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Brit May Club for a Living

4/17/2008 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is in negotiations with Bally Total Fitness to be a frontwoman for the company -- and backwoman, too!

Here's what we know. Brit's parents have both been talking to Bally about making a deal. Daddy Jamie has the power as co-conservator to make it happen. It all happened because Larry Rudolph, who is coming back to manage the Britster, has a close friendship with John Wildman, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bally.

During the negotiations, Brit has been going to the club at least once a day and up to as many as three times a day. She's training with two of the company's top personal trainers -- we're guessing one for the front and one for the back. She's also working with the company's nutritionist, who has put Britney on five to six quality meals a day. No Taco Bell, no Fanta ... life can really suck.

As of now, there is no deal -- just negotiations. We're told she isn't getting any money yet, but she's working out for free. As a company insider put it to us, "We're more interested in Britney Spears' health than her $19."


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she really want some attention she is not a diva and i don't understand why some people are still giving her the attention there are so many stars there that needs more attenion and they are fabulous

2381 days ago


If she is willing and able to get her life and career back on track, then more power to her. Suffering from severe bi-polar problems is not something that I would wish on anyone. Standing on the sidelines watching while she was acting out, being bizarre and blaming everyone for her troubles as well as denying the fact that she even had any sort of problems, was hard to take.

She fought the conservatorship, but it seems to be a positive step toward her mental health and future. I hope the kid makes it both for her and her children.

2381 days ago


Boris, who posted early on, is quite a character. I think the company can also do well without his $19. If Britney became a whore, it was due to her illness. I would wonder what Boris' excuse is for being hyper-sexual...just being a male? Britney is gaining weight because she is on drugs for her emotional disorder that ALWAYS cause weight gain. We've seen it in Delta Burke, Tipper Gore, and many others who get wisecracks tossed at them because the are gaining weight. It's extremely hard to lose the weight brought on by antidepressants and antipsychotics. If Britney is successful, she will be an inspiration to many, many people. But the more important thing is that she stay on the drugs. Weight gain is one of the most common reasons patients come off medications.

2381 days ago


She needs to visit a Health Club, not do a commercial for one. She's fat not phat.

2381 days ago

Big Bear    

Smart move for Britney!! The singing and dancing career is dead and she needs another source of income. NFL and NBA players make more doing commercial work than they do playing their sport.

2381 days ago


To #75 Ani: No one knows for sure what mental illness Britney has or if she has one at all for that matter. She has been gaining weigh since before she had her first baby.

2381 days ago


This doesn't sound right. Going to the gym everyday three times a day is unhealthy. I'm pretty sure they call it exercise bulimia or something like that. No professional would ask her to do that.

2381 days ago


Good for Britney. She'll make a comeback. Just you watch.

2381 days ago


umm..what fat? HELLO she's had 2 KIDS!!!! who the heck wouldn't be a little chubby after having kids? if you didn't gain any weight after you had kids then you sure are lucky! and yea she's crazy but who else has recovered from some crazy part they have had in their lives? not to many people!!!!

2381 days ago


why does everyone care about her well being? shes an adult. she can learn to take care of her own damn self. i'd love to have a fitness trainer and nutritionist. instead i am struggling out here....WAAAHHHHHH

2380 days ago


Yeah, good plan there, Bally. Use a skank who is filled with cottage cheese, c-section scars, smokes all the time, and has boobs with nipples pointing at the ground. This dried up slut is not a picture of fitness, she is a picture of what happens when you abuse your body. Effin Gross!!!!

2380 days ago


I have a question for NShado..Umm are we talking about Britney or Jamie? Hello britney got happily married before she had her two kids! Unlike Jamie she just went and got pregnat i think she is going to turn out way worse than her sister! she already started off badly!...Whatever Good for britney, shes getting her life straight and getting back on track!...You people just need to stop being rude to her because she doesn't deserve it nobody does!

2380 days ago

Live and Sleazy    

#63 -- I concur. Britney already has some great 'before' pictures. But can she do the work and have the discipline to produce the necessary 'after' pictures?

As for "We're more interested in Britney Spears' health than her $19." -- My assumption is that the free publicity for Bally's (here, among other places) as a result of this would make the whole thing worthwhile, even if they never strike an endorsement deal.

All along, Britney has made more money from endorsements than her music -- Analysis suggests that her main source of income at present is her perfume deal with Elizabeth Arden (which generates a lot more income than music sales or royalties, surprisingly enough). However, given her recent public image, I find it difficult to beleive that that deal will get renewed when it expires (at the end of 2008?). I assume that's why Jamie is trying to get Britney into an income-producing gig ASAP -- because the present money well is about to dry up.

2380 days ago


To Oh Britney (currently msg #86): The reason Britney is wearing her shades at the gym is because she _always_ wears them. She never takes them off. Ever. She sleeps with her shades on and takes showers in them and makes love with them on. In fact, they have now merged with the skin on her face, and they can no longer be removed. As we speak, Britney is mutating into a new species that has permanent sunglasses growing out of their faces ... and permanent weaves intertwined with their hair, and a permanent cigarette attached to their lips, and a permanent Frappuchino growing out of one of their hands.

2380 days ago


You must be joking-From a broken down last 2 years mental/postpartum//bipolar whatever problem you can fill it in here-to now a physically fit spokesperson??? Hah-I just busted a gut lauginhg so hard.I work in the fitness industry part time for the last 15yrs and look at Jack LaLanne my idol-Truly fit forever-Yet you get a celebuwreck promoting fitness ?She has no clue of any of it or of herself?
Get a grip-Whod by her crap? Tweens?Mental breakdown patients? Don't think so-
Check her body -whats ripped? I can answer that one but its not PG. Looks to me like her mind and that of her stupid managers arent working in sync...Marketing was not her major nor that of her managers either.
I wouldnt buy jack shi---from her or what shes selling-Musically or otherwise.
I've seen fit people in their 90s lookin better than her.
Puhlease-try to sell your crap to another market-physical fitness or mental for that matter is not up your alley-Howez about sliggin an immformercial for the clap cream or bad botox,bad hair weave-or fat thunder thighs gone wild-Oh yeah-this ones great-Imfomerrcial for lets have a dial a number for help on call-Call OMG alert I am havin a breakdown-
Just pay 29.99 every month and I will assure you LAPD will be there to haul your ass off to the mental ward within 30 minutes guareenteed.No questions asked...Yokes-Hollyweird is at it again.Come here to NYC and I'll slap the shi- outta U.
Thatll fix ya.

2379 days ago
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