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Jennifer to Brad: Chew on This!

4/21/2008 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt may have tossed her aside, but Jennifer Aniston clearly didn't turn to the Häagen-Dazs! The 39-year-old hottie chilled in Miami over the weekend, making sure the sun shined on every tiny angle of her body.


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ANGELINA Blows away Jenifer in the looks Dept., maybe Jennifer was boring in the Bedroom, because Ladies no man will stay with a lady if they suck in the Bedroom.

2353 days ago


Heck most of the stars aren't even getting married. They just have kids. I am surprised at all the people that think you
have to have man even if you don't care for him. I don't see that. It's just making do. I don't think she lost much when
she split with Brad. Brad is in it for Brad. He's sure no prize and he certainly is not as good as he thinks he is. There
is nothing wrong with a woman being single, men are. I would sure prefer that to a half dozen kids with a dork. Jen
sure looks a lot happier than he does, healthier and she has several years to have kids or adopt. I think they way they
have to go so many different places would be hard on a marriage. She can sit on the beach whenever she wants, it's
not like she is the only one in Hollywood that does.

2353 days ago


Sorry gang - Jen looks good, but Angelina is gorgeous. Ange has classic beauty and she's a femme fatale.

2353 days ago


(I love these people who take the time to post and write something dumb like, "Who cares?" Apparently, if they are reading and posting, then THEY care. LOSERS!

2353 days ago

Mr. Hat    

No wonder Brad ditched her. She's only interested in her own body.

2353 days ago


Girl looks hot. Not a worry in the world. Just enjoyng the sun and sand. Hardly doubt she is thinking about Brad and Angelina.

2353 days ago


For the love of God. How many years has it been that these two broke up. It's like a dead dog you keep bringing to the table and waving it around. Brad has moved on and is having children with Angie and adopting babies, living in other countries. Jennifer has moved on also. Give us break...

2353 days ago


all this person does is spend money on herself and her selfish pursuits. yeah, she looks like a million, big frigging deal, considering she most likey has spent more than that obtain her look. selfish and shallow. can't see how anyone can admire her.

2353 days ago


Angelina is a goddess! Jennifer is pretty though.

2353 days ago


i want to be her beach towel

2353 days ago

montana mike    

i'm sure brad has already chewed that stuff up, and evidently it wasn't that good, or he'd still be chewing. at least he has someone who does something with her life, and not just lay around and show off her ass.

2353 days ago


Jennifer definitely looks good and sexy. However, looks are just temporary, it will fade away soon. At her age right now, she should have kids or family of her own. I believe that Jen got more famous because of her high profile marriage/relationship with Brad Pitt (thanks to Pitt). Yes, I agree that she is really sexy...FOR NOW! But let's admit it, she is not pretty. I don't like Angelina Jolie but this woman is gorgeous , whether she's pregnant or not, she's gorgeous.

2353 days ago


I'm impressed with Ms. Anniston... not only is she a sexy, vibrant woman, she hasn't jumped from one relationship to the next. Far too many Hollywood stars seem to be so co-dependent, that they go from one "relationship" to the next. Jennifer seems to be much more self-reliant than that. Also, apparently she's not into trashing around town making a spectacle out of herself either. WOW... sexy, vibrant, self-reliant, stable & talented too..... what a great gal!!!!

2353 days ago


She looks FANTASTIC.....Obviously she is not "devastated still", from the divorce. I hope she finds a great guy. (When she's ready).

2353 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Luv Jen, hate Angie!

2353 days ago
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