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Cain & Abel

The Gummi/Greasy Edition

4/17/2008 7:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gummi Bear had no problem ratting out his brother Greasy as a cokehead to a drug dealer who called him up looking for money ... except the guy wasn't really a drug dealer.

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It was celeb prank caller Ralphige -- and he recorded the whole thing.

During the phone call, Gummi cops to trying blow "once or twice" and that it's really his brother who "does that stuff." Gum Gum helpfully gives the faux dealer Greasy's digits. Nice, bro.


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good grief!    

hahaha! they're both LOSERS!!!!!!!!! specially greasy I mean the guy can't get any friends thats why he hangs out with skanky ho Paris!!! perfect couple, they're both Nasty!!!

2348 days ago

from Canada    

No brains, no common sense, no class, no looks, no body, no job. These two guys are good for nothing scrubs!

2348 days ago


"16. No brains, no common sense, no class, no looks, no body, no job. These two guys are good for nothing scrubs!

Posted at 8:25PM on Apr 17th 2008 by Chris from Canada"

Let me guess, you're some ugly Canadian hack who likes to rag on people that are smarter and better looking that him? Congradulations on being a worthless internet hater piece of trash.

2348 days ago


the number still works....

2348 days ago

Area 51    

I like Canadians.

2348 days ago


OMG this creep sounds like he inhaled some helium. Why are you posting blogs about them? WTF did they ever do in life? A couple of drug addicted spoiled rich kids. Who cares?

2348 days ago

just wondering    

Dudly DoRight........thanks eh !! hahahaha

2348 days ago


These boys are oil heirs and junkies to boot.....thats all they are good for.

2348 days ago


And who cares if they do coke....some people are open users and some are closet users....but dude selling out your own blood to the po-pos is disgusting and I hope he gets a smack down from his bro that fat disgusting oikner....gross!

2348 days ago


Jeez, I think they make even Paris look like a hard worker. What do they do all day? How boring.

2348 days ago


oh brother bears

2348 days ago


Seriously, what is the fascination with these morons? They just look like a couple of bloated balloons who sit around and fart all the time.

2348 days ago


There is probably a "missing" brother, Gunky, who will appear out of nowhere to settle this matter.

2348 days ago

He's Boring now    

why did you edit out and censor the language tmz?

when you gonna report on that lying Akon? he never served a day in prison, only a few month stint in a county pokey, yet has lied and lied and lied about his prison time? Smoking Gun is all over this one with real reporting and investigations. Tmz people never leave the keyboard.

2348 days ago


But what kind of a loser makes fake phone calls to people ????

Envying those boys their trustfunds does not give anyone the right to harrass them over the telephone. And it's illegal too.

2348 days ago
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