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Wills Lands Big Propeller in Tight Spot

4/21/2008 8:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William is in a spot of bother after he showed off big-time for his galpal – and sources say that the big cheeses at the RAF are pissed ... and we don't mean drunk.

The second-in-line to the throne put on a show for Kate Middleton and her mums and daddy, landing a $20 million helicopter in their back garden during what was being called an "official" military exercise. The RAF defended Wills' in-and-outs, saying they were flight practice.

But higher-ups are said to be "furious" at Wills' "exercises," including choppering his bro Harry to a bachelor party in the Isle of Wight.

Jordin's Singing in Jeopardy?

"Idol" champ Jordin Sparks cancelled three shows over the weekend, and the reason might be a throat injury that could be really serious.

Sparks had to ditch gigs in State College, PA and D.C. because of "an acute vocal cord hemorrhage" –- shudder -- and according to Penn State arena officials, she was ordered to "strict vocal rest and will not be able to perform anywhere until her condition improves."

Her reps could not be reached yesterday.

Kim K – Are You Team Phatass or Team Paris?

Even though Kim Kardashian says everything is cop-ass-cetic between her and Paris Hilton after Hiltie described her booty as "cottage cheese in a trash bag," she's still pissed about the slam.

The New York Post says that on a recent trip to Mexico, Kim managed to get wardrobe, including bathing suits, from Ed Hardy, for everyone on the trip. On one condition: Hardy couldn't give any more clothes to Paris. "As of last week her and Paris were okay," said Kim's rep.

Party Favors: Andy Baldwin's Marla MILF Love ... Because One "Phantom" Just Isn't Enough ... Ray Charles' Brood Tussles Over His Fortune

PDA alert! "Bachelor" Andy Baldwin fell prey to the cougary talons of Marla Maples at a Belvedere party at Miami's Mokai, we're told. She put her lurrvve for him on full display, replete with pawing and full Greco-Roman tongue play. ... Dept. of Whyyyyyyy: Andrew Lloyd Webber will be opening his sequel to "Phantom of the Opera" in London in late 2009 or early 2010, says Vegas Confidential. And it'll be set in Coney Island. What? ... Ray Charles' twelve children (from ten mothers) are in a free-for-all over his fortune, especially the royalties from his recordings, reports the L.A. Times. And they're focusing on one guy, Joe Adams, who holds the keys to the kingdom.


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Jeff Dranetz    

In the US, we are a Democratic Republic, for the people, by the people. Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy. It was part of the deal to share power with the people via parliment, that the ruling Monarch retain certain privledges, special accesses, and wealth. I'm not saying I like it or agree with it, If the Queen says it's ok, her grandson, Prince William, do this, then there is nothing illegal about it.

2313 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

yes, kelli, over and over again you have shown what an outstanding humanitarian you are! if i am your diametric opposite, then THANK YOU! i thank god every day that i continue to be so blessed. sorry that you are not. blessed or happy.

go back to your boy toy lenn k - another outstanding tmz contributer who preys on young celebutantes. you 2 deserve each other.

and thank you again paris for speaking the truth about kim kardashian. and don't apologize for it. ever.

2313 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

an ps kelli - you can try all you want to steal my moniker, but there will always be only one irene! and yessiree, that's me! but in some strange way i am flattered that you fixate so much of your energy on me.

2313 days ago


Give me a break, TMZ. Do you actually expect us to believe you have sources in the RAF? I'll stick with the official news release on this one.

2313 days ago


Gracey Dear,
We all know that you are a size 0. What else is there to know about you? You are an empty substance. In other words, you are a BORE. Yes, a size zero......but a pathetically BORING size ZERO. Truthfully, zero is so fitting for you Irene. You are a big ZERO! A sad, sack of bones!
~That's hot!

2313 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

you may think i'm a bore, miss eating disorder, but you're reading and responding to me, now aren't you? since i can only assume by your note that you are undisciplined, i will take a giant leap (well, not giant at all really) and assume that you are a plus size gal.

don't hate me just b/c i'm thin and you're not. hate me b/c i remind you of your shortcomings. you make many assumptions about me, so i will do the same, okey dokey?

now, off to the gym before i pick up the kids after school! ta ta for now!

peace OUT.

2313 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

ps - before i run off, dr. harvey dear, you misunderstood. my maternity wear remained a size 0. i probably was a 2-4 in "regular" clothes, but then, even i wore maternity wear. i did gain the requisite 18-20 pounds, and had very healthy happy pregnancies and babies. and yes, i wore my 'regular' clothes to both of my children's christenings. so there, smarty! and if you think i have a disorder, perhaps you should look in the mirror, honey. diagnosing someone you have never met or examined is dangerous, no? now scoot before i report you to the ama!!

2313 days ago


Oh Gracie,
You are a troll. I am not plus size at all. I am tall and thin. Tall and thin.....but also smart and educated. My god.....they let you SPAWN!!!!!!!
Well now...........

2313 days ago


Paris is soooooooo jealous of Kim!
Just look at Paris she has a hook nose!
Kim is gorgEOUS! Poor Paris LOL

2313 days ago


Remember, folks, the Irene Gracey Size 0 character is really Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton's high class (taught Paris all of those manners) Mama. Funny, she looks like a size 12 in all those family photos. Hi Kathy ! Nice job raising those 2 girls !

2313 days ago


Tata ! Gracey really went to see her shrink. Needs more bi-polar meds . What a forkin' fruitcake !

2313 days ago


Prince WIlliam is the most amazing heir to the throne in history and time will tell if he will become king...I hope so because he will be the most amazing monarch/world leader ever....As heir to the throne, he is better than 99.999999% of other mere mortals and should be able to get away with this..merely trying to impress wonder Kate Middleton who is an awesome young lady. William is the epitome of sensitivity, kindness, and honors his birthright. He cares deeply about his future subjects....I agree it was a bit on the silly side, especially during war time when his friends are off fighting for Crown and Country...but please....leave him alone because he is awesome and he's a darn good person.

The people you should go after is his stupid Uncle Andrew who uses choppers at taxpayers expense to play a round of golf all the time or his tarty fish-mouthed cousin Beatrice who is getting her own $10 MILLION dollar home, complete with Scotland Yard protection..all at taxpayer expensse...or his stupid Uncle Edward who just putters around his huge mansion trying to set up his next homosexual roundevous.

But leave Prince William alone...He is the pick of the litter....

Rule Britannia!!

2313 days ago

Go away!!    

irene gracey IQ 0, how sad for you that you have to define yourself by your size. No mention of any other accomplishments or friends, probably none of either huh? I can certainly understand why you would have no friends........

2313 days ago


Good for the prince - now that's rock & roll!

2313 days ago

Just so you know    

hmmm...Irene Gracie or wtf your name is...on page 1 you said you workout, then on page 2 you said you didn't exercise, THEN on page 3 you say you are going to the gym. So babe...which is it??? Do you exercise or not? I think you are probably the size of a buffalo and just like saying that others are fat to justify your OWN fatness. Size 0...that's a joke! Maybe if you put a 2 in front of that 0...more likely a size 20!!! If you are a size 0 then you have bones showing which is really very unattractive. Most men don't care to poke at bones!

2313 days ago
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