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Naomi Tries to Good Cop the Coppers

4/20/2008 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hide your BlackBerries -- Naomi Campbell is back at the airport again. The glamazon was at Heathrow in London yesterday, where she tried to distract the po-po from her razor-sharp stiletto heels.

No one is buying Naomi's nice act. She's like the mafia -- she smiles at you right before you get whacked.


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OC Get A Life    

As for "Al Sharpton's", ebonically phrased attack, little more needs to be said than a typical intellectually and morally vacuous racial attack from an Aryan supremicist coward hiding behind the annomity of the internet, no different than his bretheren of all races, creeds, and colours.

Now, as for those unfortunate police personnel who had to interact with Naomi Campbell, they had to be operating under the knowledge that Heathrow is the most surveilled airport in the world, and that Cambell was likely carrying a monitoring device herself to launch an action to get out of her pending criminal case in the UK. So, they could not let Naomi Campbell know what they really thought or felt about having to interact or even being close to her in the airport or anywhere else.

But, it makes one wonder how many police professionals, victims, or ordinary citizens are hoping for the day when Mel Gibson, Kid Rock, Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, Naomi Campbell,, Paris Hilton and all the other self-absorbed and specially treated celebrities are finally caught in a back alley with no witnesses, no surveillance, and they have to put up or shut up - and I gaurnatee - that all of them - like the cowards that they are would be sucking up just like Naomi Campbell is in this photograph.

Character, integrity, and strength cannot be bought or stolen - it must be earned.

2378 days ago

WHATEVER whites think they rule the world!!!    

Oh, please - get a life! Good for Naomi! She is obviously being sarcastic for the cameras! I resent the comments from "Posted at 3:04PM on Apr 20th 2008 by Al Sharpton" and Posted at 3:09PM on Apr 20th 2008 by Obama's Mama". Not the real Al Sharpton or Obama's Mama! You guys need to get a life! There are tons of white people who have done worse things other than throwing objects at people. At least she didn't molest anyone!

2378 days ago


Nice airport....traveling shoes.
And what fun to sit in skin tight jeans for 6-8 hours...what an idiot.

2378 days ago


"No one's buying it"?? I dunno, both those ladies seem to be having a pretty good time with Naomi. She has an anger issue, and she pays for it every time. Give her some credit when she is being nice.

2378 days ago


What is she doing in this picture?

2378 days ago


Must of got stronger medications.... She needs it, calm before another storm....

2378 days ago


uhhh...i think she looks stupid talking to them...u know its fake...and a waste of time cuz no one cares....theyre bein nice back cuz they dont wana get an eye pked out wit one of them heels shes got

2378 days ago


Those shoes pose a security risk when worn by Naomi....She could take them off and poke the eye out or kill the person who irks her midflight....

2378 days ago

amazon woman    

She's like a freaking amazon woman. Damn , the bitch is huge!

2378 days ago


She behaves like a drug addict, when they come down they go off sometimes until that little pick me up.

Wonder if her people are covering this up about her.

2378 days ago

OC Get A Life    

"WHATEVER whites think they rule the world!!!"Not only are your comments an embarassment to every African-American, but you are a supremicist and apologist no better than any Aryan or others that utilize the same illogical and profane rhetoric. Why are you chastizing the Aryan comments, you are no better than they are - and never will be - unless you get your racial animus and intellectual debt corrected.

Naomi Campbell has a history of abusing and assaulting women of colour and of foreign nationalities whom she employes for low wages, no benefits, and then threatens to deport if they make any criminal or civil complaints about her violence and assaults.

Naomi Cambpell is no better than Mike Tyson, Mel Gibson, or any other wealthy, violent, and pampered celebrity who is able to escape justice because people like you continue to buy their products and endorsements and allow them to feel entitled to act like they were somehow above the law.. And, until very recently they were, but the world specifically the European Union said enough, and then America has started meekly to follow suit - it will take time but our nation will teach these celebrities to act like rational and moral human beings.

2378 days ago


Teeth bared and ready to pounce!

2378 days ago


whites dont think they rule the world thats bull,,,, I have a black girlfriend and am beginging to find out they are the rasist,,,,

2378 days ago



2378 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Did anyone ever stop to think that Naomi may just have a raging case of PMS?
We'll know the truth after she goes into menopause. Until then, watch your back.

2378 days ago
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