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McCain, Obama Tag Team Hillary

4/21/2008 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First wrestlers got into politics (Jesse Ventura, anyone?) -- now politicians are getting into wrestling. And it's on TV tonight.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain each taped a short video that will be played during tonight's show. It's hard to figure out which one comes across more out of touch -- Hillary (calling herself "Hill-Rod"), Barack ("Can you smell what Barack is cooking!") or McCain (calling his backers "McCainiacs").

If Hillary takes on The Undertaker, our money's on Hil.


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Like many Clinton supporters, I don't like Obama ... I can not longer recognize, nor do I like the Democratic party anymore ... therefore, I wish Hillary would run as an Independent. It's worked for other candidates ... like Joe Leiberman. At least as an independent democracy would prevail if Hillary won the popular vote ... again.
If Hillary decides not to run as an Independent, I hope that millions of Hillary supporters will join me in voting for Senator John McCain.

2241 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

This is ridiculous and disgusting. I'd refuse to vote for any of these turkeys if I didn't feel it was my duty. Are there any sane candidates out there who actually have a chance of winning?

Go Sox

2286 days ago

Funny Answers    

Lets see: We have a war machine running, a muslin (look up his history before your bulk) and no so truthful person. Three lack luster people, all of whom think they are the best. What a sad state of Affairs. Okay, now you can all start calling me names, and cusiing me out. I don't see a good leader in any of the three. Please Colin Powell come out of retirement!!

2286 days ago


Whoopde Freakin Whoop

2286 days ago



Tough call. I think I'll vote for Hillrod. LOL. SNARRRRRRL at them boys, Hillrod.

2286 days ago


Obam's Gonna Win Folks .. Mark My Words

2286 days ago


I think it's great they did this though. It shows a sense of humor and a light-heartedness in the face of the horrible aggressiveness and negativity that has colored the race up until now. It's not a bad thing for a leader to have a sense of humor.

The problem with Obama, though, is that I didn't hear most of what he was bumbling before he asked what was cooking in the kitchen. Maybe winged pig roast.

2286 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

What a total looser-year for an election. It's like American Idol and none of the three finalists can sign a note on key. I guess you go with the one you know the best. McCaine has been in the Senate longer than both the others -- at least we have a track record on him. Obama seems to have a surprise popping up every week (like his bomber buddy!) and we all know too much about the Clintons. Can we just vote for Briton's former Priminister Tony Blair? I think he's better than all 3 of ours.

2286 days ago


so sorry to hear about the passing of Hugh Hefner today. R.I.P. Hef, in HELL

2286 days ago


So, one of these guys will be the next president of the U.S. ???

2286 days ago

Is this newsworthy?    

I agree this is absolutely RIDICULOUS! They sound stupid and foolish. No it is not humorous or entertaining. Maybe for the lowbrow sort. These candidates have reached an all time LOW.

2286 days ago


Nobama is a marxist peddling "middle class" to the poor and down trodden at the expense of those he deems "too successful".

I wouldnt piss on him if he were on fire.

2286 days ago


#11 you have some explaining to do. What exactly do you mean??? Hugh passed today?? I didn't know that. I am in Pa. BIG DAY tomorrow for the Dems here. If hillary doesn't take Pa she is out of the race so I feel.

2286 days ago


I think I will vote for McCain. He will soon die of a heart attack and hopefully leave a young VP to run the USA.

2286 days ago


Obama's not going to win as his beliefs are very questionable. Go McCain!

2286 days ago
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