people needed to show him appreciation. And, maybe worst of all, he told the Veep not to return the calls of the governors of Michigan and Washington State because they weren't grateful enough.

Look, we want the feds to save us, but Trump making this about himself and suggesting citizens from Michigan and Washington won't get the care they need because his ego got bruised ... well, that's just appalling. BTW, think about it ... Trump is telling Pence not even to return a call from the 2 governors ... what if people die as a result?

Originally published -- 3:44 PM PT

Dr. Anthony Fauci Brace for 100k to 200k Coronavirus Deaths in U.S.

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Grim Prediction

It was a grim prediction from a man who probably knows more about the coronavirus than just about anyone else -- we should expect between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths in the United States from the coronavirus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci made his prediction on CNN, saying, "millions" of people in this country will contract the disease ... millions.

Fauci says he's not into worst-case scenarios ... a model in which the number of deaths would soar to unspeakable levels. Dr. Fauci says the actual number almost always ends somewhere in the middle -- between worst-and-best scenarios.

More than 2,000 people have died in the U.S. from the virus. The number doubled in the last 24 hours. New York is a few weeks away from the apex, and it's spread all over the country.

The figures are in stark contrast to the President pressing to reopen the country by Easter.

God help us if that happens.

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