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Cain & Abel

The Gummi/Greasy Edition

4/17/2008 7:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gummi Bear had no problem ratting out his brother Greasy as a cokehead to a drug dealer who called him up looking for money ... except the guy wasn't really a drug dealer.

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It was celeb prank caller Ralphige -- and he recorded the whole thing.

During the phone call, Gummi cops to trying blow "once or twice" and that it's really his brother who "does that stuff." Gum Gum helpfully gives the faux dealer Greasy's digits. Nice, bro.


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#29, Posted at 3:40AM on Apr 18th 2008 by Hogzilla

Hogzilla....that was too damn funny! We're all laughing our asses off!

2325 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Since when is a veiled possible bodily harm or even death threat 'a prank? ' I hope the two brothers take this guy to court and don't allow this fraudulent caller to divide them as a family. I think they'd win. It's kind of a no-win situation for Gummi, who is young and obviously inexperienced here; he was openly victimized here by a fraudulent and threatening call, but I'd bet he really loves his brother when all is said and done. Let's see...we're gonna break your legs because of money we're telling you your brother owes, or you plead your case. That's no choice. An older person would have dealt correctly with this lying piece of garbage.

2325 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

This fraudulent caller should not be allowed to make money off the sale of a tape that might be considered criminal activity in the first place.

2325 days ago


he's such a failure

2325 days ago


Gummie sounds like hes on ecstasy or just did a few bumps of heroin. haha.. "no i dont do coke, but I'll eat some mdma, and snort some heroin.. "

2325 days ago


they are both disgusting and I dont know why people give into this and let them be on TV, that is why they think they are cool...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both are ugly/fat/greasy...

2325 days ago

ex-herion addict    

It is simple as this, greasy is on coke and gummi is on heroin. Got it tmz take it from someone who knows.

2325 days ago
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