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Kim K: I'm A Rich Bitch, You're Just a Valet

4/14/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How dare a valet keep Kim K waiting for her Bentley. And how dare he suggest she drives a Mercedes -- that's like a Honda Civic for filthy rich folk.

The Tush threw a hissy fit outside boulevard3 last night -- berating the valet before driving off to the next non-event in her precious life.


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OMFG. i should just BACKhand SLAP her. dumb bitch.

2383 days ago


She's a scank !!

2383 days ago


TMZ, You should just stop writing and talking about her. Maybe then she will haul her fat ass back in to the cave she came from.

2383 days ago


I have really tried to like this girl but I just can't. She is a great example of the rich bitch who thinks she is better than others. The guy made a MISTAKE for gods sake! How dare she give him attitude! KARMA IS A BITCH KIM....and it is coming your way! And that big fat disgusting ass? Just that. A big fat disgusting ass!

2383 days ago


she is disgusting. she's got nothing to commend her - no talent, no brains; nothing but that big fat deformed-looking butt.

2383 days ago

Dr Doug    

Just remember, Kim's claim to fame is that she let some guy pee on her in a sex video...

2383 days ago


she's a see you ent tee. waste kill her and use the organs.

2383 days ago

Dr Doug    

Just remember, Kim's claim to fame is that she let some guy pee on her in a sex video...

2383 days ago


She was NEVER Paris hairstylist lol. Kim was a fashion stylist. The girls are so rich because there father left them millions when he past away. Kim can have a bently and everything she has because people pay her alot of money to do photoshoots and apear at events.
You guys are all calling her a bitch because she got mad at the Valet. If you waited for your car for over 20 minutes you wouldnt be too nice either. All you people need to think hard about your own negative life before you preech about someone elses that you will never know.

2383 days ago

missy crissy    

what a bitch! She needs to get over herself

2383 days ago

Douglas T    

Let's see now;
The only talent she seems to have is that she can smoke a really big pole! If she hadn't been brought into this world with money, then she would be doing toothless,Crytal-Meth,Bi-Racial gang bang videos. She really is just a cheap whore, and you should stop giving her attention.
You really should ask her about her special talents, as if maybe while other kids had lemonade stands in Bel-Air, she was doing the Thrid World staff of all of the houses in the neighborhood and at only $5.00 a pop!!!!

2383 days ago


#70 - Ashely, I think the actual time was much less than twenty minutes, but they exaggerated, like many people do. She is a prime example of what is wrong with our society, and the worst role model for kids. I feel sorry for Bruce Jenner because he looks cool.

2383 days ago


you guys are all haters. Stop hating on a beautiful girl. She's also allowed to be human.
And look at your own lives: Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

2383 days ago


When will Homeland Security get smart and send her back to the Armenian whore house that she so obviously belongs in?

2382 days ago


I'd rather drive a Honda and have my dignity than sell my porno for money to buy a bentley.
Label Whores.
Get a clue about real life honey.
Just because she drives an expensive car doesn't mean she has class.
Nasty! The whole family is nasty.

2382 days ago
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