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JK -- This Suit's Got Me All Blocked Up!

4/14/2008 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Harry Potter" creator J.K. Rowling just told a New York courtroom -- with a totally straight face -- that her suit against ex-librarian Steven Vander Ark has "decimated" her ability to work on her next novel, which isn't about Harry. This from a woman who in the last ten years has pounded out literally millions of words over thousands of pages.

When asked about how she felt about her beloved Harry Potter (um, he's not real), she said she had to stop herself from crying -- because she's British and that's just not what Brits do. Maybe it's because she just realized that her sugar daddy -- that's Harry -- is gone, gone, gone.

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Eat more fiber.

2354 days ago


JK is one of the richest women in England. If she's upset creatively, that's one thig, but she sure as hell ain't crying all the way to the bank.

2354 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Let's see, because of a clear bastardization of the works of Tolkien, CS Lewis, and other fantasy luminaries, JK Rowlings has been able to become a billionaire, but her target audience is children, and for that she should be lauded because her "works of literature" have increased the readership among young people globally. However, this woman is in need of some form of intervention, when her child audience begged her not to kill off any of their beloved characters, she took great pride in doing exactly the opposite of what millions of children had begged her not to do - this is an activist for children? Then when she is finally finished the "original" works that have made her wealthy beyond imagination, she still cannot leave the lime light, and launches another PR offensive divulging that she had suicidal thoughts - was that before or after you became a billionaire - and since children follow Rowlings as if she were some form of Tolkien or CS Lewis re-incarnated, rather than a pale and poor copy, she has no emotional intelligence, that perhaps speaking to a child audience about suicide is not really a wise or prudent act on the part of a self-described child activist. Ms. Rowlings will win this lawsuit, the legal principle of intellectual property should be upheld, but at the same time, she should have the good grace to divide her billions into shares for the Tolkiens,Lewis, and others whose work she not only mimicked but outright copied. Take your billions, JK, and for the love of God join your moral equal Ms. Heather Mills in some other nation without television or media.

2354 days ago

Deport All Illegals    

In the literary world, JK is a joke. I admire her strength and success as well as her charitable works but as a writer she is very elementary. She appeals to the masses because unforunately the masses have stopped reading quality books. It wasn't the books that attracted the children it was the mass marketing such as the toys and happy meals and movies. She is a one hit wonder and is using this suit as an excuse. I personally think if she tried to write outside of her cashcow, she would fail miserably. Having your work plagerized is a very personal thing and it is very hurtful but it would never stop me from writing. As a writer I feel I am driven to always write regardless of what is going on in my life.

2354 days ago


106.000.000 results in google on Harry Potter
hey, lots of potential lawsuits::::

2354 days ago


Jo fully admits she accessed the Lexicon online to pull info she was too lazy to research on her earlier books. If she had a problem with those folks, she sure didn't show it then. Hey Jo. . . greed is not very attractive. Get over it, and move along.

2354 days ago

Insert comical name here    

I loved the Harry Potter books...except the last one. She really lost the magic there at the end. If her writing hasn't improved since the phoned-in conclusion to the HP series it might be best if she stays blocked and doesn't do any more damage to her legacy.

2354 days ago


After 7 incredible books, it's no wonder that she is having a hard time putting pen to paper. As for you, TMZ, what the hell is your problem? Wondering why none of you writers can find your "sugar daddy" ? Could be you have no talent? Your so called witticisms about each photo is getting rather thin and childish. Makes reading this website kind of cringe worthy. Why do I keep coming back? I don't know, sucker for punishment perhaps.

2354 days ago


HYer issue is with taking something that she approved of as a FREE online information site and turning it into a book that will be sold. A book using her words, ideas, etc. This is a woman who has been more fan fic and fan site friendly than almost any other author and for someone else to make money off her work without her permission is just plain wrong.

2354 days ago


I kind of lost respect for Rowling.

1. when she came out that Dumbledore was gay. NOT because he's gay.. but becaue she seemed to do it for publicity. Stir up controversy to keep the series alive. Even gay rights activists were saying they felt she was using it to keep the franchise from dying.

if she's so proud Dumbledore was gay, why did she wait till the series was over to say so?

And she outed him when a little girl asked if dumbledore ever had been in love?

You couldn't have said yes or no? It was like she was saying he never found love BECAUSE he was gay.

I dunno it all seemed too contrived like she was grasping at straws.

2. NOW in a recent interview she said he may revisit harry after all because her daughter is begging her to do another book.

So what... Harry will wake up and realize beating voldemort was a dream and he's still fighting him?

Come one! Let sleeping Harry's lie already!

she's lost all credibility as an author with the crap she's pulling. As for this lawsuit... everyone is siding with her... but the way it sound by her own admission.. she agreed to let this guy do this, then turned around to sue him?

More publicity perhaps? I'm not a fan anymore. She's ruined the series for me.

2354 days ago


Greedy, greedy, greedy!
Ok....then take a percentage cut of the book (since someone else wrote it) and be done with it.
Like I said before, Star Trek and Star wars had hundreds of books, videos and shorts created by fans
and no one sued them!!
And the rest of you are's all for the publicity because more than likely her talent has run out~!
She'll never write another thing as big as Harry Potter so she has to get the money and run by suing.
You're not a children's advocate in my eyes at all, and you should know when to quit while you're ahead.
If you really wanted more money (like 1 bill is not enuf!) you should have started a Harry Potter convention
and charged tickets like GenCon, or Star Trek Con. The Harry Potter LARP!!
Oh, but then you'd have to appear and work for the money, instead of getting it the easy way off your fans!!!

2353 days ago


She is not the same person she was when she initially started the HP series. Even physically. She's had a lot of work done on herself. She looks like a wax figurine.

2353 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Bianca, you come to TMZ often, you post an inane comment, and then you have the audacity to attack TMZ for providing the very type of service that attracts your kind of demographic? Please, follow your hero, JK Rowlings, and read some books by Tolkien, CS Lewis, and other real fantasy authors who never borrowed or outright stole ideas from others - and claimed them as being their own visionary creations.

JK Rowlings is a creation for the masses, and reflective of individuals such as yourself, feeding at the tub of Hollywood garbage and then blaming everyone else for your own low-brow tastes and proclivities.

Get a life, or join JK Rowlings, Heather Mills, and the rest of your ilk on a slow boat to wherever you are welcome.

2353 days ago


shes worth over a billion dollars.

2353 days ago


Whatever calm down. it's business and a legal issue.

So, being a whiny crying whackjob like heather mills
is just a 'british thing'?

Brits need meds.

2353 days ago
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