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Kim K: I'm A Rich Bitch, You're Just a Valet

4/14/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How dare a valet keep Kim K waiting for her Bentley. And how dare he suggest she drives a Mercedes -- that's like a Honda Civic for filthy rich folk.

The Tush threw a hissy fit outside boulevard3 last night -- berating the valet before driving off to the next non-event in her precious life.


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You would have NOTHING without leeching off the old man's inheritance- all siblings dead behind the eyes and up top- they would be working the drive thru at McD's if it wasn't for Pops- and the mom's a ho too, run for your life Bruce!!! Lazy self-centerd no-talent fame-whores all of them

2362 days ago


You call that a fit?. I did not think she was out of line...she seemed calm! aggravated...but calm. you can hear the other girl say it's been 20 minutes

2362 days ago

NY is the best state on earth    

She looks like a Tranny... Hairy trany at that

2362 days ago


This b i t c h needs a reality check. OMG you have to like wait like two seconds for like your car... I mean, "Bentley". What will you do!?! B i t c h needs to be knocked down a few pegs. She's uggo and her body is whack.

2362 days ago


This spoiled brat needs to understand that we are living in a world where middle class Americans cant afford their mortgages, people are starving all over the country because they cant afford rice off the $2 they make a day (true stat from the Phillipines), not to mention that there are men and women from the forces dying right now to protect her freedoms, such as driving that Bentley to the club that she just plunked hundreds of dollars down on alcohol and food while she partied her "worries" away until the morning hours.

KK: Get a grip on reality

2362 days ago


well that's funny because in the video she wasn't really freaking out THAT much at all. if they couldn't find my car, i think we would all agree we would be upset and maybe a little worried. i think the person that wrote this post in jealous of her for sure.

2362 days ago


Why is no one talking aboout her ass?!!! Does it not look like her implants have slipped or hardened to you? It's atrocioua.

2362 days ago


I meant world, not country

2362 days ago


Send her big fat ass back to Armenia where she belongs!

2362 days ago


what the hell? did she have dr. jiffy lube inject her already fat ass with some engine lubricant or what?

2362 days ago

just wondering    

..well, THANKGOD that got settled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....oooohhhhhh the stress of it all.

2362 days ago


#27 Stupid little monkey

Your comment was stupid, not well thought out, and racist for nothing. Try using more of that gray matter in your brain, and maybe realize the world doesn't revolve around you and your closed minded ways. As for the jungle fever, more people than you know date outside of their race...haven't you noticed? Your mom was probably one of them. Grow up, smartness. Your insecurites are shining through.

2362 days ago


Kim K. is famous for NOTHING other than her arse, and for screwing Ray-J on camera. And this hooker has the nerve to throw a tantrum? And she is SO STUPID that she does it with cameras there! But why am I surprised? Collectively, her and all of her sisters have a combined IQ of 30.

2362 days ago

big whoop    

oh God please someone at TMZ let it slip, i'm just dying to know what she did to piss you guys off!!

2362 days ago


The snotty bitch better enjoy her skanky-self while she's here on earth, cause hell ain't gonna be big enough to hold all of 'em!!

2362 days ago
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