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The Beckham Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

4/21/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a week after David Beckham was busted checking out the, er, view at a Lakers game (right), his sons Brooklyn and Romeo were snapped taking in the beautiful scenery at Sunday's Lakers-Nuggets game (left).

This time David did his best to keep his eyes on the action ... on the court.

DB knows hell hath no fury like a Posh Spice scorned!

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Both those girls are fat... for my taste!

2347 days ago


Molly, we got it. I saw your post the other day. We all get it. Now they are both huge. Your right Molly and it is wonderful to have someone like you to set us straight, Good job girlfriend. We need better examples like you in this world. I will aspire to be what you call perfect. Thank you for your wonderful input. Everyone listen to Molly! She knows what is acceptable. Are you related to Irene Gracie?

2346 days ago


Seriously, anyone thinking this woman is fat is totally dealing with an eating disorder. This woman is in Shape and it just seems to me that the Heaven Sent God that is David Beckham is finally seeing what a real woman should look like and not some robo with massive implants.

2346 days ago


I cant believe people are calling this cheerleader fat & ugly, she is neither. She did however get an unflattering snapshot. David Beckham sleeps with skeletor the SPICEGIRL-let's not forget the SPICEGIRL part. No wonder he looks at healthy women & cheats whenever he gets the chance.

2346 days ago


VIVID (Victoria and David) and the kids are sooo frickin adorable.

2346 days ago


47. Both those girls are fat... for my taste!

Posted at 8:39PM on Apr 21st 2008 by Molly

what taste? clearly you have none. you toothpick skinny ass skanks are lacking not only in your physical attributes, but also character and personality. and if you think a man likes feeling up a chick who's chest is as flat as his and enjoys some flabby pancake ass when he's tappin it from behind, then you are seriously delusional. people like you think that women who don't look like a 12 year old are fat. well i got news for you honey, there's skinny, there's fat and there is also an in between. some men prefer little girls, some men prefer big women, and others, prefer a natural looking woman who was blessed with natural curves. and the women in these pics don't even come close to the definition of fat. and believe me when i say that i am MORE than proud to fall in the same category as these women. looking like a 12 year old crackwhore really isn't my thing. but to each his own i guess.

2346 days ago


Probably tired of cutting himself on his wife, he wants some cushion,

2346 days ago


beck is pray that his wife look like the one in the white outfit

2346 days ago


thats so funny...brooklyn looks so excited....cute kids and dad

2346 days ago


The only people who defend chubby girls like the cheerleader in the picture are girls who are not skinny themselves. They are jealous of thin women like Victoria Beckam. Face it, most girls would KILL to be that skinny and deep down inside you know it. Everything is better when you're skinny. The cheerleader is by no means obese or even fat but she is definitely chubby and needs to lose a few, especially in those thunder thighs. There is a reason why the girls in the Victoria's secret magazine look the way they do and that is because it's what people want to see. If people really wanted to see curvier women than that's what would be popular. But it's not. Thin is in. Not anorexic thin but skinny girls who are that way because they just are.

2346 days ago


well, what do you expect people. Any man would be craving for a woman after living with that robot-Victoria. Although she sounds like a nice person she looks like toasted biscotti.

2346 days ago

I speak the TRUTH    

David would like some cushion for the pushing and Victoria isn't providing what he needs. The cheerleader looks like she would be a lot of fun to bed, not that skeletor woman he calls a wife.

2346 days ago


#54 Hayley, I have to disagree. The Victoria's Secret magazine is not made for all, its made specifically for women, and viewed primarily by women. It is women who shop and buy for lingerie. Men do buy for their significant others, but don't have access to the magazine like you might think. It is not what people want to see, it is what our trendy society shows women. It is the artsy fartsy magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan that women like to read that also show these super thin models. Playboy, Hustler, Porn Stars, who are geared for men have a different type of woman that men like, they are not paper thin models. They have meat where it counts (boobs, butt, thighs, hips), and retain a good waist, THAT is what the majority of men like. This cheerleader isn't chubby either, or she wouldn't be on the Laker cheerleading roster! Get a clue to what a naturally firm body looks like.

2346 days ago


It's hilarious how all the people saying "skinny" is what men want are women. Yeah, there are men out there that want arm candy for public show, but when they're on top of you avoiding being jabbed by elbows and knees, they're fantasizing about women with hips, thighs and boobs. And while you're puking into a toilet to fit into that size zero, most of them (just like Becks did more than once) are out there screwing women with some meat on their bones behind your bony backs. Not necessarily BBWs, but women they can smack on the ass and not break a bone.

2346 days ago

German Duckie    

Beck is staring at the cheerleader wondering why his sickly skinny wife does NOT have thighs and ass like that!

2346 days ago
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